Time to start again…

I haven't been visiting this forum as much as I should be, and that has resulted in a lack of motivation. I used to read this forum daily, and that helped me with the support and advice that I needed for my weight loss journey. I'm not saying I've gone off the rails, but I certainly haven't been as strict with myself as I was a month or two ago!

My nerves got the better of me earlier. Had to go to an event for apprenticeships/jobs, then later, I had an appointment booked with the doctors, and I was very nervous about talking about my depression. But unfortunately she wasn't in, so I had to book an appointment for the 2nd November.

So, in the morning I ate before 12pm (I'm intermittent fasting), and after I rebooked my appointment, I ate some chocolate cake. I know that's not catastrophic, but it's not like me to do that. A couple months ago, I'd have thrown that cake my mother bought me in the bin, and would NEVER break my fast.

I've decided it's time for me to start from the top. Need to download that NHS weight loss app, use MyFitnessPal, and continue to exercise for at least 40 minutes everyday. Then the weight will come off, hopefully!

My lowest weight was 264.0lbs, and that was on Tuesday. I need to surpass that next week, which means I need to get back to how I was mere weeks ago.

I'll have to make necessary sacrifices!


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9 Replies

  • Glad to see you back! Sounds like you know what you need to do and have a good plan. Keep it up.

  • Thanks!

    Hopefully I can stick to the plan. I was a few weeks ago, so I just have to get myself back into that mindset.

  • Well done for coming back onto the forum and for realising where you were going off the railsa a bit. You can do this, Join in with one of the weigh ins and why not join the Daily Diary for a week or two for that extra support to get you back on track.

    Good luck with this week. :)

  • Yes, I should look up the daily diary for meal ideas. That's what I've been stumbling on lately, what to eat. Even I get bored of having the same meals everyday. I may rejoin the Wednesday Wobble Warriors.

  • Have a look in the Topic section as we have lots of new menus in there now to help you plan your day.

  • Please do come back and join the Wobble Warriors, DiDiZia. We have missed you and would love to have you back. Hope to see you on Wednesday. Have good week until then, and come and tell us how you are getting on. 😊

  • Welcome back. Coming on here and just chatting with people makes a huge difference to how successful I am. I suppose it just keeps it in the top of your mind, and keeps you feeling accountable to our forum family. We all make that difference for each other.

  • Yes, I noticed that too. Keeps you mindset in the right direction. It's very helpful.

  • So true. It was when I stopped being here so much that I went off the rails back in the summer.

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