Encouraging Signs... 'Think before you Eat'

Encouraging Signs... 'Think before you Eat'

Hello peeps. Today I made some signs for the fridge. These signs, weight data and photos will psychologically encourage me to stay focussed on the game plan. I'm going to take photos from the same angle and add them to the fridge once a month so I can visibly see the progress. Does anyone else deploy similar tactics?

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19 Replies

  • What a good idea and good for you :)

  • Thank you

  • It is good to keep a record of how far you have come and on bad days they are so motivating to keep you going. I take my measurements and photo every 12 weeks to record mine and it really is a good way of staying focused.

  • Great idea, visual reminders are great.

  • Thanks. Last year I embarked on the weight loss journey I lost three stones before returning to my old habits and putting it back on again. I didn't try this tactic last time so hopefully this will help.

  • Well done on losing 3 stones last year.

    These photographs will remind you where you've been and the effort to get to your goal.. Along with how long it takes. A great reminder.

    Just don't take them down once you've reached your goals 😂

  • Good evening Radford,

    I like your thinking. I have a photo of me and my sister's, at my sister's wedding five years ago almost. Here I was a size 8, in truth I tried size 8 which was slightly lose, then tried size 6 but was too tight. Very slim in my mid thirties, can't believe I am this size now. Really isn't me, my aim is too look this way again, it is possible I keep telling myself.

  • Honey10 it is if you commit to it. Making the effort and sticking to your plan is essential. Radford-Utd has just broken the cravings which is a real success. He has the bit between his teeth that is for sure and a good example to follow in my opinion.

  • You'll do it again I'm sure.

  • When I lost 45 lbs before I put my weight graph on the fridge. I think it's a great idea, especially the picture. Good going!!

  • Thanks, hopefully these pictures will keep me on track

  • Wish I had done this too. It's sometimes difficult to see the positive effect your efforts are having so I say good idea. All I know is I have dropped 3 trouser sizes from 38" to 32" in 6 months 😁😁😁

  • Brilliant, well done 📢 🤓

  • Great idea often advised but rarely done!! Best wishes 😃

  • Thanks, I'm taking one day at a time

  • That’s a really good strategy Radford-Utd and should really help you to stay focused. As a previous post suggests, leave it on there, even when you reach target so you won’t be tempted to go back to old habits. To have lost 3stone and then put it back on again must have been really disheartening.

    Treat this as a complete lifestyle overhaul that you will be able to maintain forever. Best wishes EJ

  • Thanks, I'm learning from the mistakes of the past and completely overhauling my lifestyle.

  • That's a really good idea it will def help keep you focused.

  • Sure does, onwards and upwards

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