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My start to getting rid of 2 stone!!!

I've put on 2 stone in just over a year and it has really changed my life as everything is more difficult on a daily basis as well as my knees and back suffering. I've tried to lose weight numerous times even getting a personal trainer for a while but nothing worked and it has got made me so low that I avoided going out and even having a social life. It basically started after my operation and the long recovery and then went downhill. HOWEVER after a year and a half I (hope) am finally on a diet that is working and more importantly I'm sticking with it. I've also started the COUCH TO 5K which is great and so hope that slowly but surely my weight and health will return. Even though I may have a bump in the road with a 'cheat day' it's important not to feel guilty and give up but KEEP GOING.!

I have also started taking two AMAZING supplements sprays which have helped with my energy levels so things are looking up.

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I'm happy to read that you now feel you are on the right plan for you and it's going well. Don't worry if you have a bad day just carry on we all get them so keep going and you will get there. Well done for joining the C25K glad your enjoying it. :)

Have a good week.


Aww thank you YellowRose.. that's lovely... you are right just keep going as it's the long term that counts not the small glitches occasionally... perseverance!


Glad you are making a change!


Yay!! Congratulations. It’s lovely to hear your determination and that the occasional bump in the road isn’t getting you down.

Glad to hear your energy levels are increasing. Do you mind me asking what supplements you are taking please?


Sure happy to share good news and helpful supplements and I've tried over about 40 of them in 3 years. It's InMed Misol B12 spray. Really easy to use and last longer then Boots stuff so even though expensive it lasts longer and more powerful so actually works.



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