Psychological Shop Shutdown

Whilst walking my training partner, Sophie the dog, tonight we passed the shop as we always do. After a stressful day I smiled broadly to myself as we passed. Another day of not entering the store to load us down with sweet treats. For the first time no cravings. Not one. I usually have an emotional connection with sweet foods, tonight I appear to have broken the emotional connection. The Psychological Shop is Shut Down. The only emotion I feel now being tears of happiness and pride. David & Sophie the Dog.. Marching forwards together towards to a brighter future


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8 Replies

  • So proud of you!! It's a big step.

  • Thanks Melhall 🤓🐩🐾

  • Really nice Radford-Utd, proud for you.

  • Thanks Tiggerr 🤓🐩🐾

  • Well done to you.

    Funnily enough I don't have cravings either anymore :) All very curious I think.

    Is it that 'mind over matter' has been filtered through these forum pages, I wonder?

    May we see a photo of your training partner, Sophie? She sounds a dear.

  • Thanks. These forum pages really do help. Reading other people's opinions, struggles and successes helps.

  • It's a great feeling isn't it not being controlled by those sugary confections and being able to walk past. I've never been able to have just one always had to finish the packet compulsively one after the other so for me being able to walk past without even thinking I really want something is a type of freedom :)

  • Fantastic 😊. And very well done

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