Blood sugar diet days 1 and 2

Yesterday I started the 8 week blood sugar diet. I'm not diabetic but I'm struggling to get my weight down (I've been stuck about 11st) since summer) and want to reduce my bmi body fat and waistline.

So it's 8 weeks on 800 calories per day and I've got to say I feel awful. Constantly hungry, light headed and headachybut determined. I've lost 1lb in a day and hope I'll lose at least a stone in the 8 weeks.

Think it will be an early night to avoid eating.

If anyone else has experience of this id love to hear how you dealt with hunger. Does it pass?

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  • My guess, Nomoreexcuses, as I'm no expert, is that you need to get everything out of your body that will cause cravings and the longer you go, the less hungry you'll feel.

    gman1961 has just started and pcrw is a graduate, so maybe you can swap notes? :)

  • Thanks moreless I'll look them up x

  • I’ve only managed a few single days (not consecutive days admittedly) but I’ve found I wasn’t hungry, and I put it down to the full fat yogurt, the porridge with soaked chia seeds and lots of protein. I wish I could commit to a week at it, because I’m sure it would shift the last few pounds I’m struggling to lose, but I seem to be out or have other commitments which mean I can’t commit on those days. Good luck, Nomoreexcuses . Have a look at gman1961 in tomorrow’s weigh in - he’s been doing it for a week.

  • Thanks Trimmerteacher. Finding day 2 tough but hoping it passes soon. I've organised my meals for the week so hoping that keeps me on track. Reading the posts here is keeping me focussed.

  • Hunger is a sign that something's not right. If you're used to having lots of carbohydrate, your body chemistry will have adjusted to cope with that, by producing more insulin and enzymes for instance. Insulin resistance goes hand in hand with leptin resistance. Only when that leptin resistance has subsided will your hormones be optimally set up to be able to regulate what you eat.

    It's wonderful when people tell others to cut back on what they eat without appreciating that they are starving at a cellular level even though they have an overabundance of fat reserves.

    What are you actually eating?

  • Today...scrambled eggs for breakfast, lentil and feta salad for lunch and dinner was Thai red tofu curry with cauli rice

  • Sounds nice!

    Do you think you may have cut back on the low Gi carbs too far?

  • No idea. According to MFP my carbs are higher than my protein intake which concerns me a bit.

  • In what way?

    The RDA for protein is only between 45g and 56g per day, and we don't want to exceed that by much. Too much protein not only gets used as glucose (with harmful side-products) but also runs the risk of overstimulating mTOR and growth factors.

  • I’ve done it and after 48 hours I felt fine , food craving disappeared . I lost weight rapidly the first week but the book says that’s water but after that you lose fat. I found it amazing how quickly I lost inches from my waist. I had to buy new clothes twice having gone from size 16 to size 12 . At the end of the 8 weeks I carried on excluding potatoes rice pasta and bread and sugar but have increased calories to 1000 to 1200 .

    Certainly my energy levels are better and I sleep better

    I also increased activity and now I walk at least 10000 steps a day and have done so since the 2 nd week of the BSD

    Hope it goes well for you

  • Thanks pcrw that's given me some strength to keep going with it. Hopefully I'll feel brighter tomorrow. We had storm Ophelia through the night (I'm in Scotland) and so I didn't sleep great with the wind howling round the house which I don't think helped today. I love my sleep.

  • Hope no damage after last night

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