Interesting link: Eat enough!!!

Hope this link works. It is a picture of a woman before while eating irregularly and doing cardio compared to when she began eating 2,000 calories and day and did strength training. It proves the theory that eating too little is not effective at all. She is much leaner and more muscular with smaller measurements in the after picture.

I finally learned this lesson even though many " losers " tried to tell me. Once I ate more I lost seven pounds in the last two weeks and I even cheated once! Before that I spent two and a half months trying to reverse the damage. It's finally working again. Thank you everyone for your support along the way. Good luck to you all!


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27 Replies

  • Um.. I'm going to be super picky and point out that one single example does not prove any theory. It can support it, but one incident could be an anomaly, as it's statistically insignificant.

  • There is some sense there though. If you reach a plateau at 800 kcal, further kcal reduction is not the way to go.

    Neither is constantly increasing the amount of activity we do; we only have a finite amount of recovery ability.

  • Indeed, but that's not what I said. All I wrote was that a single incident 'proves' nothing: it could be an anomaly. If we want proof, we need more than one example, as there are also plenty of examples 'proving' the opposite.

  • I'm glad that you've 'seen the light' Melhall, I try to spread the word and now you're helping me :)

    Keep up the great work :)

  • Thank you.

  • Well done Melhall

  • The link works, melhall and confirms what moreless and others always tell us i.e. It is counterproductive to eat a very low calorie diet. I only started to lose when I accepted I was eating too little.👍

  • That’s good news Melhall

    Are you doing weight training?

  • Hi

    It's my last day of my first week of the blood sugar diet tomorrow.

    And it's weigh in day.

    Can't wait.

    Hope you are ok.


  • Looking forward to hear your result. 🤞

  • If I don't lose then you will hear the smashing of my scales lol.


  • No exercise yet. It's hard to find the time. When I did it before I got down to a size 4-6. It really worked I just have to make myself do it. I did pyramid sets like bodybuilders where you do more weight as you lessen the reps. I will go soon!

  • I just do one or two warm ups with lighter weights, then a power set of 6 to 8 reps, emphasising the lowering of the weight, rest 3 seconds then one final rep.

  • Thank you Melhall and the link certainly worked. What an interesting article, Talking of which I must get my supper on the go :)

  • Thanks for that ,

    I'm on day 6 of the blood sugar diet.

    Weigh in tomorrow ,people at work have commented thàt I've lost weight in my face .

    Roll on tomorrow.might have to do another poem.



  • Good luck on your weigh in.

    My face is a little less puffy now.

    We would love another poem!

  • When I looked at myself I saw Fred Flintstones head .

    Not anymore.

    Thanks Melhall.

    I will see what I can do re a poem


  • I look like Charlie Brown!!!

  • Never ,

    I've just posted a poem .


  • So interested to know how you have got on gman1961, how you feel and what you have lost this week. I won't have to put my earplugs in as your scales will not let you down.👍😜😜

  • Interesting article Melhall. Thanks for sharing and so happy that you are seeing great results.👏😊

  • Thanks!!!

  • So glad for you :) :) :) That's great news!!

  • Thanks!!!

  • Well done Melhall you have done fantastic!!! :)

  • thank you! Nice to see you around. Hope you are doing well!

  • With you on that! Our bodies are designed to work and with good fuel! When we don't nourish them they stop working properly and close down, conserving everything they can.

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