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Light at the end of the tunnel

I've been feeling awful lately, low self esteem plus menopause not a great combo...I have one great week followed by an awful one despite what I eat :( And a job that's sitting at a desk for 40hrs really isn't helping. But onward and upward according to the Doctor not putting loads of weight is a bonus and although I just keep regaining what I lost the previous week then putting it back on I'm not gaining even more... Plus applied for and got another job...Watch this space :) :)

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I'm glad that things are starting to look up for you Pbusby, but as far as weight loss goes, I can't stress enough the importance of logging onto the site regularly and joining in the events. The more you put in, the more you get out :)

Good luck with your new job :)


you are soooooo right!!!!

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Great news about the new job

Will watch this space


Congrats on the job! You can do it! We will be here for you when you need it.


oh Pbusby I have lived with low self esteem for all of my 51 years and it is the pits! I figure if I lose weight I will feel better about myself. the only thing is I look at old pictures where I was thinner and never remember feeling thin. I was not exactly thin thin but I looked fine and did not realize it. so now I am trying to feel better about myself even if I am at 262 pounds. I am an intelligent, kind, fun loving woman who is fun to be around and I can forgive myself for my weight. if I just remember that I am not just my weight I am a whole person, I can do this plan. and so can you. by the way, menopause is the pits. I know. I suffer from depression already and menopause does nothing to help that for sure. but I am on natural vitamins for the menopause and it seems to be helping. have you tried black cohosh? it works pretty good. as for losing weight which I desperately need to do, I have decided to make one change every two weeks or so and I think this will go a long way to start. I have started eating many more and different fruits and veggies and feel better about myself already. you and I, we can do this so chin up and follow the plan as I am trying to do myself.


Sorry you are feeling down. I have taken to standing to work - but can only do that when I am at home not in the office.

Hope whatever you have applied for comes up for you.

Tell yourself just how well you are doing, the Doctor said it so echo that.

Come on here frequently and get lots of support - daft as it sounds it does make a difference.


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