Scales and Tape Measure Deployed

On the scales today. 48yr old male. 6' 1" tall.

Scales and tape measure deployed.

Weekly loss of 1lb but the interesting statistic isn't the weight loss but inches lost. In two weeks I've lost 2" off my waist and 1" off my neck. ---------------------------------------------------------

Week 0 starting off at 205.5 lbs (14st 9.5lbs)

Week 1 - 205 lbs (14st 9lbs)

Week 2 - 200.75 lbs (14st 4.75lbs)

Week 3 - 199.75 lbs (14st 3.75lbs)

Weekly Loss of 1lb

24.75 lbs to lose to reach target weight of 12st 7lbs.

Total weight lost so far 5.75lbs.


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12 Replies

  • Brilliant ...... do hope you are feeling chuffed with yourself :)

  • I am pleased, thanks, the numbers are moving in the right direction 👇🏻

  • Great news Radford. It actually reminds me that I never thought about my neck when I was losing weight but now I think about it, I can now do up shirt collars (when I have to :) ).

    Keep going, you're doing brilliantly :)

  • Thank you, the numbers are moving in the right direction 👇🏻

  • This is all great news, David, well done you! :)

  • Thank you moreless 🙂

  • Well done Radford-Utd!

    Great results! 😊

    Keep it up!

  • Thank you, I'm into a routine now, just got to keep doing what I'm doing

  • Well done so far. How are you managing to get rid of the weight? I have just restarted my diet. I lost over a stone which took me about 4 months and then went back to eating rubbish so have put back 8 pounds in just 10 weeks. What an idiot I am. I am around the same age as you but currently 14 stone 9 lbs and only 5ft 9 so my BMI is about 31.

  • Hello, I did similar. I lost three stones last year in six months but returned to my bad eating ways when I spent a couple of weeks in hospital. Breaking the emotional connection with food is the biggest challenge. In terms of methodology of weight loss I walk and try to eat sensibly. I wish you every success with your journey.

  • great results so far!! Keep it up!!

  • Thank you Melhall 🤓

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