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I know that exercise and the gym isn't everything in life, but my decision has been to put myself in an exercise and fitness environment so I feel more motivated by those surrounding me to actually work out and alongside a healthier eating pattern, train and tone up my body to eventually feel comfortable in my skin.

I have taken my before photo's to be able to recognise my own transformation over a long period of time; yesterday I felt fine about them... today I hate them and know something needs to be done!

I NEED to learn a valuable 3/4 day exercise routine where one day involves cardio and the other a mixture with weight training to burn fat and tone up and build my muscles. I have done my research; and any query I have I can ask my boyfriend or 2 best friends for professional opinions as I know they have expertise.

I want to know your advice for a healthy exercise routine, to make a healthier happier me.

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morning Hidden does the gym you have joined have a personal trainer there that can help you?


No - it is a university campus one... However, my partner is a personal trainer. I'm trying to do this independently with the slight knowledge he has provided me with as he updates me about his career in order to show him I can do this and become someone he deserves on his shoulder (and by this I don't mean he hates me or my weight.. I just feel like I'm stared at for dating someone so healthy and fit whilst I look the way I do, so decided I'd like to change it to better both our lifestyles for our future).


I can't guide you with what to do in a gym, just to say that I agree with your first paragraph and to wish you all the best.



My only advice is pick something you enjoy or it won’t be sustainable 😊

Good luck Hidden

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