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New life... New habits?

Hi there

When I first met my partner I was a healthy size 8 without a care in the world. 3 Years later I'm a size 14 and feel more uncomfortable in my skin than ever before with a successful personal trainer for a partner whom I sadly live miles away from beginning my undergraduate education.

Now I'm facing new challenges in my life of making a successful long distance relationship; financial independence, home independence and the responsibility of being an adult in a whole new world.

With this, I long to have faith in myself. I long to be happy in my skin and not cover up in oversized clothing because of the skin I am in and the weight I am at. Dating a personal trainer can become pretty daunting when your the same weight as him who lifts weights and is mainly muscle whilst you're the complete opposite. As much as I know he would give me the support and advice I long for, this is something I know I can only do if I push for it myself and make myself do it without relying on his help.

I have recently joined the campus gym and am determined to turn this around and come out a healthier happier individual that I can be proud of as well as those surrounding me.

So how do I start this new lifestyle?

What should I do with my diet?

What should I do with my exercise regime?

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Hello and welcome Hidden

Well done on being responsible and taking the first step in your weight loss journey 😊 it will be beneficial having the encouragement of your partner, my husband and I certainly spur each other on exercise wise. However, weight loss is more about food than exercise, please take a look at the Newbie Club here healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... Read all the information carefully as it has lots of useful links etc for getting the best out of the forum 😊

If you have any questions please just ask

Best wishes


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My husband is a body builder and I was a size 4-6 when we met. I too got up to a size 14 until I was fed up and did something. I'm trying my hardest now since June 2017 and have lost a stone so far. You'll find lots of support and advice here. Good luck!


What pages and links did you find useful to help you on your journey?

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The NHS diet link after the topics and events is good. I joined in the challenges and weigh in on Fridays. You can join whichever group you want. There is a post each day and you pick one and stay with it. I don't really follow a diet. I just eat all healthy and cut out junk food carbs and alcohol.


Hi LibbyVeronaa :)

Write down what you would normally eat over a few days and then see where you can make changes. As Melhall said try cutting out alcohol, carbs and junk food (or at least cut down if that's easier to start). Try adding in more veges. Lots of colour in your meal makes it easier too. :D

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