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Hoping last week was a glitch in the matrix

So last week i started week one... it didn't go very well due to 10hours travelling in the car on day 1 which resulted in junk food. That continued the day after as the 6mo th sprog kept me up most of the night and I had another 4hour drive! This resulted in me.eating anything i could get my hands on pretty much for the whole Week! That k god I did 3 days of insane walks otherwise I reckon I would have not needed the car to get back I could have just rolled from Glasgow to Devon!

However today i am back in my own flat with oven I can actually work and space to actually excercise! I will be doing my dvd today and eating healthier... I have finally found a place in Scotland and we are relocating in the next 6weeks so will be more travelling but i will be prepared for it this time with healthy snacks and salads and I will make my goal of 1.5stone by xmas! I look in the mirror and I hate what i see and this needs to change! Eating is a comfort but is the problem.

Day 1 today and I will get through this week i know It!

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Good morning Fergie26 and well done on getting back on track after your chaotic week. Travelling and tiredness play havoc with me too, and I often gain as well. But successful losers have bad days/weeks too, but they don’t give up, and that’s wah5 makes you a winner 😊

I hope the move to Glasgow goes well, I’m married to a Glaswegian and it’s a great city 😊

I strongly recommend th Daily Diary and other regular forum posts, coming in as often as you can, even just saying hello on the What’s Happening thread, really does help us keep on track . There are also exercise challenges you may like to join. 😊

Best wishes


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You will get through it Fergie. It’s so hard having so many things to cope with at the same time and lack of sleep to boot.

Try to only have healthy food in the house and keep small pots of full fat Greek yogourt for a treat to which you add a few berries and almonds . It’s dekucious high in protein and will satisfy you without causing you to crave more

Crisps. Biscuits, cakes and bread spike your sugar levels and then when the level drops you feel the need to eat more when you are not really hungry

I hope your move goes well

Best wishes

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Sounds like you have a lot to deal with at the moment but you can do it! 😀👍

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