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Ready made chicken?

What is everyones thoughts on ready made packet chicken that comes cut up.... you can get chicken tikka, southern fried or just roast chicken bits for example.

Are these good along with rice and frozen mixed veg for a meal as opposed to cooking the chicken yourself (which takes longer)

Also not relevant to the post but can anyone recommend a tasty way to cook salmon?

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I tend to cook everything from scratch, so that I know what's in it. Some sauces/coatings contain sugar and other iffy ingredients, that I'd rather not eat. I don't eat rice either, but do eat frozen veg.

I find it best to bulk cook and freeze meals, so that you have nice healthy ready meals, for when time is tight :)

If you look at the Topics section, there are heaps of recipes.


I agree with moreless about the sugar. On the other hand if you are really busy I don't think it would hurt say one or two nights a week, but mix it up with good healthy home cooked meals. I like salmon in a teriyaki sauce, that's really quick!


Hello ashortland. I can’t help with ideas about cooking salmon but I know the cooked chicken you mean. I know it sounds lazy but I find it such an easy “meal”. It helps me because the calories are made clear on the packs & I can try the different flavours. Along with sachets of rice & veg they are great to take to work for meal breaks & much better than grabbing chocolate or crisps. Not gourmet I know but when I’m pushed for time they’re great. So I don’t sound a total lazybones I will say that most of the time I do plan my meals as much as I can!


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