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Daily Diary Tuesday 10th October 2017

Hi to all my lovely forum friends. Welcome to Tuesday's Daily Diary. Hope you all managed to stay on plan on Monday and have planned your meals for today. Planning for me is vital for keeping me on track. If I don't then I find myself staring into the fridge when I'm hungry and then making completely the wrong choices and wolfing down whatever's to hand and throwing me completely of track.

If you're new to the DD and not sure how to go about it then look at how everyone else logs their food and follow their lead. Just remember to say how many calories are in each meal, tot up your total and tell us what your calorie budget is for the day. Also tell us what exercise, if any, ( a lot of us cannot exercise for a variety of reasons) you have planned and if you have any tips that others may benefit from then please share them too.

Please comment on at least one other post, preferably the one just in front of you but feel free to comment on as many as you wish. It's always encouraging when we see people commenting on our posts and helps to keep us all motivated.

My hubby and I have been babysitting for our grandson today and had a delicious mint and pea soup which my daughter left for us and with all the running around after Ted logged up almost 8,000 steps! Proof that you don't have to do a specific exercise!

My plan for today is;

Brunch - My favourite at the moment - Smoked salmon, wilted spinach, avocado, cherry tomatoes and scrambled eggs - 269 cals

Snack - An orange, and a handful of mixed nuts - 241 cals

D - Persian veggie Pilaf with saffron, blueberries and borlotti beans ( from my new JO super food book) followed by strawberries and Full fat Greek yoghurt - 641 cals

Drinks - water, black tea and one full fat milky coffee - 160 cals

Total of - 1,311 cals from a range of between 1,174 - 1,510

Exercise - walking in the park

Tip - If you're stuck for what to eat then check out the recipe thread. IndigoBlue61 has made it so much easier to navigate now, having put all the recipes into specific catagories.

By the way I love kale. especially crisped up by roasting in the oven.

Wishing you all a very happy Tuesday.

Onwards and Downwards!

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Thanks for hosting, Morgancando :)

Love the poster! :D

I love kale too!

It sounds as if you've had a very busy day with Ted! :)

I'm amazed again at your delicious menu, with so few calories! You're a genius! :)


No I'm no genius moreless. I just have a lot of recipe books and love cooking and trying out new things.


Do you have people queuing down the garden path for an invitation to dinner? ;)


Ha Ha.


hi morgancando and thanks for hosting. Tomorrow I'll be having

B- scrambled eggs and fried mushrooms 474, half grapefruit 25

L- rocket with cherry tomatoes, avocado, slice of roast beef, smoked salmon 311

D- oven roast chicken with broccoli and sweet potato mash, 326

snacks - apple, carrot, pear 70

tea and coffee 150

nuts to bring me up to 1500, which is my target for this week. Weigh in tomorrow, and I think last week's holiday will have done some damage, but hopefully not too much


Hi rutheliza. That looks like a lovely menu you have planned . I see you're an avocado lover too. We all have blips while on holiday but don't let it get you down, it looks like you've got straight back on track since you got back. Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow.


What a lovely menu rutheliza and clever use of calories 😊

Fingers crossed for tomorrow

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Hope all goes well at weigh-in tomorrow rutheliza

Lovely food could eat and enjoy everything. Super food for so few calories.

Good evening Morgancando thank you for hosting 😊 It sounds like you had a lovely day, and lots of steps too!

I’ve just been watching Jamie Oliver, his recipes always look so good. I really enjoyed his Superfoods TV show. 😊

Tomorrow my meals are a banana with full fat Greek yogurt with seed and nut sprinkle for breakfast.

Lunch will be soup made from tonights leftovers, not sure how it’ll work out but we can try! Vegetable, Puy Lentil and chicken soup 😊

Dinner is meatballs in a vegetable and tomato sauce with wholemeal pasta followed by an orange.

Exercise is 30 minutes cardio first thing and an afternoon dog walk.

My tip is similar to something you mentioned, try new recipes and new foods to keep things interesting, and enjoy what you eat! 😊


Great tip IndigoBlue61 hope you notice I am braving liver in the form of chicken liver pate, fingers crossed!

Love your experimenting with your soup for tomorrow.

I love finding new things to try.

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You put the idea of Pate in my head yesterday @Ceals but as I'm,trying to avoid bread at the moment I didn't know what to have it with. Your griddles aubergines sound just perfect!

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I love griddled aubergine, so versatile. Melba toast is also fairly good because there is not so much bread.

Oh yes. Melba toast is lovely. Never thought of that!

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Exactly why we need DD - to remind each other of these things (as well as stealing wonderful ideas)


My sentiments exactly!

I had a sneaky jump on the scales this morning and just wish it was Friday!!!

I always weigh less earlier in the week than I do on a Friday!

Oh don't say that Ceals! Maybe i should change my weigh - in day to Monday,

No! We need you on a Friday!

Well ok then. It's nice to be wanted.

I pledge to have a loss this Friday!

There. I've committed!

Oh Help!!!!!!!

Brilliant - I so hope I do too, feel positive about it and the planning is just such an important part of it for me.

You can do it Ceals. Glad you’re a Friday Weigher Inner too.

I’m off to bed now. Hope to chat tomorrow.

Good night all.

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Together we can conquer the world!!

Night night. X

A lovely menu, as usual Anna. I could happily eat everything on your menu. Have you tried Hugh Fearney - Wittingstall's 'Love Your Leftovers' recipes? He has a really scrummy recipe for left over sunnday roast soup.

I did have a lovely day with Ted but as we were about to leave couldn't find my car keys. We had the house upside down for about an hour! We finally found them at the bottom of his lego box!


Exactly the right place for car keys I reckon! Especially when there is a toddler in the house.

We'd been looking for them for ages then decided to ask Ted and he tipped his lego out and gave us a lovely smile! He's so cute.

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Love it! Aren't they just fabulous!

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Oh my!!! Thank goodness you found them 😊

I must admit I was getting a bit stressed. But all's well that ends well!

Thanks for hosting Morgancando have to say I hope it is kale - I like it, all kinds of kale cooked in all kinds of ways.

Your menu is wonderful, that breakfast is fabulous, not surprised it keeps appearing. Pilaf sounds wonderful.

Ate everything I should have done today and managed my Week5 Run1 of C25K - it is getting a bit serious now, serious and scary!

Tomorrow's plans, well I am working at home all day, radiator being delivered and building inspector coming to sign everything off. Husband away tomorrow night so a bit of freedom to do what I like - trust me I will be sitting chatting to friends on the forum, I know how to live the high life!

Brunch: Griddled aubergine to be used as toast for chicken liver pate and Feta and greek yogurt spread with two eggs baked in aubergine halves. 901 cals.

Dinner: chicken curry, cauliflower rice and 50g Goat curd. 732 cals

Total: 1633 range of 1585-2037

Carbs 27g; Fat 131g; Protein 80g.

Happy eating everyone.


Hi Ceals.As usual a menu to die for! I'm so impressed with your exercise. I did download the C25K a while ago but as you know I'm having my surgery soon and can't do much exercise at the minute, but I'm looking forward to getting back to full health in the new year, then I'll be on right on your heals. It really is frustrating not being able to do much at the mo'.

You must be feeling so excited that your building work is near to completion. I hope the building inspectors sign off all the works for you tomorrow.

Enjoy your freedom without hubby, much as we love them it's nice to have a bit of 'Me' time occasionally. I'll be around for a chat.

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Unfortunately he is up super early, probably should have gone tonight but hates being away from home. Not to worry I will get plenty of work done.

Because I am doing it with a club - well the Monday run is with a club there is a real must do feeling which I guess is good. If I was doing it myself using the NHS programme I suspect I wouldn't be pushing myself half as hard as I am.

Yea I imagine having others to spur you on is an advantage.

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Hi Ceals.

Hope you are well. I was wondering if it would be possible to share how much saturated fat is in your menu please?

I am looking into changing my diet up if my blood results come back clear and a high fat low carb lifestyle may suit me. I’m just terrified of the saturated fat in things.

I had full fat Greek yogurt with banana this morning and it came to 5.1g of saturates which is quarter of my daily allowance.

Having 131g of fat seems really high but is obviously working.

Sorry for the long message.

Thank you in advance x

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I will happily share it if I can et that information from MFP.

I do understand the concerns about saturated fat but recent research seems to dispute that it is a problem, the oils such as corn, sunflower its seem to be the problem.

Anyway I am off to check MFP

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K, I have done it - I just had to change a setting and today it is 64g of saturated fat.

It is in the curry - cooked in coconut oil and avocado - both very good for us and then in the chicken liver pate which I am eating because liver is good for me.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply.

Seems I need to do a lot of research on fats vs carbs.

I currently have a higher carb diet but I am thinking this could be the wrong approach for me as I’m not losing weight and constantly tired.

Hoping blood results come back clear, if they do I will try a different approach to my lifestyle.

Thank you for your help 😊

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Very best of luck @Our-Nats. I hope your blood results come back clear. I would encourage you to try the low carb high protein approach. it really does work.

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Is the fat levels also high if I have a high protein diet? I also need to keep an eye on my fibre levels due to past medical issues.

I think I need to spend some time working out what is right for me and what my body needs. I expect your see a lot of me as I’m working my way through it all x

We're all learning every day on our journeys Hidden but I've found that eating more protein and fewer starchy carbs keeps me fuller for longer. Plenty of fibre rich foods can be found in beans and pulses, nuts and some fruits, also porridge oats is very filling and fibre rich.

Good luck on your journey.

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Thank you 😊

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I think you are spot on Hidden trying to find what works for you is so important. Listen to others but always make yourself your reference point. You will know what adjustments you have to make to suit you - and this may change over time of course.

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Do you make your own Pate Ceals?

No - I really can's stand liver so that would be too much for me, indeed all offal is a no, no. I only decided to have the pate because I know it is good for me.

It was fine and it really did work well with the aubergine toast - especially when the aubergine slices were straight off the griddle.

I will eat more of it tomorrow!

I love any kind of pate and if it’s good me all the better 😇

I am going to try to eat it a couple of times a month I think - it really is very good for you, well the liver part is which is basically what it is.

It would also be good on griddled courgette, I think.

Yep, another possibility - and a way to use up the inevitable courgette glut in the summer.

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I like aubergine but it's so expensive here. Usually $3-4NZ each so I very rarely buy them.

Mmmmm chicken curry sounds nice :)

Gosh that does seem expensive, thankfully they are not too costly here.

It is a really simple chicken curry recipe. I just prepare it in the frying pan then stick it in the slow cooker, melt in the mouth chicken, yummy.

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😂 I hope it is kale. I love the stuff! I am still to dive into the superfoods book. Maybe next week.

Tomorrow's plan:

B. Greek yogurt with berries and seeds

L. Harissa vegetables and jumbo couscous with feta.

D. Chilli prawn spaghetti

Total approx. 1400 so room for some extras.

Exercise. It's ballet night 😍

Happy Tuesday x

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Very tasty menu. Anything with Harissa or chilli gets a thumbs up from me.

I'm guessing that the ballet must use up a few cals.

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Harissa a makes everything special I think. Often use Rose harisa swirled into Greek yogurt as a dip.

Spicy day for you with chilli prawns as well. Good planning, enjoy your eating.


Hi Ceals , is rose harissa the same as harissa?

It is a bit different in that it has rose petals in it, very finely smashed up of course and it goes a very definite flavour. Looks very pretty swirled through Greek yogurt, great as a dip or dressing.

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Don’t think you need the Super Foods book @Active_43 you’re menu sounds super enough.

Enjoy your ballet class.


I love the poster! Made me giggle 😹

B: poached eggs, roasted baby plum tomatoes, wilted spinach and sourdough toast, 380

L: red lentil, chickpea and chilli soup, wholemeal roll with cream cheese, 400

D: baked sweet potato, tuna, cheese, salad with olives and mixed seeds, 460

After late shift :hot cross bun with butter, 250

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Exciting menu throughout diamondblock

Have a good day.

Really lovely menu diamondblock i would love to eat it all but couldn’t tale so many carbs these days.

Your red lentil, chickpea and chilli soup sounds delicious 😋

But without the bread since I’m trying to avoid it along with potatoes at the moment.

I could be tempted by the hot cross bun and butter though.

Have good day.

Thanks for hosting this DD Morgancando

I'm going to write down my plan for today thoughI did that yesterday and the evening was a fail :(

I'm removing some obvious sugars which IndigoBlue61 has suggested, as they may be responsible for me getting the cravings that I've been suffering.

B: 25g porridge, fruit, 15ml cream & cinnamon (removed honey and added cream)

L: 50g mature cheddar cheese, beetroot & slice of wholemeal seeded bread

S: Roasted butternut, with sumac, chilli and feta (haven't tried sumac before so thought I'd give it a whirl). Gooseberry crumble and 15ml cream (no sprinkle of sugar)

Going to revisit chai latte without sugar again. I'll spend a week drinking it like that and see if I can grow fond of it like that (no sugar)

Have a good day everyone.


Well done for thinking about the sugar Tiggerr and how lovely to replace it with cream.

Could you use cream in your latte too?

Sumac is brilliant, you are bound to like it.


Thanks and good idea about the chai. I'll try that if the chai turns out to be too bland on its own.

I'll let you know how the butternut/sumac turns out. I bought the spice a while ago and have never used it but as its supposed to have a lemony flavour I'm hoping that will complement the feta.

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Should be delicious.

I have just had my aubergine ‘toast’ with pâté and it worked really well, especially when aubergine was still warm.


Fell in love with using aubergine as a 'toast' when I spent a couple of weeks touring Sicily. Never thought of having pâté on them so great to hear it panned out (no pan intended... apart from that one :) ).


Hello Tiggerr , I've done a similar thing, cutting out obvious sugars (most days!) and it definitely helps. It took a while before I was converted to eating more natural fat and less sugar but that is what I try to do now, within a calorie allowance which isn't huge, but it's possible and makes keeping at maintenance level easier. Good luck with the sugar free gooseberry crumble ;)


It's always good to hear others are doing similar things. Thanks!

There's still sugar in the crumble but I haven't been adding any sugar to my fruit when cooking it but started sprinkling a bit on recently. I just hope I get rid of these all consuming cravings that are sending me backwards all the time.

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Some excellent plans there Tiggerr 😊. I hope you find they work out for you and help,reduce the cravings 😊

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Thank you.

Good morning everyone and many thanks for hosting, Morgancando :)

I realise I haven't had kale for ages so need to get some. How do you cook it?

My menu for today is rather boring as I have a busy day ahead and cannot think!

B - Porridge with mashed banana, sprinkled nuts and usual two coffees

L - Leek soup with tuna, beetroot and green salad, yoghurt

S - prawns with quinoa and onion concoction, broccoli and more crumble

Snacks - fruit

Exercise - walking everywhere this morning and gardening this afternoon (green bins tomorrow so there is always a hive of activity in this street leading up to it!)

Enjoy your day everyone and take care......

PS Meant to say quinoa instead of coucous for supper ...... must learn to do DD day before as I was still half asleep when I wrote it this morning :d

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Morning Villageduckpond. Considering you say you’re having trouble planning your menu today, it all sounds delicious 😋 only having healthy things in the larder makes it so much easier doesn’t it?

My favourite way to cook kale is to spread it out on a baking tray, spray it with olive oil and sprinkle over some smoked paprika and roast it For about 20 minutes in a hot oven.

It’s also good steamed then mash some butter and black pepper through it.


Sounds good to me and thank you.


Hope you enjoy it whichever way you cook it.

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HI Villageduckpond . I use kale in salads. frylight in the wok, chuck in the kale for a couple of minutes then use it as a base for the salad


That sound a much quicker way to get the same effect. I like it crispy so that should do the trick.

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Posted before I said “have a good day”



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Here is the Daily Diary WendyKathleen 😊

Don’t see yesterday’s slip as a fail, Tiggerrr, see it as a learning curve and think about what you can do to avoid it in future.

It took me a while to cut out sugar in coffee but since changing to full fat milky coffees I can’t stand it now. Also since cutting out sweet things my cravings have gone. Not that I don’t have a slip up occasionally but we’re only human.


My Plan for today

B 40g Chedder Cheese

2 Slices of bread (toasted)

Clover light spread

L Heinz Big Soup Beef & Veg

Small Bread Roll

D Lamb Steak (Grilled)

Potatoes (Boiled)

Mixed Veg

SNACK Orange, 2 Biscuits, Almonds

Green Tea and water throughout day

Total amount of Calories 1459

EXERCISE Slow walk, 1/2hr on Mini Cycle

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Well done for the exercise ladikool23

Any reason you use clover light rather than butter?

Butter has so much goodness to offer.

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Good morning ladikool23. Sounds like a very tasty menu you have planned today. I've never tried green tea but I think I'll give it a go. I drink decaffeinated Earl Grey but I'm up for trying new things. I've heard it's very good for you.

I see you're wearing a 1 stone lost badge, well done, it looks good on you.

Good afternoon Thanks for hosting Morgancando. Late again

Breakfast was cornflake with banana and a coffee with skimmed milk. 350 calories

Lunch was carrot and onion home made soup and a roll with low fat spread. 500. calories.

Dinner is 4egg omelette with cauliflower and chopped pepper and onion. Some will be for dinner tonight. Followed by stewed rubarb and yogurt. 1/2 the omelette tody 1/2 the same for lunch tomorrow. I made my bed put the washing away all dry. Then did I 40 mins walk. Now I am on the sofa a failing asleep while I watch tennis hope everyone has a good day


Good afternoon Caroline62. A couple of things, firstly your home made soup sounds delicious but did your breakfast fill you enough till lunchtime. I find using full fat milk much more filling. Also how many calories have you calculated for dinner as your total seems a little low? Have you you checked your BMI to work out your calorie allowance for the day. Eating to few can trick your body into starvation mode and cause you to hold on to the fat.

Well done on the exercise front but remember food is energy so make sure you're eating enough.

Enjoy your afternoon.

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Hello Morgancando I have used skimmed milk for nearly 40 yrs to start with it was my daughter could not have any thing with fat in and has she was a child the whole family went on the low, fat stuff. But she had to have sugar. Then later on,I had a op a lot of my intestines was removed so I cannot have a lot of fat. Sorry I didn't put in that I would have apple and a pear I usually try and get to around 1600 calories sorry for going on a bit I will do it properly next time. The door bell went while I was writing this and it put me of a bit I cannot multi task when I am on the tablet. Sorry.

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Hi all! Posted in the wrong place this am as was in a rush so I'm a bit late to the party now but hey!

Today is a working day...boooo! Didn't get to do any exercise today because of my aching bones but healthy day planned at least!

So my usual porridge breakfast & blueberries today plus a cup of tea 165cals

Packed Lunch I'm currently having is a wrap with ham, spinach, tomatoes & mustard. Thai bites 255cals

Snacks was Satsumas but I failed to bring them with me! Found a packet of Popcorn in my drawer so that will have to suffice if hunger kicks in later pm!

Green/Peppermint tea

Filtered water with cucumber slices

Dinner is Chicken Stir fry 507 cals

So that leaves me 252 cals to play with if I want more chicken with my dinner or a snack later in the day.

Hope u are all having a lovely day xxx

Better late than never DownwardSpiral. It wouldn't be a party without you!

Your menu does sound very healthy and nutritious. I had chicken stir fry last night, one of my favourites.

Hope your aching bones get better soon and you manage to keep your hunger at bay this afternoon.

Enjoy the rest of your day even though you're at work.

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Thank u!

Oh that makes sense Caroline. 1,600 calories sounds perfect. You obviously do know what works for you.

I read your other post on What’s happening today and remembered about your grandson.

I’m so glad he’s settling into his new surroundings and you now have some well earned ME time.

Take care.

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I also use skimmed milk as I prefer the taste of it, but I only have it in drinks. I then add cream to my porrige 😂😂 lol

Would love to use cream but I would be ill sugar is what makes me over weight I make porridge with water and had a little honey when cooked

Thank you. It is all the friends on this forum that helps me to keep going. I would have given up a long time ago if it was not for all of you on here


I know. I’d be lost without all the support on the forum.

Take care.

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Oh Morgancando that made me laugh out loud! Very funny! Good tip! I'd love if people would write the cals in their recipe in its title for ease of choosing! But that's laziness speaking hahaha! I love that they're categorised now as im meat free so it makes it much easier!

I'm too late to commit to a plan for today but just for full disclosure my day looks like this, with a 2000 limit.

BRUNCH - 2 slices brown bread with my special made up omelette/scramble fried in butter l(organic eggs, spring greens, red onion, avocado and capers). Was actually great. Coffee. (700)

DINNER - a falafel wrap with houmous, fries and salad. (800)

SNACKS- velvet bites (80), scampi fried (200)

TIPS - accept that there will be ups and downs and good weeks and bad ones. I am finding that the hardest thing - accepting that a loss of focus isn't the end of the world. Have to be resilient and just turbo on through.

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Yes it made me laugh out loud too when I came across it. Hope you enjoyed your delicious menu today. What are velvet bites?

I like your tip.


Oh they're an Irish low calorie crisp substitute. Think they're only sold here

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Hello, your day looks very healthy. Don't worry about lack of focus it looks like you are doing well and we all have a detour with our eating. Hope all goes well for you in the future


Welcome to the Daily Diary Water_baby 😊. I hope you have got som good ideas from reading the posts on here. Would you like to share your meal plans with us?

After a 2kg gain over the past few days (fluid) I tried to eat lightly for most of the day.

Not sure of the Calories

Breakfast - Cup of herbal tea

Lunch - Home made vege soup, two boiled eggs, small banana

Dinner - two slices chicken mince/sausage meat meatloaf, green beans, oven roast veges

Snacks - small banana, apple, vege muffin, 50g ham

Managed a lunchtime walk to the library and back 15-20 min round trip.

Actually lost 600g over the day so shows how much fluid I retain when I binge.

That’s almost the end of another day. Thank you Morgancando for hosting, and all of you lovely people for sharing your meal plans, it’s so helpful to see what others are eating.

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