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I’ve been taking my dogs for walks for my daily exercise, is there anything anyone can advise on exercises in the house as it gets colder?

I’m not sure how long you need to exercise for in order for it to be working etc. I know my body will know when it’s tired and when I need to push until I can’t, but unsure of what exercises I can do that can be done inside as my chest gets bad when I’m out in the cold exercising.

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Hannah,

Try the NHS Fitness studio exercise videos, as a good starting point?


Zest :-)

Hannah21 in reply to Zest

Thankyou zest!

Itsbab recommends some indoor walking videos - can't remember who they are by now, but are on youtube

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to JiminyCricket

Was it Lesley Sansome? They’re great indoor walking videos on YouTube 😊

JiminyCricketHost in reply to IndigoBlue61

Yes I think so

Thanks I’ll be sure to take a look

nteapea1st 7lbs

I use YouTube too Hannah21 i can't afford a gym. I like pop sugar fitness 😀

Hannah21 in reply to nteapea

Ooo okay nteapea I’ll have a look at that too :) thanks

Can anyone on my post answer me this... I weight myself in the morning at the same sort of time to see what my weight is. Am I right in thinking you weigh the lightest in the day? Because I’ve weighed myself this evening and I’m heavier.. I’m so confused.

ConcernedAmbassador in reply to Hannah21

Yes, usually. The Body Clock Diet says that we lose weight overnight not only because we aren't eating (again, usually), but the glycogen is used from the liver. Carbohydrate holds water in the body, so, when we use it, we lose weight.

Then we regain it as we replenish what we used.

Hannah21 in reply to Concerned


lucigretAdministrator in reply to Hannah21

Hannah21 our weight fluctuates all the time. It is fine to weigh yourself every day but please don't get hung up on the numbers. Weighing in the morning and the evening of the same day will always give you a different weight. The only number I take notice of is on a Friday morning just before I weigh in. Please remember the number on the scales is not the only marker for weight loss either, feeling healthier, noticing that your clothes are looser, even your shoes, or watch strap also signifies changes even if the numbers are not changing.

Hannah21 in reply to lucigret

Thanks lucigret! I’ll bare that in mind! I Just like to know I’m going in the right direction for the beginning :)

It’s whats working for me at the moment and I’m not too hung up on it to be fair, it’s what keeps pushing me on I guess :) thankyou for your advice :)

anything that generates heat. I've even seen it suggested on a tv program to have cold drinks as your body is encouraged to shiver so burning energy. They generally recommend 150 minutes of exercise a week, that makes you at least mildly breathless (not to collapsing point, we're not training for a marathon). How about walking on the spot while watching tv, or doing your housework more vigorously. I have a Bissell carpet sweeper, don't use the vacuum. I also have a pedal exerciser, I can do it indoors in winter in the warm, dry and light. It cost less than a month's gym membership and takes up very little space which is at a premium in my flat.

Videos/dvds are good, see the NHS one above.

Do you prefer solitude or work better in a group situation?

Same time weighing is best. Yes, your weight fluctuates through the day and week. If you do it at the same time, you get a better indication of any true loss or gain. I also wait until my bowel is empty if possible. Keeps things consistent. That's what we need. To know how much. It's neither a race or competition.

Hannah21 in reply to fenbadger

Thanks fenbadger! Yeah I’ve just read up that your true weight is best in the morning once you’ve emptied your bowels but before you eat. I thought I’d piled on all my hard work but it’s water etc...

I’ll give the exercise advice a go! Thanks

fenbadger in reply to Hannah21

they also say the first few pounds you lose are water, so they go back on when you relax your regime. Don't give up. Its doable and worth it :)

NannyEJHealthy BMI

Hello Hannah21, you could go on You Tube and search 'HIIT for beginners'. High intensity interval training is the most efficient and time effective way to exercise as your body continues to burn fat afterwards. It doesn't need to take long either, from 15 to 30 minutes is all you need. There are loads to choose from so find one you like and stick with it as you will definitely see results. Good luck EJ

Hannah21 in reply to NannyEJ

Brill thankyou!

Just do what you like doing in house, cleaning is good stimulation for body, also dance about and make up your own exercises then you maybe keep to them.

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