Weigh-in 9th October 2017 - Monday Mass Movers

Weigh-in 9th October 2017 - Monday Mass Movers

Welcome to Mondays Weigh In! Please do not reply to this post until Monday 9th October.

Pineapple27 here, co-ordinating the weigh-in post for today. I host the Monday Weigh In thread on a fortnightly basis.

Whatever your results are on the scales today, please do share them with us if you would like to.

I’m just back from a wonderful weekend in Liverpool attending at an event that I helped to organise for 20 people with various impairments caused by Thalidomide. It was entitled “Fit for the Future” and is the second such event – we held the first in April 2016.

We covered weight management, the importance of regular exercise, Pilates, mindfulness and we arrange for expert speakers to come and talk and lead interactive workshops around these key areas. Everyone gets to try out Pilates and stretch exercises and use small pieces of exercise equipment in a safe space with support from professionals.

I think it was a huge success judging by just how hard everyone worked and the final session which looked about what people are planning to do to carry forward what they have learned and how they’ll start to make some lifestyle changes.

My tummy muscles ache as I participated in a 45 minutes Pilates session and also a stretch session this morning! I have come back feeling enthusiastic and thinking that I need to get back to come sort of regular exercise.

The picture is me having a bit of a stretch using some TRX bands.

Anyway, over to you! How’s your week been?

Whatever your results today, please be assured that we are here to support you on your journey, and if you’ve fallen by the way side, we are here to offer a hand to help you back up, dust you down and get you back track. If you’ve had a loss this week, we all want to celebrate with you!

With that in mind, we ask that everyone respond to at least one other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. This is a bare minimum, though and we'd love to see everyone, with their pom poms, cheering as many people as they wish, on as many days as they like! Nobody complains about a bit of praise!

It would make things so much easier for us, if you could state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/ maintained this week and your goals/plans for the week ahead. Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like. This is how you report today's weight: Last week I weighed ????, this week I weigh ????, that's a loss/gain/maintain of ???? (add a few words about your week and your aim for the following week)

Welcome all Newbies: If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today – WELCOME!! Please introduce yourself and share your starting weight and your initial weight loss goals. Setting yourself mini-goals, leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements this might help you in the future if you find yourself getting despondent about your progress. Sometimes loss shows as inches rather than pounds or kilograms. Keep that tape measure handy!

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).

Please only use this thread if you're weighing in on Monday 9th October 2017.

Here are last Mondays stats (2 October):

Monday 2nd October 2017

Total number weighing in - 37

Total number of replies - 311

Average number of replies - 8.40

Total amount of weight lost - 41.13lbs / 18.65kgs

Total amount of weight gained - 13.09lbs / 5.93kgs

Total number who maintained - 4

Newbies/Restarts - 2

Average weight lost - 0.80lbs / 0.36kgs

Number of members who did not disclose their weight - 0


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257 Replies

  • That sounds a really interesting and productive weekend and clearly inspirational too

    Glad you came back home full of enthusiasm and plans

  • Thank you for hosting Pineapple!

    I love pilates! I go once a week as it's expensive. But it's great!

    I didn't post last week, and I've spent the last two weeks bouncing up and down (not me-my weight). I seem to be stuck in a rut. Hubby reckons it's a lot harder now to lose the last kilo or so.

    Start weight March: 80.2kg

    Two weeks ago: 67.5kg

    Today: 67.3 kg

    So a small loss of 200g.

    Onwards and downwards!!!

    Good luck to you all!

  • All losses are good losses, Gobbolino, especially when you're sooooooooo close to goal! Well done you! :)

  • Good morning! 200g is still a loss. And turning up to weigh in is an achievement too. Keep focussed - you've lost an amazing 10kg, so you know it's about the every day and the attitudes along the way.

    Here's to a great week!

  • Hi Gobbolino, well done with your lose.

    Have a great day

  • Well done you having a regular fitness regime-I line pilates too but haven't been for a while as the timing hasn't worked it but I haven't really been motivated to try the alternatives either and not making use the gym membership I splashed out on in January!

    Also well done the small loss- its the sum of these small progressions that move us forward, I reckon, so well done!

  • Still going in the right direction which is what matters. Well done.

  • At least it’s a loss Gobbolino! I feel the same as you and cannot seem to break free of the 11 stones. Hopefully our bodies will respond soon 😂

  • Well done on your loss and keeping motivated to reach your goal 😊

  • Great job Gobbolino, nearly there and still loosing ☺

  • Woohoo! Glad you're going in the right direction and good luck to you for next week. :)

  • Good morning Pineapple27,

    Lovely to hear about your weekend, you have such a positive outlook.

    Weight Mon 2nd 11 stone 9.8

    Today weigh 11 stone 9.4

    lose of 0.4.

    Unfortunately I have had one of those stressful weeks with mental health issues. So definitely need to motivate myself this week.

    Wishing everyone positive day x

  • Good morning Honey10, and well done on your loss within a stressful week. If you've had other things to worry about then a 0.4 loss is a result to be proud of.

    Remember the scales could have gone up - so every loss is a loss. Celebrate it and have a good week x

  • You are too kind, thanks for the encouragement.

    Have a good week too.

  • You can do it! If you made a loss in a difficult week you are amazing! Well done you. You are on it!!!

  • All weight loss is good and anything at all when your mental health isn't the best is fantastic.

  • A loss is a loss no matter how small, especially when you've had a stressful week. Keep motivated you are doing well

  • Sorry your week was difficult but hopefully your great loss can keep you positive.

  • Well done for keeping motivated even though you are having a stressful week x

  • Fantastic loss in a difficult week, well done you, something to celebrate 🎉☺

  • I think that with a stressful week losing anything is a fantastic achievement. And as long as you're heading down, you're still going in the right direction. Hope you have a better week this next week. :)

  • Last week I weighed 12 st 3lb, this week I weigh 12 st 3lb, so I stayed the same.

    I had a tired weekend which I think contributed to my poor attitude! I didn't eat well, I didn't count my calories since Friday evening. I was doing a talk at a ladies group and I think where I had spent a lot of time preparing for that I was relieved and kind of dropped everything after! Then with a broken night's sleep Friday it went downhill!

    I'm determined to get going again today because I have felt very moody and physically sluggish since making poor choices and overeating.

    The previous 5 weeks have been markedly improved in terms of mood so this was a taste of how things used to be all the time.

    I'm so glad the hard work of Mon-Fri paid off preventing a gain. I'm actually very pleased with a STS. But I want a loss this week. 1lb is my goal.

  • A maintain is always better than a gain, Rach, so that's good news, especially when your week hasn't exactly gone to plan. I'm sure you'll be able to tighten the reins and achieve a 1lb loss by next Monday :)

  • Hi RachDawson well done staying the same. As I found this week, some of this journey is about finding how it fits in with the rest of life. Life doesn't budge up and make room for the fact we're trying to take care of ourselves!

    You've noticed how eating well made you feel great, and letting go of that made you sluggish and moody. That information is all you need to motivate you.

    You sound like you're about to have a great week. Well done staying the same, and here's to next week!

  • It is really impressive that you know exactly where it went wrong and that means you can work on it. When things go awry with me I tend not to be able to say why! Good luck with this week sure you will do it.

  • Thank you. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • The unconscious tries to redress imbalance long before we become aware.

  • Well done on STS! You’ll get back to your routine today I’m sure. Everyone has weeks when they’ve gone off the programme but the fact that you get straight back into it means you don’t sabotage your previous hard work. Good luck this week.

  • Thank you. I do believe it is days like today that the battle is won or lost. The difficult days when we have to decide to take some ground! (I do love my battle analogies!-been studying ancient battles so it's on my mind! !!) Thanks for your encouragement

  • Tiredness always seems to break my resolve too, well done for feeling so determined though, sleep lots and look after yourself x

  • You maintained which is terriffic. You have learnt a lot this week which gives you every chance of loosing your 1 lb goal. Wishing you a good week ☺

  • Great to hear you have determination, Wishing you a positive week x

  • Sorry to hear the weekend didn't go as well as you'd hoped. For me it was the middle of the week that was the trouble.

    Glad your hard work before that paid off. Congratulations on a maintain! :)

  • Well RachDawson you have proved that you know what to do to feel great. I’m sure your weekend blip & feeling yucky will inspire you to get back on the straight & narrow! I realise that I get incredibly moody when I don’t eat well. I know you can achieve your goal this week 👍

  • Pineapple I enjoyed hearing about your fitness event it sounds really inspiring and good to get together and share and learn together.

    And thanks for hosting today. I'm sorry I forgot my manners!

  • Good morning Pineapple27. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! So many people will have gone home motivated and feeling better about themselves. What important work you do! I hope you get to see the results of your work growing over time.

    Thank you for hosting even though you must be tired. I hope you're not faced with a pile of paperwork as a result!

    Last week: 12 st 168.9

    This week: 11st 12.6

    Loss of 2.3 lb

    Total loss so far 1st 13.9! I'm getting close now.

    I have spent much of this week thinking about how weigh-in takes seconds but that we can spend the rest of the week focussing on it, when the loss actually takes place in the way we're living in all those other moments.

    My biggest challenge at the moment is the fact that I'm not putting the same energy into my work as I was. There's a strong argument that I needed to achieve a better work-life balance anyway, but now I'm reluctant to be sitting in my chair to do work on the laptop (even for posting on here!) I get restless and worry about the hours slipping away. When it's unavoidable I can lose three or four hours without realising. I have an alarm set on my fitbit app to get up and get active, and scheduling in exercise helps me know that it will get done. But when there's an excuse to avoid sitting and replying to emails, writing a report, creating a plan, it's so much easier now to think I'll do some of the phsyical jobs that need doing instead.

    I'm also not reading as much as I was, and that will take its toll - I need to be well-read for work, and it is key to mental health and stability and being an interesting person. So I guess the challenge is to keep fine-tuning the balance, to not be obsessing about the scales, or about the job, or anything else.

    Have a good week everyone.


  • Woohoo, traisee!! Into the 11's!! WTG you!! My pom poms are going wild!! :) Next week they'll be going crackers again, as you'll be getting your 2st badge! :)

    Have you thought about audio books, that you can listen to, whilst walking?

    Maybe you also need an alarm to tell you when to work?

  • Sympathise with this one. I found it useful to count the hours working and hours not and discovered I probably needed to work less 😀 fantastic loss well done!

  • Great loss, traisee.

    I really love this: 'I have spent much of this week thinking about how weigh-in takes seconds but that we can spend the rest of the week focussing on it, when the loss actually takes place in the way we're living in all those other moments.' Something to remember for sure.

  • It was either going to be three long rambling posts of reflections, or a quick soundbite! I hope you enjoy all your moments this week. Well done on your half-stone!

  • Fantastic loss traisee. You seem to have worked out what works for you. Having retired a couple of years ago, on reflection I believe that a lot of people push themselves far too hard at work, so hopefully your new routine will give you more time for things other than work. Life is too short!

  • Well done on your loss, I understand that feeling of loosing concentration or motivation to read at work / for work, I recently completed a masters degree whilst working full time and setting up a new service, I coped with it but when it was done and I started thinking there's more to life than work my ability to read and read has diminished, I would say give it time and find ways to cheat! Find things that summarise what you need to know as all your background knowledge will keep you buoyant x

  • Wow into the elevens well done ☺ AND sooo close to your 2 stone badge. Great job, have a great week.

  • Well done Trainee, fantastic lose x

  • A very thought provoking post, will definitely take some thinking about. :)

    Congratulations on a fantastic loss and getting into the 11s! Good luck getting to the 2 stone loss, I'm sure you'll be there next week. :)

  • Good morning Pineapple27 I love the photo I wouldn't take a selfie of me exercising Im naked in front of mirror! Scary but it shows me I can pull in my stomach and rise my bum! Well my weigh in today is a maintain at 11st 7lbs Ive been away for a fortnight and I did have quick step on last week to see I put on 2lbs but its good that's gone so Im pleased with maintain no gain this week Hope I will start to lose again now I would like a stone gone by Xmas? Have a good week all

  • Well done for neutralising that gain, Milliemay! You'll be able to get back on the straight and narrow, and be a stone lighter for your Christmas sparkles! :)

  • I hope you enjoyed your break. You're ready to continue now.

  • Great that you managed to get back on track, well done!

  • Congratulations for a maintain while away! :)

    I think wobbles don't need to count.... ;)

  • Morning everyone. So the first week on my new diet was not the overwhelming success I thought it was going to be. Starting weight 12 stone 6.6

    Weight today 12 stone 5.2

    To be kind to myself I am counting that as 1 and a half pounds.

    However I did go mad on Friday night when I met up with an old school friend I hadn't seen for 30 years. I am really proud that I was then back on the straight and narrow at the weekend and that's a very new habit for me.

    This week I am at the gym tonight with the instructor working out a new programme for me to do 3 times a week and I've decided to walk round the lake in my lunch break rather than sit in the canteen playing stupid games on my phone. I'm trying really hard not to be dispirited by losing so little and hope for 3 pounds this week.

    Onwards and downwards

  • It's so important to celebrate all your successes, Glamgran and, believe me, a loss of 1.4lbs is a huge success!! There are many that have never lost that much in one week :)

    Enjoy your new, healthy lifestyle and view the weight loss as the cherry on the cake :)

  • Thank you. I have learnt to set realistic expectations and not compete with my husband who loses weight easily and lost about half a stone this week

  • You're doing a grand job and never forget that! :)

  • A loss of 1.5 lbs has to be a success. Ok 1.4. Well done and good luck for next week.

  • 1.4lb is a great loss and especially considering you know you had a day which was trickier - well done. And walking around the lake in your lunch break sounds idyllic - I wish there was a lake near my work to walk around!

  • That is still a very good loss and long term that will all pay off as the adminstrators kindly remind us all.

  • Well done on your loss, it's going in the right direction and that's what counts, plus weight loss is weird you go slow some weeks, not lose at all some weeks or gain on some weeks - just keep eating healthy on most days and u will do it x

  • That a great lose Glamgran, your too hard on yourself. Well done x

  • Congratulations on a fantastic loss! :)

    Everybody loses differently and you can also be proud of the fact that you managed to buck old habits by not letting one slip carry on. Woohoo! :)

    Good luck for next week.

  • Morning all. That looks like a fab weekend Pineapple.

    This week I'm posting a loss. I didn't keep a record of last week's so I'm guessing a bit. A loss of 2 lbs. From11st 9.25 to 11st 7.25.

    My BMI is now 25.2! I find that exciting.

  • Well done on your loss and your BMI - fantastic!

  • Well done derrygeel, that's a fab loss and a brill BMI! :)

    You maintained last week, if that's what you mean:)

  • It is. I thought it was a maintain

  • Great lose, Derrygeel. Well done

  • Congratulations on a fantastic loss and a well-earned BMI! :)

  • Hope everyone has had lovely weeks and is pleased with the scales today. I had quite a cathartic evening the other night clearing out my wardrobe of clothes that are far too big and listing them on eBay in the hope that I will get some money in I can spend on some clothes that actually fit, which will be nice!

    Starting weight (1 Jan): 15st 10lb

    Last week: 11st 7lb

    Today: 11st 4lb

    Not sure how I've lost 3lb but I'm gradually learning to just to take it as it comes and not worry too much about finding absolute logic in the numbers every week. Onwards and downwards!

  • That is an amazing overall loss and one that certainly inspires me since I started at around the same weight, well done.

  • Great loss, and yay for selling too-big clothes!

  • What a great idea to put clothing that's too big up for sale! It must have been so liberating 🤗 Well done on a fantastic result this week as well 💪👌

  • Amazing loss bet you look Fab in your new gear, a new you ,well done.

  • Wow, a fantastic loss! And how exciting to be clearing out stuff because it's too big. :)

    Good luck on ebay and with your new wardrobe. :)

  • You’re an inspiration abigettinghealthy & so right about taking it as it comes! Have another great week 🌼

  • Hope your tummy muscles feel better soon. Sounds like a good weekend though.

  • This was a good week because it was week 12of the NHS plan which made me feel good. I got there and will be keeping going as still a way to my target of course.

    Starting weight 12 weeks ago 96kg

    Start weight 80.5kg

    Current weight 78.6kg

    Loss 1.9kg

    Might be due a badge I think.

    Big achievement for me was to run 7.6km though my knees hurt so won’t be doing that every time :)

    So far I have only bought one new pair of trousers which I am wearing all the time so need to go shopping and for that I need to believe it is permanent. So this week is sorting out my attitude and really believing I can stick this long term.

  • Congratulations on finishing the 12 weeks! And on your long run. I think you totally deserve some new clothes :-D

  • That is amazing, Annafrances! 👏 You are a real inspiration for me as I started from very similar weight and I was hoping to loose 14kg in 12 weeks but I have been feeling that it might be unrealistic. But you have lost 17.4kg in 12 weeks! Wow!

  • That is really kind! Quite a lot of running involved :)

  • A massive well done on achieving the 12 week plan 👍🙌 I hope you treat yourself at the shops!

  • You certainly are due a new badge, Annafrances! WTG you!! My pom poms are in overdrive! :)

  • Thanks so much

  • Congratulations on a fantastic loss and also for getting to the end of the 12 weeks! :)

    I surprised myself when I got to 12 weeks as when I'd started I figured 12 weeks wasn't too bad and if it didn't work, well, it was only 12 weeks! :)

    But here we both are, carrying on forward. With such determination I'm positive you'll make it to your goal.

  • What a lovely sounding weekend and inspirational, I had planned to go to a yoga based class yesterday but lost my nerve and didn't go. My confidence to attend organised fitness classes is non existent! I am getting plenty of other exercise with walking, swimming, cycling and videos at home but my goal is to attend a class in the not too distant future😊

    Anyway I think my weight last week was 15st 9lb

    This week 15st 6lb, so a loss of 3 lb

    Mostly I've been aiming for at least 30 mins of exercise and counting calories, my longest walk on Saturday was 8 1/2 miles with the dog- it near enough killed me and I spent the rest of the day doing very little and Sunday wasn't very active either!

  • Great loss! 8.5 miles is an epic dog walk, did you end up carrying him/her? :-D

  • That's a brilliant loss for the week, amazing! I need to take a leaf out of your book and increase my exercise 💪👌

  • Congratulations on a fantastic loss! :)

    I think 8 1/2 miles earned your rest on Sunday. Don't want to overdo it after all! Good luck with the class, I hope you find something to suit you. :)

  • On the scales 48yr old male. 6' 1" tall. Week 3 weighed in at 200.75 lbs (14st 4.75lbs)

    Weekly Loss of 4.25 lbs

    25.75 lbs to lose to reach target weight of 12st 7lbs. Total weight lost so far 4.75lbs

  • Wow, great loss!

  • Congrats on the amazing loss.

  • Hi R-U and welcome to the Monday weigh-in :)

    Can we just clarify your weights, as I'm a little confused? If you could state:

    Start weight -

    Weight last Monday -

    Weight today -

    Thank you :)

  • Congratulations on a loss for last week. Good luck! :)

  • Hello pineapple, your weekend sounds excellent.

    Today is my 50th day since starting the NHS plan. That makes me half way through my commitment to try this and stick with it for at least 100 days. Happy about that! I'm also happy about this:

    Start - 12st 9.5, waist 42.5", BMI 32.5 (obese)

    last week - 11st 11.5, waist 39", BMI 30.3 (obese)

    this week - 11 stone 9, waist 39", BMI 29.8 (OVERWEIGHT!!!!!)

    Woohoo! That 2.5 loss has got to me 1 stone down, and merely overweight!

  • That is a wonderful loss! Congratulations! And great news about your BMI ! 👏

  • That is Fab keep up the great work x

  • Woohoo, diamondblock! WTG you! My pom poms are going crackers!! :)

  • Woohoo! Well done you, you must feel really pleased. Keep it going! xx

  • Well done, diamonblock and congratulations on both a fantastic loss and getting out of the obese category! :D And your new badge looks great on you. :)

    It's such a fantastic feeling, as there's really something about being labelled "obese" that's really disheartening, well done for leaving it behind in your dust! ;)

  • Fantastic. Think I just joined you as overweight so smiles all around.

  • Good morning everyone. Your event sounds really interesting Pineapple27. I love Pilates! Well, here goes -

    Last week I weighed 11st 2lbs

    This week I weigh 11st 04lbs

    So a loss of 1lb 06lbs this week. I had hoped to sneak under 11st this week but yet again I’ve missed this target. I’ve been hovering just above and just below 11 stones for weeks now and just can’t seem to break through. I do keep sabotaging it with holidays right enough 😂. Good luck to everyone this morning!

  • This will be the week, Mission! My pom poms are twitching in anticipation!! :)

  • How dare you take time off!!!! ;)

    Congratulations on a fantastic loss. I'm sure you'll make it below 11 by next week, just have to hold your nerve! Good luck! :)

  • Hi Pineapple27.

    Thank you for hosting. Sounds like you have had a brilliant weekend.

    Being full of cold and up half the night with my son who is also full of cold, I was hoping for a nice morning on the scale, but no such luck.

    Start weight: 16st 9lbs

    Last week: 16st 8lbs

    This week: 16st 10lbs

    So a gain of 2lbs this week.

    The fat fairy has been insulted over my ignoring her so has put the pounds on as pay back. 😀

    Not the result I was hoping for as thought I had, had a good week.

    I will just have to make sure this week I really knuckle down and focus on my food more.

    Good luck with your weigh ins everyone.

  • It is so difficult to loose weight when you have a cold. But it is a new week, better luck this week! 😊

  • Hi Our-nats,

    I've dipped in and out of this site from time to time but whenever I disappear my weight increases - you really are in the right place and we all have bad weeks- my weight over the past 18 months has fluctuated between 15stlb at best to 18st10lb at worst - this morning I'm rebooting at 16st9lb

    Have a good week all 😀

  • Go for it Hightower8015!

  • Aww sorry to hear your not very well, when you have a young family to look after as well that is tough. Wishing you lots of luck for next week 😊

  • Sorry to hear that you and your family aren't feeling great. It's really difficult to focus when you've got other things that need your attention. I hope you all feel better soon and, once you do, I'm sure you'll be back on track in no time. :)

    Good luck!

  • Good morning, 3lbs off for me today which I'm happy with 😀 Good luck ladies and gents xx

  • Great result SNewell41! 🎉🎉

  • As a reminder, SNewell, could you please always state:

    Weight last week -

    Weight today -

    Total weight lost -

    I know, after searching, that your start weight was 14st 7lbs. Last week you posted on the forum, not the weigh-in thread, so your weight wasn't added to the stats, but I think you've lost a total of 5lbs and your weight today is 14st 2lbs.

    For the stats, you will be given an average weekly loss of 2.5lbs :)

    Don't forget to respond to at least one other, as it's the support and encouragement, that keeps us going :)

  • Will do, thanks for the guidance xx

  • Excellent, congratulations on a fantastic loss! :)

  • Good morning everyone and thanks for hosting Pineapple. This is only my second weigh in, I have a long way to go. But I am happy that I have managed to loose a bit.

    Last week: 93.8kg

    Today: 92kg

    I joined a gym last week, my Gp surgery referred me to a Health Improvement Hub who gave me a free 12 week membership to a council gym as long as I commit to attending 3 times a week. I had a session with a lady who said she will check if people actually are attending regularly which is great because now I feel that I must go. I cannot let them down after I have been given it for free.

    I had planned to go swimming as well 2 times a week but I didn't manage it last week. Maybe I will aim for one swim this week on top of my 3 gym sessions.

  • What a fantastic first week, Isomaha! Great news about the gym too! You'll be as slim as a pin and as fit as a flea at the end of the 12 weeks! :)

  • Thank you moreless for your optimism 😂

  • Congratulations, that a fantastic loss! I would say that's more than a bit as you've lost more than a bag of sugar! :)

    Good luck with the swimming and the gym, that's great news. :)

  • This week I've lost 2lbs 🙌 On reflection I feel as though I could have tried harder as had a couple of blips so am very fortunate that the scales were kind to me this morning. Going to increase my steps for next week and not over indulge.

    Last week 15st 13lbs

    This week 15st 11lbs

  • That's brilliant, well done!! 2lbs is fab for a weeks weight loss👍

  • I think that if you've lost 2lbs, vanillasky, then you've been trying hard enough! Well done you! :)

  • A 2lbs loss is fantastic and about right for sustainability. :)

    way to go and I'm sure you'll do great this week! :)

  • Last week I was 12st 12. This week 12 st 13. I think I need to reduce my calories by 100 a day to see what happens. Exercise has been good, I can run for 25 mins without stopping...woohoo!

    Well done to all those who have lost weight, high five to those who have maintained and let's keep going to all those who have gained...we will get there x

  • Well done on your running that is a good amount! Good luck for this week!

  • Before you rush into reducing your calories, Madflo, why not log onto the Daily Diary and we can see if a bit of tweaking of your menus could help? :)

    Great news about the running! WTG you! :)

  • I will do, I keep forgetting I can do that. Thanks 😊

  • Congratulations on being able to run for 25 minutes straight! :D Sorry you've gained a pound, but one isn't too bad and you've clearly got lots of success ahead of you with such a positive attitude! :)

  • Thanks for hosting Pineapple27, it was interesting to hear about your inspiring weekend.

    Well done Isomaha on your weight loss, GREAT 😀. I think your plan of aiming for one swim is a good one. Enjoy your gym sessions.

    I missed last weeks weigh in as I sent my scales back ( not because I didn’t like the weight 😜) but I’ve now got a new set.) I also started off in kg but most people here post in lbs so I’ve swapped. Starting weight week 1 was 14st 13. Week 3 today 14st 9lbs. Loss of 4 lbs, I’m thrilled as I’ve made some significant changes. I have signed up for Sober for October for Macmillan Cancer and I’m now on week 3 of the Couch to 5k programme.

    My aim this week is to build in a couple of short sessions of exercise, squats, tummy etc and one yoga.

    Have a great week everyone and good luck reaching your goals 😀👍

  • Brilliant loss well done! I do yoga and has been the one think been able to keep doing with a bad back! Well done on week 3 of couch to 5k!

  • Well done!! 4lbs loss - hope you find a nice treat to celebrate. I have just started yoga and am surprised at how “active” it is! I think I was expecting something a little less intense - but it’s good!

  • My mother has been doing yoga, three times a week for around 7 years and lives it. I’ve got several videos and apps. I just need to move the furniture around to create space in my living room to do it, can’t afford classes at the moment. Watch this space.....

  • Fantastic, haycart, that's a 2lb average weekly loss! :)

    You certainly have made some significant changes!! Good luck with all of them! :)

  • Thank you moreless

  • Wow, haycart, that's an amazing loss!

    Sounds like you've got a great plan for going forward, well done on getting through the first 2 weeks of the C25K! :)

  • Morning all, and to superfit Pineapple, note to self do more exercise!!!!!

    My start weight 11st.11lb a bit of fluctuation then 11st.10 and a half pounds last week. Weigh in this morning 11st.7 and a half pounds yay 3lbs off this week. Planned and prepared, wrote everything down and watched calorie intake that's the way forward for me.........oh yes .......and more exercise. Consultant on Wednesday so will know what is next in my lymphomic leukaemia treatment, whatever it is I know my healthy eating is playing an important part in my wellbeing and ability to deal with the condition. Happy Monday everyone, the sun has just come out here so a walk later I think xxx

  • Hi JanP53, you are clearly managing I gather a difficult time, and still losing weight so a huge well done. (It is my first week so sorry if I do not know more about you). 3lb loss is amazing. Writing down what I eat is what I am going to do as previously worked for me. Yes healthy eating will give positive benefits and I will also focus on that. I do send my best wises to you for Wednesday .

  • Well done on your loss and for being positive, hope it stays sunny for you.

  • Well done, Jan, you now have a badge to show off! :)

    Good luck on Wednesday, I hope all goes well :)

  • Congratulations on a fantastic loss! I'm glad you're finding healthy eating beneficial and good luck with your appointment on Wednesday. :)

  • Hi, well my first weigh in , in about 9 months. 2.5 years ago I lost 4 stone. I have had a really difficult year with my back and had to stop my regular exercise (which I was doing gym and body balance). I have also started comfort eating and put on over a stone. So time to get back on it and do what I can. My first step is to get the eating back under control. I am a bit limited with exercise and currently waiting for hospital treatment. So one step at a time, but the comfort eating has to stop (even if I am fed up with back!!).

    Current weight 13 stone 6lbs. I am happy around 12 stone 4lb. So goal this week, 2lb loss through better eating. (I know my body needs the exercise as well). Good luck all. I weighed on a Monday before and have kept that going, (even if seeing the increase).

  • Hello Vickster, welcome back :)

    I've recently had a bad back, so can, in a small way, empathise. I really hope that they will be able to help you!

    You're an old hand at this, so I'm quite sure that you will be successful again, even with limited exercise :)

  • Thanks and hello! Nice to see a familiar name! I hope your back is better? Yes I am returning to what I did before .....increase has to stop!

  • My back is better, thank you, but I now have plantar fasciitis! I think I'm for the scrap heap! :D

    Pop into the Daily Diary, I think you'll like it :)

  • Hi again and I'm sorry to hear about your back, they can cause all sorts of trouble!

    On the bright side, you're taking control long before the point you did before. I count that as a victory, especially as any sort of bad health can take your eye off the ball as you have other things to worry about! :P

    Good luck with the healthy eating and ditching the comfort eating. :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement

  • That's why we're all here, positive encouragement on tap! :)

  • ps I am glad you had a positive experience with pilates. I hear how good meant to be for the back so tried an hours class - think it was too much as set me right back with back!!

  • Good morning everyone and thanks to Pineapple27 for hosting today (great pic by the way!!)

    I started 5 weeks ago at 8st 13.6lbs, last week I was 8st 9.7lbs and today am 8st 9.3lbs - that will teach me to resist the rhubarb crumble!

    However, it looks as if half a pound a week is my 'norm' so I am happy with that. I have lost most of my tyre and a bit off my bust - and have rediscovered my waist!!! I know my targets are low compared with others but I still find it challenging!!

    Today I am off to the garden centre again - message to self "you are only going for compost so resist the plants and pots" then a walk . Yesterdays 2hr group walk was over 15000 steps so I must keep up the momentum!!

    Hope everyone is having a successful day.

  • Half a pound a week is still almost 2 stone in a year, which is not to be sneezed at, Russet :)

    I hope you've resisted the plants and pots! :D

  • Err, no! 2 bags of compost, I large pot, 2x cyclamen and 2 grasses, 1 large grass to replace ailing conifer and 1 heuchera - just because I could! Then - in splitting up an existing heuchera I found some vine weevil grubs so have now ordered some nematodes online! I shouldn’t really be allowed out on my own - but I am getting some good exercise!

  • Whoops!!! The best laid plans!!! :D :D

  • Imagine all the weight lifting you must have gotten today! ;)

  • Congratulations on a fantastic loss! As long as you're going down it's all good.

    Good luck resisting temptation at the garden center! :)

  • I failed miserably! But the garden looks good!!

  • That's all that really matters in the end! ;)

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    Well done Pineapple on an enthusiastic weekend.

    Start weight 11st 5.5

    last weigh in before holiday 10st 10.75

    This week 10st 13.25

    A gain of 2.5lb

    Not going to get down about that, I could just be carrying excess water off the 13 hour drive, although I have been back a full day, I also forgot to drink my water yesterday, too busy washing, down side or returning home, all the laundry. Wishing everyone a great week and good luck next week.

  • It is important not to get down about it, that's a good attitude to have. It could be water retention and sometimes that does take a few days to go. Onwards and downwards, have a good week ☺

  • Don't worry Kaza, it'll be a temporary gain and you'll be back to rights by next week :)

  • I like clean clothes, I just don't like getting them clean! ;)

    That's not too bad a gain after having been away and I'm sure it'll go fairly quickly. The important part is that you enjoyed your trip! Where did you go? 13 hours is a long drive! We used to do 14 hours to visit my Dad's parents, so I know how tiring long drives can get!

  • Sunderland to Dover 6 hours, then the train crossing, then another 6-7 hours in France I have a small house in the Haute Marne area, doing it up.

  • Good Morning everyone and thanks for hosting Pineapple27. Great job organising such an inspirational weekend. This week I have reached my 5 stone goal 🎉🎉 AND I'm back in the 13's yay (by .25 of a pound 🙂). I am so chuffed, I have also lost 4 dress sizes!!!!!. My next goal is to reach 6 stone by the end of the first week of December. Have a great week everyone ☺

  • Congratulations on your milestones!! Wishing you all the best for your next goal but you seem to be on a roll so I'm sure you'll manage 😊👍🏻

  • Thank you Dragonfly04 x

  • WOOHOO Purplerosie!!! Fandabedozy!! WTG you! My pom poms are in overdrive!! :)

  • Thank you 🙂

  • How fabulous! You must feel so proud of your progress.

  • Congratulations on losing 5 stone, your new badge looks fabulous! :) And your clothes must be sliding off you! ;)

    Good luck with your next goal.

  • Thank you so much VicktDLM 🙂

  • Wow, congratulations purplerosie, that’s a FABULOUS achievement 👏. As someone who needs to lose 5 and a half stone myself your post was a great motivator that it is possible.

  • Thank you haycart ☺ Yes it seems it is possible, I can hardly believe it myself! I would never have achieved this without the advice, support and little pearls of wisdom from the forum members, the administrators and the event hosts ☺

  • First weigh in today

    11stone 3

    Waist 34

  • Welcome Howie17, you have made your first step congratulations, have a good week.

  • Hi and welcome, Howie :)

    I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link


    You'll find all the information you need to navigate the forum in the header, so please take the time to read it carefully.

    Wishing you all the best :)

  • Welcome and well done for posting your starting weight, that can be quite daunting. Good luck! :)

  • Good morning everyone!

    Hope you all had a good weekend and are all set for another great week. Thanks for hosting Pineapple27, sounds like you had a fab weekend!

    I'm a little disheartened today (but not too much). Last week i was 15stone 6lbs and this week I'm 15 stone 6 lbs so I've maintained but it means I've only lost 2lbs in total and I'm week 3 . However I've completed week 3 of C25k and that's my mini victory my mood also seems to be a lot better so there's another plus. Here's to a loss next week.

  • Great attitude Dragonfly04, better maintain than gain and you have completed week 3 of C25K which is fantastic. Have a good week ☺

  • A maintain is always better than a gain, Dragonfly, but how about logging onto the Daily Diary and we'll see if there's any way to tweak your menu plans? :)

    Well done for completing W3 :)

  • Slow and steady wins! It takes a while to get into the swing of things but a loss is a loss so you are going in the right direction. Exercise related goals are just as important and sometimes weight loss is over a two week ‘cycle’ rather than 1. It’s still important to weigh in though - so that you are able to see your own ‘normal’ pattern emerge.

  • Congratulations on maintaining and for completing week 3 of the C25K! :)

    As long as you're not gaining I think that's a victory. :)

    Good luck next week.

  • Thanks for hosting Pineapple 27. Another 1lb lost for me this week so 9lb in total. Now 12st 8lb. Slow and steady wins the race!

  • Exactly right, Yorkshiremummy! Well done you! :)

  • Congratulations on losing 1lb! :)

  • Like Gobbolino I have hit the wall

    Last week I weighed 66kg and this week I weigh 65.9 - a minuscule loss but at least no gain.

    I have 2.9kg to get to my goal. This week I have walked the same amount but missed my swim twice but on the other hand used the exercise bike ( but only in the last 2 days). I have eaten around about 1100 calories so my body is only now getting used to the larger amount for the last 3 weeks after completing the blood sugar diet. I haven't had a fast day this week and I had a family weekend and birthday celebration so not too bad in the circumstances but I am impatient to reach my goal weight!. On the BMI scale I am still marginally overweight and I would love to be able to say I have a healthy BMI

    I am going to have a fast day today and tomorrow (600 cals each day) because we are lunching out on Wednesday and I am taking my husband to Honfleur for his birthday present on Thursday and we will be eating out there for 3 days. I understand the restaurants have lots of fish so I shall be able to choose wisely.

    Hope you all have a successful week next week

  • Keep plugging away, pcrw, you'll get there :)

    Have a lovely time in Honfleur and a very Happy Birthday to your husband :)

  • thanks for the encouragement Moreless - much appreciated

  • Any loss is in the right direction! Well done! :)

    Sounds like you've got an exciting week planned, I hope you both enjoy it! :)

  • Thanks Vicky

  • Hi Pinapple27.

    I have lost 1.4 pounds this week taking me down to 17st 3.6lbs. Missed my target of 3 pounds.

    For the first time ever, I ignored the scales for a week and was a little disappointed that I hadn't lost more weight.

    I will give myself a target of 2lbs for next week with a view to breaking under 17st the following week.

    One benefit is that I seem to have lost an inch off my waist. Down to 47"

    With the help of my grandson's advice I have also managed to do 160 minutes of vigorous walking this week.

    The routine is 10 or so minutes 3 times a day with ice gel packs on my knees after each walk. Seems to be helping.

  • Try not to focus too much on the pounds, Dalgain. Try to enjoy the way that you're living now and celebrate all successes, no matter how small :)

  • Unfortunately I have to focus on losing the pounds. Doctors orders. I want to try and average between 1.5 and 2 pounds per week initially until I get below 16 st. Then I will try for a more modest, continuous fall.

  • 1.4lbs is just about within that amount, but you were disappointed. It's important to celebrate all losses, or you may become disillusioned and give up.

  • Good advice as always Moreless.

    1.4 lbs for each of the next 10 weeks would indeed be a welcome result.

  • That's a fantastic loss, Dalgain, congratulations! Both in pounds and inches. :)

    And I'm pleased that you've found a good way for you to exercise. Good luck getting to your next goals! :)

  • Thank you for your encouragement.

  • That's what we're all here for! :)

  • Please to announce I have maintained this week..

    Worked really hard to ensure I was having all meals and increased my calorie intake... despite still feeling rubbish......

    Will try and continue with all meals this week. Spiced stews and soups on the menu xx


  • Well done, Rosie, that's great news! :)

  • I love having soups and stews this time of year, they just seem to work with the colder weather. :)

    Congratulations on maintaining this week, and good luck with your meal goal. :)

  • Hi everyone, I maintained this week, partly due to pulling a weak muscle in my back again and unable to move about much. Good luck for the week everyone.

  • Sorry to hear about your back, blacksunflower. I hope you'll be feeling much better, very soon.

  • thank you, moreless

  • Ouch! I hope your back feels better soon, that's not good. :O

    Well done for managing to maintain in spite of the pain! :)

  • many thanks

  • Wll done Dalgain in resisting looking at the scales for a week. An achievement in itself. I have had a strange week with scales - the old ones finally gave up the ghost but the new ones weigh in kilos. So no longer stones and pounds. I'm now thinking in terms of kilos. I now stand at 83kg. But not downhearted because I have had hip bursitis for a month and am finding my usual activity levels have dwindled to virtually nothing. So I think I'm maintaining. Hope next week to be down to 82kg - whatever that may be.

  • Keep going Lizzie and enjoy your day ahead.

    Hopefully the hip will calm down.

    I used to get a local injection in my right hip.

    Helpful for the short term.

    That's a wee while back 😂.

    The weight has been the factor.

    Good luck with your journey.

    George 56

  • A maintain is always better than a gain, Lizzie, especially when you're not as active as usual.

    I hope you can get that hip sorted out soon!

  • Good luck with your hip and congratulations on maintaining!

    I just can't get along with kilos, I just don't have the right frame of reference! Too bad you can't switch them, but I guess it doesn't matter too much as long as the number is getting smaller! :)

    Good luck!

  • last weigh in 230.6 pounds

    this weeks 231.6 pounds

    total of .08 pounds gain

    Hopefully next week to lose that .08 pounds.

  • Keep going Wadestreet! Gaining is hard but keep going and you'll lose that next week I'm sure!!! X

  • Good luck with your goals.

    Kind regards George 56

  • You last weighed in a fortnight ago, Wadestreet, so you have an average gain of just 0.5lbs. Not bad at all! :)

  • A pound on in two weeks isn't too bad. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll the back of it next week. :)

  • Hi all,

    So I'm not having a great time at the minute. Been through a lot of changes lately and I've lost enthusiasm for everything in life. I'm still trying to get back into a routine but I feel stuck.

    Last week - 18st 10

    This week 18st 11

    Gain of 1lb

    I'm not really sure where to go or what to do. I feel in limbo at the moment. I know my health is suffering too but all I want to do is sleep at the minute.

    Sorry for the downer! Hope everyone else gets a good result this week!


  • Good afternoon MrsEmily, hope that you are going to get a lot of support from the group forum today.

    You are not alone as I am on a bit of downer as well.

    Just have to help each other and we will get through this wee blip.

    Enjoy your healthy meals, enjoy your day ahead and do something nice for you today ☺️.

    Be kind to yourself.

    Kind regards George 56

  • Hi George56,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Any ideas what's causing your downer at the min?


  • Hi Emily, have you seen your GP? It may be that you're needing some assistance to lift your mood.

    I've always found exercise to be a good way to make me feel better. Maybe you could go for some nice walks and see if they help?

    Hope you feel better soon. xx

  • You may be right moreless. Thank you xx

  • Hi Emily and sorry things are a struggle for you right now. I know what you mean about the changes, I've got loads going on at work and in my Brownie unit lately. I think it would be much better if we knew what the changes are going to be, but at the minute it's all still very much up in the air.

    Maybe pick one thing to work on, so it doesn't all feel overwhelming. Maybe just focus on eating healthy or just getting moving and not worry about counting for the time being.

  • Thanks Vicky. I'm defiantly gonna tackle one problem at a time!! Xxx

  • Hello MrsEmilyWoodMalloy. It’s horrible when you feel so overwhelmed with everything. In the past this forum has been my saviour - everyone is so supportive. Take some time to explore some of the inspiring threads on here as well. I hope you have a better week ahead 🌼

  • Good afternoon Pineapple 🍍, looking good doing you're stretches.

    Well done, I would probably rip the door off!!!!😂

    My weight today is. 31.5.50lbs.

    Last Monday I was. 31.3.75lbs.

    It's a gain again 😡. 1.75lbs.

    Just having a stressful time and not making good decisions.

    A bit worried about the trip South.

    Plus other Family matters.

    I will not give up or give in, just the crazy world we live in gets too me.

    Anyway that's enough about me what about you Pineapple 🍍, you are doing well today and enjoying your exercises.

    I'm looking forward to getting the dressing changed today at 3pm.

    I have been to the health centre this morning with Wee Miss, all good and no need for a needle.

    A very brave young girl.

    The Scotland game last night was a very good team effort. Shame about the results.

    My plan is for the week ahead is to get back on track and cheer myself up.

    Enjoy the Healthy meals.

    Enjoy the holiday break and more goals for the return journey back up North.

    My short term goal is lose the few lbs.

    To lose a stone.

    Long term goal is lose 5st.

    I'm going to do, I'm just far too slow in getting my act together.

    Kick up the butt required!!!!😁

    Anyone else who is struggling with the Weight loss or gain, keep on going.

    Good luck to everyone who is on the group Monday Weigh in today ☺

    George 56

  • Hi George 56, let's not let a small weight gain put us off, we are still doing the right thing for working on it and some weeks will be easier than others, and I say that also to myself!

    Holefully this week ahead will be more successful!

    Only a tiny loss for me this week..

    Last week: 70.1kg

    This week: 69.9 kg

    My motivation is usually good during the day but I am having dips in the evenings ... so my target this week is to be strong and overcome those week times...I try to keep myself busy in the evening.

    Good luck to everyone 😊

  • Congratulations on a loss, as any loss is going in the right direction! :)

    Good luck with the week ahead.

  • Oh Salud-forgood those pesky evenings can be a test can’t they? A simple but silly thing I do is to go & brush my teeth so I don’t feel tempted to graze. Told you it was silly but it works for me 😬!! Have a good week ahead.

  • Oh George, I'm gutted for you! How can we help?? :(

    Don't worry about your trip down south, you're going to have a fab time and I'm relying on you bringing back all the craic! :)

    I hope that your leg feels better now :)

  • Hi Moreless I will be ok thanks again.

    It's a bit fluid and I have the tabs.

    Tummy feeling bloated.

    Smelly dressings and bleed any time I try to do anything.

    The K2 compression dressings are just not cut out for the jogging 😂

    Dressing is comfortable for the now and it is the weekend is the longest time between changes.

    A&E nurses are going to do the dressing on Saturday if I need.

    Got appointments for next week down South.

    Be fine when I am away, I like to travel light and the ladies will be packed full for a month 😁😎 he he!!!

    Going to be fun.

    George 🌹

    Hopefully you are doing well today and the hoofs are healing well.❤️

  • Definitely get your dressings done on a Saturday and couldn't your wife do them on a Sunday?

    I hope you have a smashing time away :)

  • Hi Moreless I am getting the dressing changed on the Monday and Thursday down south.

    The nurses are the only ones who are allowed to do the K2 compression dressings.

    My good Wife used to do them in the beginning.

    A nice wee nurse.😀

    Going to get out doors with the dogs when Wee Miss gets home from school ☺️

  • I'm not familiar with the bandages, but it sounds as if you would benefit from having them changed more often.

    I'm sure your wife could learn to do the K2's :)

    Have a nice walk, while the weather's fine :)

  • Oh dear! But put the gain behind you! It’s in the past and there is nothing you can do to change it! But you are still logging into the forum and giving others encouragement - which is so valuable. Meanwhile here is a virtual kick to get you going - followed by a virtual hug to celebrate your perseverance!

  • Hi Russet I felt that!!!!!😂

    Going out doors soon with the dogs.

    A nice day.

    I'm just being a bit silly.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Enjoy your evening 🌹

    George ☺️

  • We all feel silly and down from time to time. That’s why it’s important to log in to the forum. When you see someone else who needs congratulating then you know you can do it too. And when someone else is having a bad day you can be positive for them! (The virtual kick helps too - hope it wasn’t too hard! My husband says I don’t know my own strength sometimes) I’m off to the post office soon. Might meet you on the road!

  • Life is very hard!! I'm sure everyone goes through these dips like we are going through, regardless of if they are trying to lose weight or not!

    We can do this! Both of us can get where we want to be!!!


  • Will do Emily and good luck to you also.

    I'm going out doors soon with the dogs and I will get a nice bit of fresh air.

    Enjoy your evening and thanks again.

    George 🌹

  • Family matters can be tricky to navigate, I'm sorry to hear that the stress is impacting on you. I hope you have a better week and that your trip goes well. :)

  • Thanks for hosting today, Pineapple, and what a fantastic sounding weekend you've had!

    This last week hasn't been a great one for me with a wobble in the middle and then not feeling great over the weekend (so no lawn mowing, which I really needed to do :( ). So I am pleased to report a maintain this week at 13 stone 2lbs.

    Now I just need to shake this cold so I can get back to normal. I'm working from home today (to keep my germs to myself :) ) so I missed my swim this morning. Hope I'm back on form for Wednesday.

  • Oh poor you Vicky! I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so rough! I hope those nasty bugs disappear soon!

    You've done well to maintain, so well done you! :)

    Don't worry, you could always invest in a couple of sheep! ;)

  • Thanks, moreless.

    If you know of any sheep going cheap, please let me know! ;)

  • Just find a field that's got hundreds in, they won't miss two! :D

  • I'll just tell them I thought they were rocks! As my Mom thought they were from the air the first time she flew over here to visit me! :)

  • LOL!! :D

  • Get well soon Vicky, speedy recovery from me to you.

    George 🌹

  • Thanks George, and to you as well. :)

  • Good evening Vicky, sorry to hear you been unwell, that just rotten when you feel like that. Wishing you a speedy recovery, take care x

  • Hello everyone

    Start weight 14st 4lb

    Last week I weighed 12st 10lb

    This morning I weighed 12st 8lb

    A loss of 2lb this week!

    I’ve been on holiday for 5 days with my family & for the first 3 days was incredibly uptight about losing control & eating everything in sight! My daughters had a good chat with me & my youngest daughter then let me borrow her FitBit. Once I could see just how much exercise we were doing each day I did relax. I’m so pleased that I’ve had a great holiday without a weight gain & an actual loss. I don’t think that’s ever happened in my life!

  • Well done Jacky, that's a great loss, especially as you've been on holiday!!! :)

  • All seems to be going well here - failing a little with the exercise but healthier eating is paying off

    Last weeks weight - 304.6lbs

    Todays weight - 299.4lbs (wahoo broken 300lbs barrier earlier than expected!)

    This weeks loss - 5.2lbs

    Overall loss so far 11.6lbs

  • WOOHOO needwillpower!!! It's pom pom time!!! WTG you! :)

  • Wow! What a breakthrough you’ve made needwillpower. Hope you have a great week ahead 🌼

  • Start Weight: 17st 2lb (27/05/2017)

    Last Week: 16st 5 ½ lb (02/10/2017)

    This Week: 16st 4 ½ lb (09/10/2017)

    Weeks loss: 1 lb (total weight loss 11 ½ lb)

  • Well done, fantastic lose.

  • Hi DD7005. You are doing so well. I know by Christmas we are going to be so pleased with ourselves! Have another good week 🌼

  • Hi. I'm new. Started today so hopefully I am doing this weigh in correctly. I weigh 14 stone 6lbs. My aim is to lose 3 stone but I have set myself a mini target of 1 stone to start with by the end of the year.

    Start weight: 14 stone 6lbs (09/10/17)

  • Wishing you every success with your weight loss journey

  • Thank you!

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, Bianca :)

    Wishing you a fantastic first week :)

  • Hi Bianca1982. You will love it here! I started in July weighing 14st 4lb & now weigh 12st 8lb. No magic solutions or fad diets just common sense eating & super support on this forum. Everyone is friendly & helpful & you will soon find your way around. I’ve lost weight slowly and steadily but I’ve kept my goals quite small. It’s whatever suits you! Good luck 🌼

  • Ah wow. That's an amazing weightloss muntjacky. and like you say doing it slowly has the best results. I would be so happy if I could do as well as you have in 10 months! :-)

  • Thank you for posting the weigh-in thread, Pineapple :)

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