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What's happening Sunday October 8th 2017

What's happening Sunday October 8th 2017

Good morning All

I am privileged to be your admin today - I may not be the fastest, but I will get there eventually!! πŸ˜‚

This post is a drop in place to see what's going on... Who is available and have a natter..

Cheering us all on to our goals πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰β€¨

Going on today we have...

Today's weigh in is in the events list, so wishing all you Super Sunday Slimmer's a good number on the scales and tape measures..

Today's Daily diary is also in the events list, so pop in and share with us what your menu is and what wonderful food you are eating today.

There are lots of interesting things to get involved in on the pinned post section, lots of exercise challenges like the paddlers rowing club, or the thinkers with the happiness challenge, to the newbies post to help us all to learn our way around the forum to really get the best from it... A good read no matter how long you've been logging in.

Continue to be or get more involved and enjoy all that this unique forum has to offer.

Have a brilliant Sunday... What are you up to today?

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Good morning Minniewinny, Thank you for being admin today.

I have had what seems like a stressful week long story, i had days where just don't want to eat, then a day like yesterday where i just snack ate. Must try hard today, wasn't going to go swimming this morning, but have changed my mind.

Wishing everyone a lovely day


Enjoy your swim and I hope you eat better today πŸ˜‰

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Thank you, i had a nice swim, feeling better for it. I made chilli con carne for lunch.

Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for your support. X

Enjoy your swim and I hope you have a substantial, guilt free breakfast when you get back 😊 I find this always sets me up for the day and I definitely snack less after a decent start

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Thanks for advice and support, much appreciated.

Lovely to hear about your day with your granddaughter, must be so proud of her. X

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Good morning Minnie and all my Forum friends 😊

I had a lovely day yesterday, visited my son, DIL and babay granddaughter who is now 6 months old, how time flies!! I celebrated by buying her a wee toy that was suitable for β€œ6 months and above” but she wasn’t really interested, her Daddy loved it though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She is almost crawling and if you hold her hands she will pull herself up into a standing position. Such a. Clever Girl ❀️

It motivates me so much to feel strong and fit and able to play with her, so we had a yummy dinner and small dessert but that was me, no evening nibbling, no alcohol, and I’ve already done 30 minutes of exercise this morning 😊

What motivates and inspires you?



Babies are a great motivator to get and be fit to enjoy them as they grow..

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Brekkie time for me... Have you had yours?

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Sunday treat - poach eggs on toast for me:-)



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Good morning Minniewinny. Hope you’re well today. I’m just having my morning cuppa in bed courtesy of hubby then we’re both going for a walk around the park.


Sounds like a great start to today, enjoy every moment.

You have got your hubby trained well. Tea in bed enjoy.

Morning MW- I am up and about on mission to taxi kids around. After a very 'blue' yesterday feeling a bit more positive today.

Happy sunday:-)


I hope today is better for you suzybenj

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Yes thanks MW - more cheery today:-)

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Morning everyone. Thank you for being the admin today Minniewinny

Today I'm back with my running club so about 6 mile run this morning. Then later today will be a family dinner.

Have a great day everyone


Enjoy your run and family time. Precious opportunities for more good memories to be stored.

Hello everyone

Hope you are all having a good day (or at least an productive one!) I have a fairly active day planned today to try and make up the blip yesterday.

well yesterday I weighed myself and found I was just under my target weight and I was happy with that but then probably blown it yesterday since fell off the wagon to a tune of around 800 calories! I blame my friend's son who I had for the day (was supposed to be overnight, but he got tearful and missed his mum so he went back home). Now I have 2 fruit crumbles and single cream (his request) which we were going to have today for lunch with quorn lasagne that I need to use up! So I have spent this morning trying to work out when I can have them- I am hoping the crumble & cream will be ok until Wednesday which is my next day off after today and reworking what I am eating today since I have salad to use up today by myself!

So today I will be having a quick visit with my friend before she leaves on holiday with her son- check up on how he is, then its food shopping for the week, which is not much and mowing the lawn and cutting down the buddleia for the garden waste collection tomorrow this afternoon and catch up on Strictly!

Currently have a cup of coffee and catching up on some taped TV before I have to leave and see my friend & son before they leave on their holiday., though need to leave soon- will pop back after the shops, dinner and before the gardening.


Can you freeze the crumble for another time?

Or give one to Someone you know who may not be feeling great but enjoy the thought?

Whatever you do, enjoy the day.. I hope the boy is happy to be going away.

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Brekkie done, now my little dog.. Minniewinny is about ready for a walk.. Be back and see you in a little while. πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸΎπŸΎ

See you all after Sunday worship for me.. back around 3.


I am back, upbuilt and happy.

Hi I am Marion and new to this group. I was feeling unwell a while ago and did not want anything to eat, consequently lost 7lb over ten days. I only could stomach water while I was feeling this way. When I started to eat again I used the opportunity to steady my weight and started to calorie count after I got my BMI check from the NHS site. I varied my food and included plenty of fruit and vegetables. I know it probably was the wrong way to boost my weight loss but I have tried over a lot of years to reduce the weight. My weight is coming down and my BMI and my high blood pressure has come down to a more normal level.

I have decided to carry on this way but still have about 3 stone to lose but am finding the exercise hard to maintain.


Great to have you join us Marion_63

I hope you've recovered and left that 7 pounds well behind you..

Enjoy the forum...

I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we trust will be a good place for you to connect with other members, who like you are also just starting out on this forum. Please post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon realise the encouragement and support this forum offers.

Here's the link:


Cheering you on to reach your goals πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Hello and welcome Marion_63 😊

Well done on making the decision to eat healthier and turn a nasty illness to your advanatage 😊

The trick with exercise is start slowly, little and often, and build it up from there. I started with a 10 minutes walk twice a day 😊

But losing weight is mostly about what you eat, quantity and quality, and you are already doing that! 😊

I look forward to getting to know you better on your weight loss journey 😊

Best wishes


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Good afternoon so far today I have had a lazy day. Had a boiled egg and home made bread. Went and bought my grandson a radio alarm clock. He does not get up in time so hopefully this will help. Now having a coffee and a cheese scone this is my weekly treat. Hope you enjoyed the weekend and have a good week.

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Sounds a good Sunday to me.

I'm just cooking dinner..

Thas’s what I am doing also it is myself and daughter for dinner tonight.

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Enjoy your girlie time together.

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Good Afternoon Minnie ! Just watching the repeat of GBBO - ooooh it's making me peckish ! Made a lovely soup for lunch today - Spicy Butternut Squash, very low cal so that might account for my peckishness (made a new word !!) but it was extremely tasty.

It's gotten a bit chilly here this afternoon too - so snuggle blanket is being used too. I'll need to cook dinner soon - so enjoying peace and quiet whilst I can !


Sounds like a good Sunday, I like butternut squash.

I bought a pumpkin this week to make a soup from.. what spices did you use?

Chilli, Smoked Paprika and Cumin - very warming.....

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Sounds good, thank you.

It counteracts the sweetness of the butternut. We like chilli so I am a bit heavy handed with it !

I also made the HB chicken jalfrezi this weekend - it was really good and really low cal. I have so enjoyed trying new recipes this past year and I am pleased to say that most have been very successful !

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Great result πŸ‘πŸ»

More recipes = more variety which leaves less time for boredom and giving up!

Thank you to all who popped in today to keep me company..

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