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Cardiac Rehab

Hi All

Last Christmas I had a cardiac arrest and a stent op. I have been on the diet plan and loosing weight each week to nearly achieve a normal weight for my height. The problem I have is after I walk 250 yards I experience pain in the chest. This pain goes after walking on further 1/2 mile and does not give anymore problems. Has anybody else experienced this

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Regardless of whether you've had a previous issue or not, you should go and see your GP and specialist. You can't be too safe.

Great news on the weight loss btw.


I hope you have spoken to your Doctor Graham68 it would be best to get checked out I think.


I agree with the others, we are not medically trained so cannot advise. It could well be something simple like a stitch or failure to warm up properly but a GP could put your mind at rest. 😊


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