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No change this week

Hi all

Well after a good couple of weeks and feeling really pleased I have not lost anything this week. Started at 11 stone 3 - lost 3lbs the first week, then 1 lb the second and this week nothing at all. I hate walking by myself and hubby is away working at the moment. I am going to try some dvds and you tube. Does anyone know if there is a way to know the calories burned as I would like to burn off a few hundred so wondering how long it would take to do that. I realise it would depend on what I was doing but even a rough guide would help. Also sorry to anyone who didn't get a reply back from me. I left it too late in the day and then couldn't work out how to do it. Hopefully, I have posted this properly as I'm not very good with technology. Thanks.

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Hi Wenders55

You are doing really well so try not to be too hard on yourself because you have maintained this week.

If you wanted to burn off 200 calories in a day there are a few exercises you could do:

Walk for 60 minutes or a exercise bike for 40 minutes or dance aerobics. Hope that helps you. :)

Yes you have posted this fine. Have a good week. :)


Thanks - I will try extra hard this week and do more exercise. Will have to save up for an exercise bike - then I could watch tv while I am on it.

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Unfortunately Wenders, you were looking for the Tuesday weigh-in, but posted on the open forum. Next Tuesday, when you log your weight, make sure that you make it clear that your loss is for two weeks :)

For future reference, when you get to the weigh-in thread, don't click where it says 'click here to write a post', scroll down, reading and responding to other people's post and log your weight in the last reply box, where it say 'leave a comment'.

If you get a template, where you have to write a title, you are starting your own thread and not replying to someone else's.

I hope that help :)


Oops sorry - I did think I had got in wrong. Thanks I will do that next time.


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