can you talk the talk or walk the walk. Daily update!

well yesterday i ended up going for a walk after my last post which lasted for a hour and i plan to do the same tonight. (14.5k steps yesterday)

i was rather cheeky this morning and had a cheese and bacon sandwich for breakfast due too there not being any cereal in the cupboard..... face palm!

had cheese sandwiches for lunch but had no sweets or snacks during the day which was good for me.

fishy fingers was my dinner with boiled potatoes which was very nice indeed and i will burn some of that off my doing another walk tonight and try to get too the top of a hill close by.

also a weird trick i use is when i am tired and have gone enough distance i will stop and enjoy a coke zero!! tricking my body by making it think its having sugar. when its more or less 0 calories with no sugar.

my body reacts to it later when it processes it and realizes it doesnt have any suigar lol.

i hope everyone else is working hard on their own diets and exercise... feel free to comment.

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  • Evening SilverSpeed

    Sorry but I have had to remove your photo from your post as it is advertising and this is not permitted on the Healthunlocked forums.

  • oki doki then i didnt know

  • Ok. Well done on having a good day today. If you need any meal ideas then have a look at the Daily Diary in Events on the home page. :)

  • thank you. "thumbs up"

  • Well done with the exercise, i should walk more.

    I noticed you had cheese for breakfast and lunch, i also like cheese just be aware recommend amount of cheese i think only matchbox size daily. Really great you didn't have sweets.

    Wishing you a successful week x

  • cheese is the chink in my Armour lol

  • Yes, one portion of cheese would be 30g, with 3 portions of dairy per day for Eatwell guidelines.

    However, I eat much more most days, and because I eat low Gi/low GL don't have a weight problem and don't have any calcification of the heart despite it running in my family.

  • Sending my apologies, my mistake.

  • ??? I didn't see anything to apologise for.

  • Thanks for that info concerned. Not sure what that last person wrote.

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