Top tips for weekends (or longer) away?

Top tips for weekends (or longer) away?

Those of you who have been members of this forum for a while, especially those who have reached the elevated heights of the Maintainers Club (!), I'm sure must have a few good tricks up your sleeve for not letting everything fall apart when you go away or visiting friends or family at the weekends, and I wonder if you would share them here?

I've had an indulgent summer - the photo is of the excellent hot dog I enjoyed at my first baseball game ever when I was lucky enough to visit Colorado this summer - and I have just started trying to get back on track, but in 2 weeks I'm off to Greece for some late sunshine and it will be challenging to hold the line! I know it's a challenge for everyone, so I'm sure this would be helpful to lots of us!

I think my own first tip would be: Don't get carried away and drink more alcohol than usual! And my second would be: Don't start eating fries/cheese/ice cream/cakes just because you are on holiday!

What do you think your own top tip would be?


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25 Replies

  • Those hot dogs look good Dietbunny :D

    I think my tip would be start the day with a good breakfast then you are less likely to snack during the day. :)

  • Yes, a good start to the day helps to stave off hunger pangs and gets you going in the right direction. Nice one, Rose :)

  • My tip would be to log on to the forum every day, and be inspired to stay on track! And if you can log your calories on MFP, do. I found that very helpful when I was away last week. I didn't go without the odd treat, I had alcohol occasionally and the odd pudding when eating out, but I counted it all up and wrote it down. I was a bit worried when I saw I was 300-400 cals over my usual allowance every day, but as someone pointed out to me, that is what maintenance is all about. And today when I weighed in, I had actually lost!! Only 0.3lb, but a loss, none the less.

  • It's very encouraging to hear that TT, though as personally I don't use MFP, I'll have to think about how to keep tabs on what I'm eating. Even the daily diary may not help here, as it can be very difficult to plan in advance when you aren't on your home turf. Perhaps keeping a rough and ready calorie count as I go would be sufficient....

  • I didn't complete the Daily Diary, that would have been impossible, as we ate out every day. I just totted it up at the end of each day. But I logged on to the forum for 10 minutes a day just to read people's posts to keep up my motivation. 👍

  • Thank you TT - now that I'm in touch with the forum again I will certainly try to log on daily - it was very helpful earlier in the year when I was actually losing weight (instead of just thinking about it!)

  • I don't log food when away, but I do almost every day when I am at home!

  • My tip is to stick to the principles of your diet ( mine is low carb, low GI and no sugar) and limit treats to one a day and wine to just one glass on 3-4 days a week

    Make sure you stay active and do 10000 steps a day

  • Good thinking - I'll have to clarify what the principles are first though! I do try to stay low GI generally speaking, and to cut out high cal sugar/fat combos like cake, biscuitschocolate, ice cream while keeping up a high veg and fruit count. As I don't have the technology to count steps, I wonder if you have an idea how long 10,000 steps would take? Would it be equivalent to a 45 minute good paced walk, for example? Or are we talking a couple of miles?

  • Dear diet bunny

    I walked 15752 steps today( that included 1500 around the house as well as on walk) and that amounted to 10. 45 km .

    If you have an iPhone it will count your steps for you if you carry it on you. I think most mobiles have an app which will count steps

    10000 is the number recommended by the American heart association to improve your heart health which is why I try to do this amount each day. It has helped reduce my blood pressure significantly in conjunction with losing weight and is also mood enhancing

  • Actually, I do have an iPhone, though I don't keep it on me most of the time. Perhaps I could carry it around for a day to get an idea of the steps I am doing - good thought, thanks!

  • On the iPhone the health app counts steps and cals too I think

    I have a fit bit

  • Thank you - I'll give it a go. I have thought about a fit bit, but haven't taken the plunge!

  • I have fit bit charge 2 and it also records calories in against calories out. It has comprehensive calorie list so ideAl for keeping food diary

    Also tells you about your sleep pattern and you can link with friends.alerts you when you get text or mobile call by vibrating

    Reminds you to move every hour

    I love it

  • Wow! I'll look into it and I have a birthday coming up in November, so....!

  • My tips are:

    Prepare ahead of your holiday by trying to maximise weight loss leading up to the holiday

    Cut out the bread as far as possible (it's often served alongside a meal, but doesn't HAVE to be eaten!)

    Ask for salad in place of fries

    We often skip lunch (so have breakfast and dinner)

    My holiday doesn't start until I am there (I see people posting the HUGE breakfast they're having at the airport ahead of their holiday!)

    Drink plenty of water - keeps you feeling full and hydrated

    No need to have a dessert with every meal

    Enjoy your holiday but be mindful of the damage you're doing by straying too far off course.

    I was away for 5 days in Malaga last week. I weighed a whopping 9lb more on my return (evening weigh in). 5lbs of that have gone since Sunday with getting back on track....

  • Gosh, I'm shocked Pineapple27 - I always think of you as being so in control! Which you clearly are, in fact, as you are already combating the increase successfully. I agree about cutting out the bread - that's an easy win - and avoiding dessert too. As it is Greece I am visiting, I thought I would try to stick with grills and salad in the main, though I have a soft spot for stuffed tomatoes, so those will definitely be on the menu at some point! And the water - very important - thanks!

  • We are off to Athens in the 12th for a week - my sister in law lives there with her family! The hotel we stay at does some amazing breakfasts - so even more of a requirement to try and shift the Spanish excess poundage before I replace it with Greek ones! 😮

  • I do find hotel breakfasts a challenge, I must say! In Spain last year I did quite well because they had an incredible fruit buffet, so I used to fill a plate with that and supplement it with a small slice of tortilla to give me some protein. It seemed to work well and kept me away from the pastries! This trip we are in an apartment so I will only have myself to blame if there aren't any healthy breakfast options available! Enjoy your trip and I shall look forward to comparing notes later! 😎

  • Plan some exciting activities so that the meals are not the only highlight of your holiday! Greece is wonderful for sailing trips, swimming off the boat in clear blue seas (I still have the picture my partner refers to as "the blue whale" he spotted... which was a very large me in a blue cossie!!), snorkelling, maybe some strolling around the old buildings, and any other active pastimes you can think of...Have a great time - the fish are beautiful if you can take or buy a snorkel.

  • You are right DD, the sea there is fabulous, though I'm not sure that we will be very near it for most of the trip, nor how warm it is at the end of October. I haven't snorkelled for years, but now you mention it, I might see if I can find one in the attic! Lots of walking I think, as you say, and making sure that meals are not made too much of should help. I am beginning to feel quite excited about the challenge!

  • I try to drink water with my meals to slowdown what I'm eating. Plus walk much more than usual.

  • Good advice there, thank you SukiV - I do have a tendency to eat too fast and not to drink enough water - I'll try to be more mindful of what I'm eating. I'll be doing lots of walking I think while DH is at meetings (it's a work trip for him), so that should help.

  • Breakfast go for lots of fruit and limit to one price of toast not two (that's made a big difference for me) no pastries.

    Ask for no dressing on the salad and depending on the meal ask for no sauce or on the side. Soup can be very good filling but low calorie. No butter on any bread you might have.

    I do track when I'm away.

  • Thanks ClareMcr - it's interesting I think that many sources say you shouldn't eat too much fruit, and I guess that if you are diabetic or even pre-diabetic, that is probably true. But I agree with you and as long as I combine a plate of fruit with some yogurt, muesli or a boiled egg, then I can last till lunchtime. I do find fruit on its own has me reaching for a snack two hours later! And yes, soup - luvverly soup - one of the best things about autumn!

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