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Hi, people say you must have 5 a day of veg or fruit but now it has been said fruit has a lot of sugar and you shouldn't overload in sugar. How can I control my sugar intake and what can I have as a healthy 'treat' to keep me going at 3pm in the office

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Hi gwalters12 and welcome to the weight loss forum.

You can still have fruit but just limit yourself to the 5 a day of fruit and veg. :)

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Good luck with your first week.

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I wouldn't say that an apple at 3pm is overloading with sugar!

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It's not usually just an apple though!


I agree with Trimmerteacher; one or two pieces of fruit per day is fine. Fructose becomes toxic above about an ounce per day.

It's about making informed, enjoyable choices. After all, all carbohydrate is sugar to the body; the amount and quality is important. About 130g low Gi carbs are sufficient for most people to replenish the glycogen they use in a day.

What I would like to question is why you eat at 3pm? What time do you have your lunch, and what time do you have your evening meal?

When attempting to lose body fat it pays to remember why you are eating. That main reason is to replenish nutrients so that they don't become too depleted. Our body has energy reserves that we want to be using. If you keep raising your insulin levels every few hours, you'll keep getting hungry, starting at a cellular level because the insulin needs to subside before you are able to burn body fat for fuel.

A study found that two meals is better than six for diabetes control and weight loss nhs.uk/news/diabetes/two-bi...

Many people have metabolic syndrome (60% of the UK is overweight) and we should stop regarding people with diabetes as a breed apart; high blood glucose is the extreme end of a spectrum, with many people's hormones unhealthily high, fighting to keep blood glucose in a tight range to avoid the toxic effects of high blood glucose.

As Zoe Harcombe says, if you don't want to be the size of a cow don't graze like a cow.


Thanks for the info, I eat breakfast around 8am, lunch at 12 and dinner around 7pm. I still feel the need to snack and find I need something sweet around 3pm to keep my energy levels up at work.


You're the best judge. You may be interested to know that when rats addicted to cocaine were fed sugar, given the choice between the two 93% chose sugar.

We have no direct use for fructose in the body. The reason it is low Gi is because the moment fructose is digested it is hastened to the liver to be processed to control its toxicity, similar to alcohol, both being big offenders for fatty liver/visceral fat.

If you have the flexibility, you could try having your lunch about half one/two o' clock.


How about increasing or changing your lunch gwalters12 Perhaps you are dehydrated instead of being properly hungry. Maybe some water, herbal or fruit tea would help.

A small handful of almonds or walnuts would be perfect if your body is still hungry and they are so nutritious.

Breaking habits is super hard but once you have you'll be able to keep your blood sugar stable. Hard fruits like apples and pears are the best to choose. Steer clear of tropical fruits and surprisingly grapes they are full of sugar. Good luck, you'll do it !!


Thanks so much for the info - nuts is a great shout for a 3pm snack will defo stock up. Good to know re the tropical fruits too. Thank you!!


I did laugh when I read the above post about "grazing"....this has always been a bad habit of mine, I must have been a large herbivore in a past life!

My tricks as regards grazing between meals, especially on the wrong type of foods, is to have some fruit or the occasional small handful of nuts, or a mix of dried fruit and seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc) which take a bit of chewing and satisfy the need to munch.

A hot drink too can sometime suffice - try a chocolate mint tea...or a cherry tea; or even a cup-a-soup.

A handful of granola will stop me reaching for the cake - not ideal sugar wise but the lesser of two evils. You will have to find what works for you!

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Some fruits are high on the gylcaemic index and give you a sugar rush which is to be avoided. Banana and pineapple mango and tropical fruits

Blackberries blueberries strawberries grapefruit pests apples are all low GI so go for them

A good snack would be Greek yogourt and one of the low GI fruits or a few walnuts and or almonds.

You can find a list if GI foods and the explanation of what that means on the internet

Best wishes


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