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Curvy Katie in da house! ☺️

Hello everyone,

I have just joined the community as I too need to shift some timber! My good friend Silverspeed is on here and whenever we see each other food is a big part of our activities 😂

Really need to do it this time as I need to get my cholesterol down and get into some of the nice clothes I have in my wardrobe that have seemingly 'shrunk' in the wash LOL.

If I could get back to the size I was when I left home I would be a very happy bunny.

PS I am NOT posting a pic of my belly! 😂😂😂

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haha i don't blame you with not taking a picture i myself did it too show how ugly i am with out a Tshirt and give monthly updates too my picture to see the progress. welcome to the club crazy vanilla... we can both work towards are goals. x #nomoresweets


Welcome Crazyvanilla, You've come to the right place for support. Good luck on your journey. If you really want it, you will achieve it ☺

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Hi and welcome Crazyvanilla

:D love the comment about not posting a pic of your belly :D

I would like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out, or re-starting.

If you just post a few words on the October Newbie Club thread to introduce yourself and respond to others there you will soon feel part of the club.

Follow this link to the Newbie club: healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Please read all the information carefully, it is very useful and can be referred to whenever you want to check something.

It just remains for me to wish you well on your journey



Thanks! Will do xxx

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I wouldn't expect a picture of your belly crazyvanila I didn't it because I looked in the mirror and thought I look ugly


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