Halfway blues part 2

Sorry sent last post before ready! To continue...got to be over 15 stone. Now on week 6 & realised booze is my calorie enemy... it makes me eat crisps and pizza ect without thinking about it..double calorie trouble! Not a fan of the gym or running but by walking my now very happy woofer I rack up at least 150 mins a week. Food limitation is making me sad though. Anyone know something really tasty and low calorie to eat instead if apples? Have lost 10 kg so far so I don't want to give up...I want to be happy enough with my figure to wear a swimsuit next summer and not refuse to go and play with my boy because I'm ashamed of myself.


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    I suggest you log onto the Daily Diary, for some great menu ideas and have a look in the Recipes/Meals/Snacks Topic.

    Well done for losing 10kg, that's great! :)

  • Ok..thanks for the welcome and the advice ;-)

  • Dear frumpy mum

    First perhaps a name change to something more positive?

    10 lbs lost well done

    May I suggest you buy the 8 week blood sugar diet book which is all calorie counted with photos ( under £10 on Amazon. The recipes are very tasty and many also spicy. They are quick and easy to prepare and not boring

    There is also a diet book which goes with it which has loads of excellent information about what foods make you crave more and which foods don’t

    They may be in your local library

    Author is Dr Michael Moseley for the diet book and the recipes by Dr Clare Bailey

    Give them a whirl

    Best wishes

    Ps if you could up your walking to 10000 steps a day that would be great and no booze as empty calories and you’re right just softens your resolve

  • Thanks! Will give the book a look and try to increase walkies at the weekends

  • That’s good

  • Why don't you join me and others on the Go Sober for October challenge?

  • Sounds like a great idea and I wish you all the best but for now cutting out 5 days a week is tough enough for me ;-)

  • You are absolutely right, booze is one of the enemies of weight loss. If you can't manage Stoptober, which I can't, then pick an alcohol day and abstain for the rest of the week (Saturday is my booze day). Also watch what you drink as there are big calorie variations between drinks. In terms of food variety that is no problem in the main as if I want to treat myself I do so long as I stay in my calorie range on average. Again pick a day for this which is different to the booze day. Both together is a deadly combination. Then with 5 good days and 2 treat days you won't feel deprived and you will stick with it. Good luck. James

  • Wow..you've really lost 6 stone !! You must feel fantastic...thanks for the practical advice it makes sense.

  • Aw welcome your doing so well.all i done for excercise at first is walking.just increase it slowly each week.i find running on spot whist waiting for kettle or walking up and down stairs more often all helps. I love sweet things so make a batch of low calorie jellys up and have them when feeling like something sweet. Or mini milk ice lollys are low. You will find you need them less.if i feel hungry ill drink water and keep busy or go on this forum x i changed my drink as i used to drink lager and now have a short with a diet mixer.it do get easier as the weeks go on .good luck x

  • Thanks ;-) jelly yummy. Well done to you too...

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