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Daily Diary Sunday 1st October

Welcome to a brand new month! We're well into Autumn now, and I've seen plenty of soups and casseroles popping up in peoples menus.

An extra warm welcome to any newbies out there, and of course to the regulars. This is the place to come to plan your meals and exercise, and get ideas and inspiration from other people. Planning really can help focus your mind, and I'm certain it's helping me stick to my commitments.

So, let me know what you're having, and if you're planning any exercise.

I'll be working on an early shift tomorrow, but we get a good breakfast so I can't complain!

B - grilled bacon, fruit scone with butter, 400

L - the last of the lentil and bacon soup, Peters Yard crispbreads and cream cheese, 390

Afternoon snack, as lunch will be early - banana sandwich, 375

D - sweet potato, pepper and halloumi bake, salad, 595.

This leaves me with around 100-200, I may have a little Green and Blacks ;-)

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Hi diamondblock and thanks for hosting. Your menu sounds nice. I need to work out some new recipes as I'm getting a bit bored with my usual meals. Tomorrow I will have

B- overnight oats with seeds, blueberries and drizzle of honey 400

L- out at a buffet which is dangerous, but I will stick to salad, cold meat, fruit. Still trying to cut down on carbs, so no bread or pasta salad which they usually have, 500

D- usually have poached egg on toast for evening snack after a Sunday buffet, but to avoid the carbs I will swap it for 2 egg omelette with feta cheese 300

snacks - apple, orange 70, tea and coffee 150

that's still short of my 1700 target if I've estimated the calories right, so I'll have a handful of nuts in the evening


Mmm buffet sounds good! I do love poached eggs, but a feta omelette is lovely too. Have a great day.

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Well done for avoiding the carbs, that omelette will be delicious.

I have lunch out too-my granddaughter's 5th birthday. No idea what will be on offer!

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rutheliza I often use griddled aubergine slices for my poached eggs, works really well and lowers the carbs very nicely.


thanks, I'll try that

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Brilliant idea - thank you!

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Hi Cellista and welcome to the weight loss forum.

You are invited to join our Newbie Club, where you can meet other new members who are just beginning their weigh loss journeys too. Here's the link for all the information you will need to find your way around the forum:


Write a brief note to introduce yourself to other newbies and I'm sure you'll be making friends, in no time.

Good luck with your first week.

I have not had over night oats for a long time. I have put it on my list for next week.

Like the sounds of that dinner Hidden ! Yummy.

My plan for tomorrow on involves a little spice to keep warm:

B. Bacon sandwich

L. Leftover fish pie

D. Harissa roast chicken with couscous

Approx 1250 calories which leaves room for pud.

Exercise. Dog walk and yoga

Happy Sunday 😎


I love your whole menu! I need to add fish pie to my make-soon list.

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Ooooo! That chicken sounds fab

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Chicken is always fab!


A very tasty and varied menu Hidden. Enjoy!


Great menu I will have a bacon butty 1 day soon. It is on my list also the fish pie. I have taken 2 of your meals.l hope you don't mind.

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No problem at all Caroline62 . I can recommend the harissa roast chicken too from the new JO book. We just ate and it's lovely!

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I have that book, I'll look that recipe up!

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Thank you for the quote, it is so true. We have already started on the stews, cottage pies for Autumn. This is a bad time of year for me for weight loss as I love Autumn foods and Halloween, bonfire night and Xmas on the way you start to go into hibernation mode. The danger foods I have to look out for is Apple pie and custard, Apple crumble and custard, toffee apples and yes you have guessed it...more custard.


Don't deny yourself what you love, Water_baby . I make custard from scratch with semi skimmed milk, no sugar, and serve it in tiny bowls with a fruit pudding - tomorrow apple and blackberry crumble, again made with no sugar, tiny amount of fat to bind the crumble which is a mix of oats, bran flakes and wholemeal flour. Yum!


That is a great idea for the crumble. I will give it a try. Thank you

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I love custard again not had for ages. Crumble and custard also on my list this week. Lovely menus are in the making for me this week

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Do you like custard @Water-baby?? I'd never have guessed. lol. A little of what you fancy does you good.



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Well I'm back from our hols and hauling myself back on the wagon. Thanks for hosting Hidden , love the wise words about a little progress each day! Your menu sounds well-thought out, as do the others on here. Getting into the soup season, I see.

Well I need to try and be fairly strict after a week away, and it won't be easy as I've planned a roast dinner tomorrow!

So breakfast will have to be low cal - fruit salad and cottage cheese, 111cals.

Lunch is Hairy Dieters ham salad wrap, 325 cals. Need to use up the lettuce in the garden!

Dinner is roast pork, windfall apple sauce, roast pots, carrots and broccoli, followed by blackberry and apple crumble and custard, 837 cals.

Total 1273 cals. And no nibbling while I'm in the kitchen!


Sounds fabulous Trimmerteacher love the roast.

Well done for getting back to it straight away.

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Windfall apple sauce - love this idea! Your roast sounds gorgeous, and very seasonal. Yum :-D

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Hope you had a lovely holiday Trimmerteacher. There's always room on the wagon for you. Enjoy your roast, I love pork and apple sauce.

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Hi Hidden. Thanks for hosting and a very apt poster. Your halloumi bake sounds delicious.I'd love the recipe!

I've got the grandchildren sleeping over tonight and the rest of the family coming over tomorrow for 'Mamma's Sunday Roast' I always use to say that nobody cooked a Sunday roast like my mum and now my children say the same about mine!! Hubby and I have been busy this evening preparing the veg while watching Strictly, to free us up to play with the children in morning.

B/Brunch - Eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes - 367 cals

D - Roast lamb with all the trimmings and home made rice pudding and one red wine.- 951 cals

Total - 1,318 cals from a range of between 1,250 - 1,607 cals.

Exercise - park with children and just not sitting down all day!!

Tip - Stay focused but forgive yourself for any little blips. Remember tomorrow is another day.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.


What a fabulous Sunday you have planned Morgancando I can understand why your children think your roast is the best.

Well done for getting all the prep done tonight. have fun with your grandchildren.

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To be honest I think everyone thinks their mum's roast is the best, especially when they don't have to cook it.

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I used to love a jam sandwich if someone else made it-at least that is what I always said. Can't remember anyone ever making me a jam sandwich, thank goodness.

We call them jam butties in Liverpool! Can't remember anyone ever making one for me either.

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Love jam sandwich I make my own. Lovely

Ooh your roast sound lovely too!

The halloumi bake recipe is here, though I use less oil than it states. I love it, it's one of my favourite comfort food recipes. foodnetwork.com/recipes/nig...

Thanks for that Hidden, I'll look that up.

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Can't beat a Sunday roast, Morgancando !

Roast lamb! Sounds like a properly delicous day Morgancando. My family don't eat lamb, but I would really enjoy it now and again!

Thanks for hosting Hidden I will certainly settle for a little progress each day.

Love the sound of halloumi bake.

Today went well for me. My trial cauliflower pizza base was scrumptious, certainly didn't taste of cauliflower and I will be making it again. Also did my Wk3 Run3 of C25K, very pleased.

Brunch tomorrow will be a two egg omelette with 100g mixed exotic mushrooms, avocado, 50 g Ossau Iraty sheep's cheese, 20g butter. 894cals

Then it is off to my granddaughter's 5th birthday so no idea what we will be eating. My son in law is a fabulous cook so will just choose carefully. I will allow 800 cals.

Total 1694 with a range of 1585-2037.

Can't report my macros as i have no idea what party food I will be eating!

Looking forward to finding some new ideas.


Have lovely time at your granddaughter's birthday :-D

The halloumi bake is gorgeous, it's a Nigella recipe foodnetwork.com/recipes/nig...

Thanks, must look it up and add it to my online recipe book.

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Love the sound of your brunch Ceals and would love to have the recipe for the cauliflower pizza base.

Enjoy your granddaughter's party.

Poster the pizza base recipe last night.

Thanks Ceals. I've seen it.

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Ooh, so glad that cauliflower pizza went well, well done with your run too.

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What a brunch!!!! What mushrooms are you having! Im so in love with oyster at the min! So meaty

Oh and ps! Have a brill day celebrating! 5 is a fabulous age!

There were oyster, shiitake and another that I can't remember. I buy them as a mixed pack at Waitrose. They were delicious.

Birthday party was fab thank you. Birthday girl is just wonderful, a real character.

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Enjoy your granddaughters birthday party

We had great fun thank you Caroline62

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That is good I have 3 grandsons no girls.

I'm off to bed for an early night (4.20am alarm call, ouch!). I'll catch up here tomorrow. Good night!

Morning all,

Tasty day planned today, I need to do this quickly so I can have my breakfast!!

B - bacon and eggs with avocado and cooked tomatoes. 450 cals

L - smallish portion of leftover spaghetti carbonara - 400 cals

D - spicy vegetable burger in a bun with mayo and a great big salad - 400 cals

Total 1250.


Fab breakfast. Hope you enjoyed it.

It all sounds lovely, especially dinner. I do love making spicy chickpea burgers.

Avocado and egg is so good together!

Your veg burger is it homemade. Sounds yumyum in a bun!

Good morning diamondblock and everyone else.Thank you for hosting today

This morning I had 2 satsumers and a coffee skimmed milk .

BRUNCH Spinach omelette with 2 eggs. Coffee. Mid afternoon mixed beans soup. .

Dinner chicken stew.

Snacks banana apple and a few nuts.

I think that's about 1500 calories. I will be having skimmed milk in my drinks and this evening a drinking chocolate before bed. I think that will take me up to 1700.

Not much doing on the exercise front today pottering around my flat and may have a wake locally after brunch. I am feeling very lazy today. First day back on my own. I told everyone I wanted a days peace. First for a while


Spinach and eggs - such a great combo! Have a lovely lazy day :-)

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Enjoy your day of peace!!! So nice to have a gorgeous brunch and potter!

I will. It has been a long time coming

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Oh wow that dinner sounds gorgeoussssssss!

My day is a little relaxed. Ill make up for it during the week haha! 2000 limit for day

B - melbourne breakfast (sourdough, marmite, smashed avocado, slivered onion pickled in a little vinegar, capers, poached eggs) (750)

D - quorn cheese&broccoli slice, oven chips, salad (800)

Snack - banana, cashews, crisps (400)

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Your meals sound good

Thanks Hidden for hosting today DD.

The DD is now closed.

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