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My Fitness Pal

I just wanted to make a quick post about my fitness pal so that any newbies have a place to start. USE MY FITNESS PAL!

So so helpful - using a food diary full stop is fantastic but using an app means you can so quickly and easily find nutritional information. I cannot recommend it enough and I'm sure lots of other people would agree.

I credit it massively with helping me lose 3 stone.

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I use my fitness pal too ..i like the fact I can sync my fitbit to it too ..


Keep thinking about fitbit but there are so many variations on a theme and it could be a costly mistake.

Any advice about what to look for?


I use a Garmin Vivo Fit which I like and which was only about £35 on Ebay. Fitbits seemed too pricey to me.


Hi. I tried My Fitness Pal as it can sync to my Garmin Vifo Fit.

I'm sorry to say that I hated it :( The constant flashing adverts were so annoying I deleted it from my phone within 24 hours. I can cope with small ads, but the prominent intrusive flashing type is just too annoying and distracting. I now use a Samsung App (Samsung Health) to count my calories etc.. Similar to My Fitness Pal, but without the ads, and also does walk mapping / distances using gps, step counting and all that.


Thanks for the advice..


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