Hi I'm Sharon 55 and looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

I used to enjoy running and have completed 10k's but due to the increase in weight my trainers are collecting dust!. I will dust the bike down instead and thought swimming will help with my weight loss. The extra weight I am carrying (39 pounds) is certainly having an impact physically as my 5"4 frame is saying NOOOO. And emotionally I just want to go in my wardrobe and wear one of the many pieces of clothing I have kept.

I have adorably niece and nephew, 8 year old twins that I pick up from school and I want make sure I am fit enough to keep up with them for many years.

So hear it goes!!



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19 Replies

  • Hi and welcome Sharon :)

    Have a good read of all the info in the Newbie Club link I gave you on your other post :) It will help you navigate the forum ;)

    Now you just need to dust those trainers off and get on your bike (I mean this nicely ;) ) Have fun with your niece and nephew and why not take them swimming with you ;)

    Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey :)

  • Hello 04Sharon. Welcome! I've just joined too and like you, I love running. I've been suffering injuries and getting heavier. I'm wanting to lose 28Lbs so with you on the journey! I've been on off doing 5:2 plus the blood sugar diet, but thoughts is try something less harsh to move myself into the right head space to lose weight. I know what you mean about your body saying no; I feel that too. The frame can't carry the weight. It needs to come off. Here's looking forward to the scales going down!

  • Hi Gottago

    Looks like we are on the same track so wishing us a lighter Christmas !!

  • Absolutely! You can both do it!

  • Great reasons for moving forwards... Stpet your plan and work towards your goals.

    Mini goals and forwards.

    Cheering you on to success and dirty wet worn out running shoes!! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Hi Sharon,

    You are right to take action now. I let the weight creep on and on for too many years and am so delighted that I have now almost got rid of it. I am healthier and more energetic. Just should have started sooner

    Wishing you success

  • Rather than using exercise to try and undo what we do with food, wouldn't it be better to tweak the food?

    I definitely agree with running for fitness; I wouldn't feel as fit without it.

  • I think you are right about the food, I have been looking at the areas for improvement and wine needs to be reduced!!

  • Strangely enough I don't even like wine now! Occasionally have a sip of my husband's and never have a second sip on the same night. I know you can get used to most things but don't want to bother training myself to like wine again! Thankfully I still like a glass of champagne.

    Same has happened with chocolate, I have an occasional square of 95 or 99% Cacao chocolate and that is me satisfied. If anybody had said this to me 9 months ago I wouldn't have believed them!

  • I agree exercise alone is not the answer :) I think changing what you eat to a healthier eating plan and add some exercise in is the best action :)

    I don't run due to my knees and weak ankles, I did try it - so I now walk more and it's helping :)

  • I do weighted lunges for the knees, quads and glutes, weighted calf raises for the lower legs. The calf raises are part of my prep for jogging, to prevent injuries.

  • Will have to look into those :)

    I fell really hard on my knees about a year ago

  • Weighted calf raises? Could you explain please Concerned?

  • My version; stand on one leg with the other foot hooked/rested behind the ankle. I hold onto the multi-gym with one hand for balance. In the other hand I hold a dumbbell with the aid of a lifting strap. I then lift my heel by contracting the calf muscle, to stand as high as comfortable on tip-toes/ball of the foot. Use a weight that allows only between 5 and 8 reps, deliberately slowed on the lowering part of the exercise, back to start position. Rest 3 seconds before doing a final rep. Swap onto the other leg/hand role to exercise that lower leg.

  • Thank you. I can see that would be very helpful to me.

    Appreciated as always.

  • Best wishes to you sharon. Remember weightloss will start on your plate, although swimming and cycling will keep you fit and healthy. What a wonderful role model you are to your lucky niece and nephew. Looking forward to celebrating each success along the way with you😀

  • Awesome to read your start story I look forward to hearing more as I'm trying to up the exercise too!

  • Hi and welcome to the community!! Good luck to you on your journey!

  • All the best, Sharon! I’m sure you’ll be running those 10Ks again soon :) x

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