I started my journey for weightloss back in march where I weighed 15.5, from march through to August, it was a rollercoaster, lose a stone put it back on, lose, gain, however I joined this forum end of August where my first weigh in was 14.4, in just a short time I have just about lost another stone, as this morning for the Ritu challenge I was down to 13.5.5, I think for me it's the support you get from this forum that's helped me a lot, it motivates me to see other people on here succeeding, so thank you all who has given me encouragement along the way, it does help 😁


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  • That is what we do on the forum, so glad it is helping you and I am sure you do your bit supporting others - a virtuous circle!

  • Delighted for you

    As you lose more and more I think it becomes easier and rather exciting

    Well done

  • I agree. It becomes more a way of life, so easier and when you see the change in yourself it encourages you to keep going.

  • Great job keep up the good work😊

  • Fantastic, well done Lesjay :)

  • Great job!!!!

  • You are the shining star on the Ritu challenge and like everyone else, you are also supportive and encouraging :)

    Thank you :)

    I think you are in need of a new badge? cracker10

  • Thank you Fizzylizzy13,

  • yay congratulations Lesjay I have updated your badge ;)

    Thank you Fizzylizzy13 for tagging me so I could update the badge for Lesjay :)

  • No probs :)

  • A new badge, yippee!!! Thank you 😊

  • you are welcome - you have done the work that has earned it ;)

  • Well-done lesjay,

    Keep up the great work .


  • Thank you Gary, I'm very motivated, doing lots of walking and started running too to link with my diet, so the scales are being kind and have not been put on the naughty step so far 🀣😁

  • I'm struggling to get last few pounds off,gained last week .body has toned up and lost my swimming ring that was round my waist .

    Have a great weekend.

    The weather's not too good ,I'll go out later.


  • Well done in your journey, the last few pounds are always hard to get off, but you feel toned so that's excellent, I'm trying not to think of the numbers on the scales too much (although it's nice to see it coming down) but I think about how I feel when I put that dress on, a couple of months ago I felt like a sausage bursting out of its skin, now I feel the curves are getting back into shape and it feels nice, my legs are my biggest problem area, so I'm hoping me doing the walk/run it will tone them over time, I still have a long way to go but I do feel better with myself in and out,

    Enjoy your weekend


  • I'm more bothered about numbers,I feel a lot better now my body is toning up.

    Off running later in this rain.

    Good luck .


  • WOW well done Lesjay!! That's awesome πŸ‘πŸΌ thanks for sharing xx

  • Your welcome 😁

  • Only just discovered this forum recently myself and loving it so far. It's like a virtual diet club with all the support and advice you need. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss Lesjay too. I'm sure you will get to your goal soon. :-)

  • Yay! Well done!

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