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Hello from a newbie


Hiya, I'm a woman in my mid-40s and have been wanting to loose about10 kgs ever since giving birth 7 years ago. I just cannot shift the weight!😞 Complicating factors are my health, which has improved but is still not great. Exercising is something I can do on a limited scale only. I eat mainly healthy food. I don't drink or eat crisps, cream or chocolate bars. I could use advice, please.

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Ceals3 stone

Welcome Lorien72 you will find lots of helpful advice on hear. When you say health foods do you mean diet foods that we are told are good for us but which really aren't, or do you mean foods packed full of nutrients that are good for our health?

Come and join our Newbie Club, which is a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out, or re-starting. Just post a few words on the September Newbie Club thread to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you will soon feel part of the club.

Follow this link to the Newbie club:


Please read all the information carefully, it is very useful and can be referred to whenever you want to check something.

I wish you well on your journey.

Lorien72 in reply to Ceals

Thanks for your very prompt replyand warm welcome.

I meant healthY foods, as in fruit, vegetables, and a variety of carbs and protein. Home cooked meals from scratch. I do like cooking and food...😉

Ceals3 stone in reply to Lorien72

Plenty of good healthy fats too I hope, full fat yogurt, some cream etc. Good, healthy fat is not the demon it was made out to be. It can take some getting used to but it is very liberating.

Lots of people follow lots of different ways of doing things and it is great to engage with people and understand what they do.

Enjoy your journey.

Lorien72 in reply to Ceals

Thanks Ceals. No fats really. Low fat yoghurt. I don't like cream (really!). I have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol so want to stay away from fat. I'm on my way to explore what's on offer. Cheers!

Ceals3 stone in reply to Lorien72

Excellent, find your way around.

If you could try out full fat yogurt you might be surprised. The low fat ones tend to be full of sugar and/or sweeteners and they really are not good for us.

So good that you are cooking from scratch because then you get to choose what goes into your meals, butter, coconut oil and olive oil are all good for us.

Have fun.

Lorien72 in reply to Ceals

I do prefer the flavour of full fat yoghurt! I only buy plain yoghurt so no added sugars. I have been eating without added salt as my mother didn't use it because of hypertension. So I'm sort of forced to cook from fresh produce. Tastes better I'm sure!

Ceals3 stone in reply to Lorien72

Think you are so right, fresh food cooked from scratch, can't beat it. Pop over to Daily Diary and see what others are cooking, we all pinch loads of ideas from each other then tweak them and make them our own.

Hi there Lorien72 it sounds like you have a similar problem to me when I first joined. I never lost weight on any diet I had ever done and could never understand why because I didn't even eat much but always seemed to be putting on weight and never seemed to lose. Everyone I knew that was skinnier ate lots more than me so it was very strange. I found out on here my problem was because I wasn't eating enough calories. I was asked to add them up for a few days and find out how many roughly I was eating and also check on the NHS bmi calculator how many I should be eating between to lose weight. It turned out I was only eating around 1000 Cals a day. In general we are meant to eat around 2000cals aren't we. By not eating enough calories my body thought I was starving it and turns what I did eat into body fat and this weighs more calories than eating the extra calories does so it stops you from losing weight and sometimes puts weight on instead. To lose weight make sure you eat somewhere between the amount of calories they advise you to eat between. I would recommend the higher amount because it is easier to drop further if you have any problems along the way and also the amounts it tells you to eat between does drop gradually as you do lose weight. Do check with the NHS bmi calculator occasionally as you lose weight so you don't end up eating too much either. Good luck with your journey.

Hi HubbiesMissMouse

(Interesting alias by the way😉)

Thank you for your reply. To be perfectly honest, I haven't really tried to follow a diet. I just try to eat less and no fat or sweets. I think I eat more than 1,000 cal a day. But I would have to proper calculate it to be sure. Which I will do now. Thanks for the tip.



Dear Lorien

I have changed my eating habits entirely lost 15 kg, reduced my blood sugar to normal, reduced my blood pressure so as to be able to reduce my medication and reduced my cholesterol

I did this by following the 8 week blood sugar diet which advocates eating low carb and full fat, in particular full fat Greek yogourt.

The book is full of very good information about nutrition, the effect of various foods on your body and some very good calorie counted recipes.

It is a worthwhile read even if you don't follow that particular diet.

I totally agree with Ceals regarding full fat not being the bogey it once was.

Best wishes

Lorien72 in reply to pcrw

Wow! That's amazing! Very impressive. Well done you. Not just looking better but massively improved your health. Which is one of my motivators too. Must look into this, thank you for mentioning it.

Hello and welcome Lorien72

I wonder how tall you are? There are lots of things that will affect how many calories one should consume - age, sex, level of activity and height.

If you are not very tall you will have to eat considerably less than somebody who is! I myself I'm only 4'9" tall and I am sedentary because of disability.

Very early on in my weight loss journey I realised that my reduced height reduced height and lack of mobility meant that I really could eat much less than I had been eating.

Now I am close to go goal I can only eat about 1100 cal to continue my weight loss.

It is worth logging your calories for a couple of days, checking your portion sizes especially with more calorific things like cereal, cheese, butter, and some of those things which may well be very healthy but are actually very calorific- things like smoked mackerel, coleslaw, salad dressings, oils, mayonnaise, avocado, nuts, fruit juice, et cetera.

Concentrating on the calorie content of your daily diet may soon provide you with the answer as to why you are finding it hard to lose weight.

Lorien72 in reply to Pineapple27

Thank you for your reply Pineapple27. I'm actually 1.76 cm (about 5.9 inch). So not wee😀 I'm planning to start counting my caps and see if that may help.


Pineapple274 stone in reply to Lorien72

You'll only need to do it for a few days. It will be well and truly enlightening 🙂 Promise!

Hi and welcome Lorien72. You have already received lots of great advice here and i wish you well with your weight loss journey :)

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