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Hello, this isn’t health related, I just really didn’t know where else to ask! So I’m talking to this guy, he’s 28, a young 28, (by this I mean, he’s got a young personality and is a big kid at heart) he’s lovely really, however I’m 18.. I’m also a guy, yes that makes us ‘gay’.. I just knew this was anonymous and had no idea where to ask and I knew you’re all such lovely people, please help I like him a lot but I don’t know if this is wrong.. I guess in 7 years, 25-35 isn’t bad.. 🤔 is it??? 🤦🏻‍♀️😫 I hope not.. please give your opinions on this matter I’m so stuck! 😓 appreciated! ❤️


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10 Replies

  • I would say go for it!! Age can be relevant particularly if you want different things from the relationship e.g a 28 year old might be ready to settle down have kids etc whereas at 18 you might not. You've got to nothing to lose if you are both single and go into it with eyes open! Good luck!!

  • Thank you, comments like these are really helping me out here! I’ve been stressing so much, so thank you! x

  • Are you talking to him in person or on the internet?

    If you know him in person and you both want to get into a permanent relationship then go for it. But please make sure someone else is aware of your relationship (sorry just a bit paranoid with you being 18. What can I say - it's the mother in me :D )

    If you have not met him and are friends on the internet then I would say definitely make sure you have someone with you when you meet. Maybe arrange to meet in a small group situation and get feedback from friends as to what they think.

    Hope it helps in some way.

  • I already met him in person, we’ve been talking for weeks too, appreciate your advice, thank you very much! x

  • Jack99 we need to know how you are talking to him, to me it sounds like it is online

    If it is online please be careful and meet this guy in public places for a good few weeks and get to know him before being alone with them

    As for the age difference - IMO it is very similar to the number on the scales ;) it is just a number :)

    Be safe what ever you decide to do :)

  • Totally agree with all the above.

  • Hi Jack99

    You sound to me as if you're considering everything carefully, which is good. 😀

    I wouldn't look on this as being significant ... yet. Meet him in a public place and just treat him as you would a new friend; take time to get to know him. Be guided by your instincts when you're with him; if any reservations at all, leave.

    Give yourself time to see what he's really like, and if you're happy, then go for it!

    Good luck.

  • I can’t thank any of you enough, I’ve already met him in person, the thing is he looks and acts more like 23, he’s lovely, really.. I mean I’m more mature than most 18 year olds and I guess I just want the same in life.. again thank you for the responses, I just don’t know how friends and family will act! Oh well they’ll have to deal with it I guess 😂🙈 thank you all! ❤️❤️

  • You're welcome Jack99 :)

    Have you got a friend or family member who knows you are gay and is okay with it? Maybe you could tell them you have met someone and you'd really like to introduce them. You don't have to tell them his age. It might help to have support from them when you introduce your friend to the others.

    Good luck :)

  • I do and I will introduce him soon, thank you have a great day! ☺️

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