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Torn - Wedding Weight Loss

I went on a lovely all inclusive holiday and I came back 2lb heavier and... Engaged! Absolutely ecstatic!

Now I'm all for trying to lose weight as much as I was before I got engaged, and wedding dresses definitely feel like a good motivator. However I am so annoyed already by how weddings must mean weight loss! We are going to a wedding fayre at the weekend... On the agenda? Oh the usual... Hair show, make up examples, cake tasting, wedding favour examples and... Weight loss. It's literally part of the day. It's listed as one of the "exciting elements" that will be available to explore. I understand why they've done it. But... Really? I want to think about how amazing the day will be and not how I'm not currently good enough as I am (FYI I AM good enough, even three stone heavier than I would like to be) as that's how all of these wedding diets and apparently wedding fayres make me feel!

Why is there such a fat = ugly, slim=beautiful culture, even around weddings? Have you SEEN brides? They're always, always beautiful regardless of their size.

I'm going to do my best to lose weight to be HEALTHY and feel good. But I am not willing to force myself to stupid lengths for something that only lasts one day!

I just wanted to have a bit of a rant really. Ontop of all the other stresses that come with a wedding, do brides really need to be made to feel like they need to lose weight as well?!

Also i should report that I'm well impressed to have only gained 2lbs on holiday but I got back two weeks ago and have yet to shift any of it! :o I better get back on it!

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Congratulations Hidden on your engagement, how exciting a wedding to plan for. Don't spend the time worrying about your weight for the wedding you will look lovely on your wedding day no matter what you weigh. :)


Try and remind yourself that this doesn't have to be about a wedding. It's a new, healthy you, which you started long before you were thinking weddings. You aren't aiming to lose weight, you are aiming to be healthier, which will make you happier in the long run. Your fiancé obviously loves you as you are, so it's not about that. A healthier you is good for both of you and maybe your future family. So just keep thinking that Hidden 😊😊😊




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