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Tips for calorie counting


I'm at the beginning of my second week. Last week I exercised as much a could (just about every other day) and tried to eat healthily but I got fed up with calorie counting really quickly and didn't lose any weight. Any tips on how to make calorie counting easier?

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Hi Sonia

I love gadgets and It so use my Fitbit Charge 2 to list what I eat . Very straight forward and it also calculates your calorie output and the amount to eat to lose weight.

You can choose to lose easy medium or harder. I chose to lose 2 lbs a week

Best wishes

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi @Sonia-lu

The calorie counting does get easier once you get use to it. Maybe using the Daily Diary for a week would help you, as you can pick up some tips and extra support as the week goes on. Try pre-planning your meals for the week, so you know what you're having. Some members do bulk cooking and freeze in set portions.

Have a good second week. :)


The start is tricky but hang in there!

I googled the calories from my usuals and wrote them down. List hangs on the fridge.

I now just use my phone calculator and add every calorie before I eat or drink it.

Products I don't know get googled first.

Good luck

I rate my fitness pal. You can use the app to scan barcodes and copy meals youve already had.

calorie counting tips- look at the packing of the foods you buy. For eg. milk, packed fruits, nuts .

have a small weighing scale (you can purchase it from Dunelm) which can measure grams, and milliliitres.

dont focus on accurate calorie measurement , try working on approximations. ( we cant exactly predict how much a banana offer , which varies slightly with each banana's )

try to note down the Kcal of each fruits/ food in a book, for quick estimations, for the days to come and follow.

have some measuring plates for the solid foods like rice , oats etc and record it so that you can easy measure day by day, not using any scales. ( initially you need to use scales , weigh oats and find an appropriate cup/ glass/ bowl in which it fills completely. )

Hope my suggestion helped..In case you need more help, please ask..

Good luck with your plans! and keep going..

a good valuable website for calorie finders...!

Thank you all for your suggestions. I will keep on trying!

It definitely gets easier over time. As you get to know what portions look like you don't need to weigh. The tip on using different cups is a good one. I know which cup in my kitchen holds 40g of oats, making knocking up overnight oats a doddle with no scales needed. Good luck with it. James

Hi there Sonia-Lu!

I can absolutely echo you on the sometimes pain-in-the-but weighing and counting.

I have started to create a little book with my favorite meals and snacks - all worked out and specific to weight and brand-name of products etc. Now if I'm time pressured or just lazy I have a reference that is easy to use. And I can mix and match to build my daily allowance.

And unexpectedly it has made 'figuring out new recipes' a bit of a fun science project.

Hope this helps!

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