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A little wobble 🙈

Yesterday was day 4 of my 8 week week blood sugar diet, but by 6 pm my eyes were blurry and I felt sooo hungry that I ate 150g smoked mackerel and appropriately 50g plain crisp. (I was still making my way home from work) i felt so much better afterwards.

Today I'm back on track but the lesson I have learnt is be prepared 😆

Onwards and upwards 😉

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Morning signinemma43

Make sure you are eating enough throughout your day. I always keep a healthy snack with me so if I get delaid anywhere or running late I have something with me that will not take me over my calories or ruin my day.


Hello sign Emma

I think you mean onwards and downwards !

From experience I would advise you drink a lot of water otherwise you will feel faint and headachy but I assure you by the end of the week your body will adjust to the new regime and you will notice a good weight loss and start feeling full of beans.

So keep at it

Best wishes

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LOL. I do and I hope so :-)


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