Yummy Breakfast/Brunch

Yummy Breakfast/Brunch

Morning all and thanks for hosting again moreless. I'm feeling stuffed after my late breakfast this morning, so going to take Ceals idea and call it brunch instead and leave the beetroot soup I had planned, for another day.

I slept much better last night and feel full of beans today. I was up early and stripped all the beds and gave the bedrooms a good clean. The first load is in. We've got family staying over tonight.

Just having a break now with a lovely milky coffee so anyone up for a chat?


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19 Replies

  • Ooh yummy, Morgancando!! Looks good enough to eat!! :) That's what you call a breakfast!

    Your good nights sleep has obviously done you the world of good, I need to take a leaf out of your book! :)

    I'm always up for a chat, but are you poaching my visitors to the What's Happening thread?? ;)

  • Don't know what I did wrong, sorry. I thought I'd posted on what's happening today thread.

  • You can't post a picture on someone else's thread, only on one that you start yourself, unfortunately. I have asked HU lots of times for that facility, but I think it's low on their list of priorities :)

  • Oh I see. It would be a good facility. I'll pop over to you now.

  • It really would!

    Don't worry, I'm happy to thread hop :)

  • Don't worry Moreless

    You are much appreciated for all your work as administrator and your cheery replies and good advice.

    Lovely to know we are always welcome

  • That's very sweet of you, pcrw, thank you :)

  • Yum! Thanks for the photo, I was sat here debating what to have for lunch and you've inspired me! :)

  • I'm so glad it helped. I fined planning my meals the day before and posting it on the Daily Diary thread really helps me focus. Have you tried that?

  • I tend to sit down and plan my weeks meals before doing my weekly shop on a monday. I find it keeps me on track to know exactly what I'm having every day. Then I pin it onto the fridge so that hubby knows what to expect. :) I've just posted on the daily diary (hope it was in the right place). Thanks for the tips, really enjoying this site. x

  • Yes I've just seen it on DD so I'll respond over there.

  • You sound full of beans

    The sun is coming out at last and so time for another walk

    Your brunch looks D licious

  • I'm flagging now!

  • Yum, this looks so tasty!!! :-)

  • That looks delicious Morgancando i can certainly see why it features frequently. Load of energy is great and you obviously made the most of it.

  • Have you noticed when we try to put a positive slant on it we put energy, when we talk negatively it's calories?

  • Interesting observation, I will take note!

  • Hi Ceals

    Just want a bit of help. I really like your idea of brunch. Tomorrow I have a day off & am doing a Spin class @ 9.30 am followed by a 30 min swim. I'm assuming I should eat something before I exercise. Would you have something before & then the brunch after. Interested in what you would do?

    Thank you

  • Gosh, I am no expert Morgancando but I don't believe there is any reason to carb load before exercise. However, if you feel like you need something follow the principles that you have been using, low carb, some healthy fat and small amount of protein.

    What about making your scrambled eggs using butter and a bit of cream and put it on a big mushroom rather than toast. Just a thought. I don't think I could eat much scrambled eggs before spinning and swimming so think about portion size.

    Do let me know how it works out.

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