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Saturday weigh in

Hi every one

Saturday weigh in was not too bad maintained my weight of 80 kgs will continue this week to try and make my target of 77 kgs. I am liking the fruit and yoghurt for breakfast energy bites to quell the hunger and scramble egg and smoked salmon for lunch, had a bit of a drama with the stir fry as I managed to burn the crushed chilly ingredient in a hot WOK not nice I wont be doing that again soon. stick to chicken and salad. made some nice soup too. Went to a wedding at the weekend so I did let myself go a bit but I am back on it now.

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Sounds like you are on the case and have it cracked


Well done Arty :)

Don't give up with the cookery experiments. Variety is the 'spice' of life! ;)


Thank you could cost me a new kitchen!!

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LOL!! We all had to start somewhere! :D


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