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Plan for this week

Hi All, I thought I'd start as I mean to go on by adding my daily diary and sharing with you some of my plans for this week. Breakfasts will consist of either porridge, weetabix or a home made smoothie (I find keeping it simple works for me) and on the dinner menu are things like cottage pie, warm chicken salad, fish and veg, chicken stir fry etc. I'm also trying out cups of oolong tea as a replacement for normal tea (which I can only drink with two sugars! tut) and I've heard it's great at aiding weight loss. My hubby has started with me today and we're both weighing on a monday morning so there's an element of competition to it as well. I can't wait to get back into my nice 'slim clothes' and to feel confident in myself again. :) Bring it on!

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Sounds a good plan and if both of you are doing it together it is so much easier and nicer

Best wishes for great results

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ry posting your planned food on the Daily Diary thread and join in with everyone else. You pick up some brilliant ideas to try and people are ever so helpful to each other, not to mention supportive.


When you get to the Daily Diary thread, SNewell, don't click on the 'green write a post', scroll down to the bottom of the thread, reading everyone else's menu plans and responding to them. Leave your post in the last reply box, where it says 'leave a comment' :)