What a Shocker

Having been told this week that my cholesterol level has suddenly rocketed after a life-time of being totally average, I have now learned from the NHS site that my BMI is 36.2 and I have 6 stone 8 lbs or 41.9 kg. In what dark room have I kept myself for the past years? I genuinely had not realised that things had got this bad. Day one of the twelve week programme begins tomorrow, alongside a 12 session fitness regime courtesy of Macmillan - I truly have to do this now......but ....and here it is, the dreaded but....I have spent a life-time hearing the words 'self-sabotage' every time I have stood 'inside' the fridge helping myself to its contents and gorging despite absolutely not wanting to eat what has found its way into my hands....and then my mouth. I really am going to need some support here....to stop me procrastinating and making excuses and actually do what my body needs: lose weight, get fitter and lower that cholesterol. No, I realise as I write this - it is not your support that can stop my procrastination - it has to be me who does that...but your encouragement will make it so much easier! Thank you!


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  • Hi, welcome!! You can do this, you are real and know what you need to do. We can all help you. Keep posting!

  • Great to have you join us TDogg even if it's been a week of shocks to you, you have come to a place where you will find many in a similar situation... And willing to encourage by experience.

    Enjoy the forum...

    I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we trust will be a good place for you to connect with other members, who like you are also just starting out on this forum. Please post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon realise the encouragement and support this forum offers.

    Here's the link:


    Cheering you on to reach your goals 🎉🎉🎉

  • Thank you for your lovely message and encouragement. Feels better already just to have had responses to my first hello! Will def join the Newbie Club. Much appreciated.

  • Welcome to the forum Tdogg. Wishing you all the best on your journey. 👍😊

  • Really appreciate the welcome message Kazzi56 - lovely to have responses so early in the journey.

  • Hi and welcome to the community!! You can do it. Good luck!!

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond and for the Good Luck wishes - much appreciated.

  • Well said. You have really put into words the unseen forces that seem to effect a sudden onset eating compulsion. For me its in the evening. Brushing my teeth helps (already done so twice tonight) as does avoiding the kItchen. Welcome TDogg. I'm sorry to hear about the health shock but whatever it takes? !!! However difficult that must have been you've responded appropriately -you're taking action and changing your life!

  • Thank you. Good to hear the teeth brushing works for you and yes I think I'll try that. Feeling stronger already because people like you have taken the time to connect.

  • Everyone has to start somewhere. Just accept that it's a long road and some days it feels like your body and health are no different even after ages trying and it feels pointless.. these are the days you might give up.. these are the days you come on here and fire a flare up for help! I think accepting that it's not a 3 or even 12 week challenge, it's a long road and a permanent change needed. Once that is firmly planted the rest is just moving forward. Just my ten cents! I'll look out for you on the forum, looking forward to seeing how you go! Woohoo! Well done on takin your first steps!

  • Really appreciate your ten cents HappyBee! Love the woohoo too...that's my kinda language. Just having these first replies makes such a difference to the start of this day.

  • You have done the best thing you could do and join this wonderful forum. You will get fantastic support.

    Come on here loads and get involved in the conversations.

    Make food, the right food, your friend not your enemy and steer clear of any 'diet/low fat foods. Nourish your body really well and the urge to pick/snack will soon disappear.

    Take care and good luck.

  • Thanks Ceals; really appreciate the contact and welcome. This time it really is for real.

  • Exactly, we are all here for the same reason. It takes time because that is how the weight goes on - but we will get there.

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