Excuses, expecting results whilst not going out to achieve it

God, that sounds bad I know but it is me at the moment. I have read back on my journey so far. I started on the 15th july and the first 4 weeks it flew off me. Then bang...slows...which I did expect but I measured myself and thought ok its ok I got this still. Back to bad habits, a life time worth of thinking I will eat my cals with junk then even though I have pretty much kept to my cal intake I wonder why am not losing it.

Sure I could say well I have an under active thyroid and I know that doesn't help lose it (and I am not wanting to come across judging anyone else) but neither does my choice in foods and I have literally pretty extremely low iron I haven't been motivated and just tired...yes another excuse. I know people will say don't be hard on yourself but I feel a tad frustrated with myself. I missed my first goal to get to 16stone by 1st sept by 0.5lbs (I had lost 1 stone 5.5lbs since 22nd july) but I wasn't too phased and thought I would get it the week later...well its took me 4 weeks to lose 3lbs. I know I can do better.

So this is me laying it out there that I eat rubbish, wont make excuses and as poorly as I feel I will now bring my next goal forward from 20th November to weighing 14.13 (just wanted to see 14 stone something by the time my son got home) now I am aiming for this 11.5lbs off by end of October. I have bought in a lot of frozen fruits and fresh veg for smoothies and soups and I am weaning off junk throughout this week for my own personal October challenge....no crisps, choc, biscuits, bread for October. I WILL do this. I have to get back on track. Anyone with me? :)


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  • Well done you. A great turnaround,

    Wishing you success with your October challenge πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Thank you Minnie I got to crack this silly habit x

  • Great to hear such positive thinking. You know you can do this and we know you can do this - so no problem.

    Go for it alwaysstartingagain, ditch the rubbish, eat what is good for you - and do this for you!

  • Thanks ceals...I see my hair going bald, skin rubbish and energy gone...if there is ever a time to say give it up and get a life now is it :) x

  • I'm with you alwaysstartingagain πŸ‘ I too have been letting bad habits creep back in but together we can kick them into touch. But can I just say, yes you are being a tad hard on yourself as you have lost a great amount of weight since 15th July. Well doneπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ Here's to all of us making healthier choices from now on in.😊

  • The weight was doing well but in truth I became complacent and expected results while having just another day of rubbish...thinking well at least am in cals but in truth it does nothing for me. It takes good temporary but the after taste and lousiness it leaves isn't worth it. x

  • You could be writing this on my behalf alwaysstartingagain I've lost 18lbs since June but the last few weeks it's been a lb or STS. I have bodyscan scales which measure my body fat and it has barely changed since I started. Like you I have just completed a grocery shop and stocked up with with plenty fruit, veg and nuts. Have a great week and I look forward to seeing how you get on.😊😊

  • Morning Kazzi, well done on the weight loss and I get it so much when it slows....which will happen but I know in me its because of the food choices am making. I think the big change in weight loss will be a week Friday when the body starts getting goodness....I know u will know everything but someone told me to take measurements. I didn't bother for the first 2 weeks but then I did ..the first month I lost a lot of inches...I don't think I will have come 1st October but I know for sure 1st November will be better. Good luck this week x

  • Thanks alwaysstartingagain. I took my measurements at the beginning and will check them every 3 months. I've lost 4 inches of my waist, 6 from bust and 2 from hips. My belt is now in the 3rd notch. When I bought it, it didn't fit so I celebrate those victories.πŸ₯‚ Have a good week with your healthy choices.😊

  • wow that is amazing results. When you put the tape measure around you to where it was in the beginning its a great feeling isn't it? even if scales aren't smiling it does show our efforts. I had to take my kids in the end and they managed to sneak in some goodies, I am looking away but feel tempted...saying that am stopping 1st as I know the saying if u do it for 4 weeks its more likely to stay an habit. :)

  • I feel it's a habit now which is great. Hubby and daughter are just tucking into steak pie and I have had a banana until I prep my meal. Wouldn't have done that 4 months ago. I try and keep my food in a separate cupboard and fridge so I'm not tempted by hubbys goodies.🍫🍧😜

  • I actually haven't got to where you have yet...I love my pies so if I get one in for kids I couldn't look away. I do fit one in with the cals but I will eventually cook everything from scratch and I think that will be way easier. Your doing really well

  • I don't think I could have done this when my kids were young so good on you. I am retired and able to give this project all my time. I don't like cooking but as my hubby has MS it's all down to me now and the HB recipe books help me along. He used to do all the cooking and its a big miss for both of us.

  • i needed to read this today as i have a weekend of overeating behind me. i have been loosing my weight at normal rate by now but my diet has not been brilliant and i have a feeling that the loss can quickly turn into gain if i lose track. here's to a new week before us :)

  • Brilliant tamara, we can do what we set our minds too for sure x

  • You and me both tamara12. Onwards and downwards using healthy choices this week for all of us.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  • Hi Always starting again - glad to see you are back on track and determined to succeed.

    I try to avoid smoothies as this breaks up the fibre in the fruit which is so helpful for digestion and weight loss. Much better to eat whole fruit so you get less of a sugar rush. Try to leave the vegetables in your soups chunky and not overcooked for the same reason.

    Soon you will be changing your name to "no need to start again"

  • Morning pcrw...I fully agree its way better eating them whole but for 43 years I haven't eaten veg or much fruit so I am hoping if I just drink it I can start to enjoy the flavours and then start being a grown up and eat the food. My mom tells me I was always a nightmare so I am hoping I can turn it around.

    I am working on that name change and I am aiming for 7 stone off in total so I know its a long process but changes will start making a difference to better weight losses :) x

  • I AM WITH YOU AND NEVER DOUT THAT. who else is with us? Put healthy food where your mouth is. We all can do this and turn our lifestyle around us to a happy one.!!!

  • Morning :) Your doing fantastic its great having someone to swap ideas and seeing how their own journey is doing. What a great saying, I am sticking that one in my mind. One month isn't a lot for how many years many of us have eaten poorly and we are worth the pain and effort to turn it all around...so heres to October...take your measurements...u don't need to share them but do everywhere and honestly you will see a huge different in a month either way if you stick to it x

  • I'm with you! Well done for having a word with yourself. I have had to go that recently myself. Good luck with your goals 🀞

  • Thanks Ella, doing measurements once a month to see the difference and I have lost inches...doing it again the 1st October and really kicking out all the junk..if just to tell myself for one month only...then hopefully it will last and I wont eat as I do daily. Good job for getting on board, we all support and encourage ourselves but sometimes we have to give ourselves a big kick up the butt :) x

  • I am with you!! I have to get on track after gaining six lbs of what I lost. We can do it!!

  • Hi Mel, I saw the post Friday and it reminded me so much of myself that you wasn't looking forward to weighing in or sts but lets get this week to prepare and test stuff ....take measurements on Friday and then October 1st sunday lets rule out junk, excuses and bring in positive, self love and WE CAN attitude and I am betting anything we will lose the weight. Water, green tea...the odd cuppa is my drinks...

    I will keep my eye out and anytime you wanna message and swap tips feel free x

  • Thank you. I will measure today at work and really try. No alcohol today or junk food!

  • that's the spirit...in a month it will feel good to look back at what you was...it made me smile when I did it a month on...even though I personally cant see a change I couldn't lie about the measurements.

  • OK, so my waist measurement is 40inches.😱 my coworker did it and I measured hers. We will recheck in two weeks. It should go down without the alcohol for sure. Thanks for the push I needed.

  • My measurements was 53 hips 44 and a bit waist 44 bust 15.4 arm 29 leg (inches) then a month later I got..50.4 hips 42 waist 45 bust (it creeped up one?? haha) 14.2 arm and 27 leg. I will measure again weekend on the 1st but I haven't lost much this month so I will be surprised on any...though my clothes do feel loose. I am here whenever you want a push and we are on pretty similar weights and measurements so we can spur each other on....:)

  • Thank you. I appreciate that.

  • I did measure bust 44.5, hips 43.5, leg 18.5, arm 12. I never have measured everything. I'm excited to see if it changes.

  • Now them measurements I would be happy with hahaha. Your in proportion ..my hips are huge even when slim they stick out lol. You will see a big difference in overhaul inches..am looking forward to sunday now...day one :)

  • Good luck. I will measure again on the 9th. I'll check in with you.

  • Good on you for being so honest alwaysstartingagain!

    You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed just now, but you are acknowledging where you feel things could be better and are taking positive steps to rectify this. You're halfway there already!

    I have no doubt that with your determination you'll reach your weight loss goals. πŸ˜€

    Here's to a more mindful week for us all.

    Good luck alwaysstartingagain ... You can do this!! xx

  • Morning :) ...check your email lol. I am cracking on and going shopping in a minuet and I am NOT going to buy any goodies in. Still love a good indian but I will get the slimming world one for a treat. WE can all do it..x

  • Take a look at Hairy Bikers Fake Aways, have some lovely curries, better than a takeaway 😊

  • Just bought it in but I will check that one out for next time...thank you lucigret :)

  • I am with you alwaysstartingagain you could have described my efforts. It has taken me nearly 4 years to lose 2 stone that s half a stome a year ha! I really need to put my brain into gear and get on with losing some serious weight and get fitter. I have even toyed with the idea of a gastric bypass but have firmly decided against it thank dog. Anyway well done for speaking out and it has certainly made me think about myself.


  • Hi Pauline I was dragging my feet way to much and got into the habit of thinking it will take care of itself but it isn't working. I am so glad you decided against the op, I have personally known 2 women who have had it...one did well though she will never eat the same again and the skin isn't great to which she is now having surgery...the other didn't stop eating and old habits came back and she is really ill. It is probably better to learn the lessons as we go and at least we know in ourselves what will work and what wont ...glad your on board :)

  • If you know you can do better and you have set yourself the challenge then it's all down to how much you want to achieve this. I can sense your frustration and keeness to overcome these hurdles. We are all here to support you! Remember, low iron and thyroid will make you feel so fatigued and sluggish you'll gravitate to sweet, high calorie things for an energy boost. If you can address the iron, boost your b vitamin intake (supplement or increase b vitamin rich foods) and make sure you have enough sleep and enough water then youll have removed the sleepiness caused by these things not being right.. and thus you're likely to feel much less inclination to junk food. Just a suggestion!

    Good luck! I'll keep an eye out for you on the forum, hope you'll find it easy and make great progress!

  • Hi Happybee, thank you for that :) I will try anything and I know in the first weeks I thought I was doing really well but something hit hard and I just couldn't motivate myself or get up....my hair as been coming out for a year and I put it all down to the hell I was in. I am glad they found the thyroid and iron problems as now at least I know I can change. I will get the vitamin b in too. I think it was easy to reach for rubbish but am worth the effort and I have to keep reminding myself of it. Rewards I always thought was the junk I was eating...it does taste fab but its results are horrendous so I have to say am worth more than junk and am keeping that one in my head. Thanks for the advice :)

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