Monday Movers - Weigh in for Monday 25th September

Welcome to Mondays Weigh In! Please do not reply to this post until Monday 25th September.

Pineapple27 here, co-ordinating the weigh-in post for today. I host the Monday Weigh In thread on a fortnightly basis. Whatever your results are on the scales today, please do share them with us if you would like to.

Please be assured that we are here to support you on your journey, and if you’ve fallen by the way side, we are here to offer a hand to help you back up, dust you down and get you back track.

If you’ve had a loss this week, we all want to celebrate with you!

With that in mind, we ask that everyone respond to at least one other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. This is a bare minimum, though and we'd love to see everyone, with their pom poms, cheering as many people as they wish, on as many days as they like! Nobody complains about a bit of praise!

It would make things so much easier for us, if you could state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals/plans for the week ahead. Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like. This is how you report today's weight: Last week I weighed ????, this week I weigh ????, that's a loss/gain/maintain of ????

(Add a few words about your week and your aim for the following week)

Welcome all Newbies: If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today – WELCOME!! Please introduce yourself and share your starting weight and your initial weight loss goals. Setting yourself mini-goals, leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements this might help you in the future if you find yourself getting despondent about your progress. Sometimes loss shows as inches rather than pounds or kilograms. Keep that tape measure handy!

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).

Please only use this thread if you're weighing in on Monday 25th September 2017.

Thanks to YellowRose55 for keeping a note of the stats for last week, which were as follows:

Monday 18th September 2017

Total number weighing in - 36

Total number of replies - 232

Average number of replies - 6.44

Total amount of weight lost - 43.02lbs / 19.51kgs

Total amount of weight gained - 7lbs / 3.17kgs

Total number who maintained - 8

Newbies/Restarts - 2

Average weight lost - 1.05lbs / 0.47kgs

Number of members who did not disclose their weight - 0


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258 Replies

  • Thank you for hosting Pineapple27

    Wishing all a great result and week ahead...

    Cheering us all on to our goals 🎉🎉🎉

  • Hi there, I'm a newbie starting tomorrow. Is there a specific time that you host the weigh in and a specific place to put our results or is it more of a general chat on the forum? Thank you! x

  • Hi and welcome SNewell41 - If you look at last Monday's thread:, you'll get the gist! :-)

    No particular time, but after midnight so that it's Monday the 25th!

    Look forward to hearing more about you tomorrow.

  • Just to alert everyone that I have a 7am flight to Malaga tomorrow, so it's unlikely that I'll be about to welcome and acknowledge those joining the thread... so really, really important please that you lovely Monday Movers look after things for me, and think of me over the next week enjoying a plate of churros :-)

  • Have a lovely time, Pineapple! :)

  • Mmmm churros - have a lovely holiday!

  • Enjoy

  • Awww give my hometown a hug!!! Miss it!

  • Have a fantastic vacation and save some churros for me. ;)

  • Thanks for hosting and have a great time ☺

  • Well done all you Monday Mass Movers, you definitely rock!! :)

  • Hello good morning, and gosh am I the first?! (Unless someone else is typing at the same time!)

    Pineapple27 thank you for hosting, and I hope you have a great flight and a really lovely holiday.

    I replied to a post elsewhere, since there's no one yet to cheer on.

    Last week I weighed 12st 3.1

    This week I weigh 12st 1.7

    That's a loss of 1.4

    I'm really pleased with this result. Over the four September weigh-ins I have lost 6lb. When I measure that in straight pounds I'm also now back in the 160s. Cutting the calories to 1450 seems to have worked.

    This weekend I finished C25K. I woke ready to do another run, to keep it going, but somehow have a very stiff knee so I'm going to go for a walk instead. I've also found out what parkruns actually are (rather than running in a park) so that's going to give me something else to work toward and to keep me going.

    My objective for the week is to find out some more about nutrition - about why some cereal bars are bad for you, and to check that the Eat Naturals are okay, for instance. Also I'm interested in this macros thing. Does anyone have a good link/resource?

    Have a good week everyone. I'll come back and help celebrate more results!

  • Well done for being the first to weigh-in and for losing 1.4lbs, traisee :)

    Be very careful that you don't cut your calories too far, or you may find yourself plateauing, with no option but to reduce your calories to starvation level. Better to look at what you're eating now, rather than how much. You may be interested to read this

    This may also be useful

    Do you use MyFitnessPal, because that will calculate your macronutrients for you?

  • Hi moreless, thanks for your thoughts on this. I need this kind of discussion.

    I don't use myfitnesspal. For some reason I didn't get on with it but I'm willing to try again.

    Fitbit does a kind of counting but since I never put in my leafy veg, onions, celeries - things that I know are going to be negligible - I assume that its count is completely distorted, so I'm mostly not even using it as a gauge. I don't really know what macros are to even think about it so the articles wll be good for me to consider. I'll have a good look at them when I've got more minutes in front of the screen.

    I hadn't even heard of it till I heard that old on best friend from school has just lost almost exactly what I'm aiming to, using only macros. So I'm curious.

    Re calories I thought lots of people were on 1400. I was on 1530 and then recalculated for my adjusted BMI, and 1450 is what I came up with when I took 80 off what I had been doing. So I didn't think this was anywhere near the plateau/starvation place.

    Thanks for the links. I hope you have a good day x

  • I couldn't get to grips with MFP either, traisee, so I completely empathise! :)

    I don't count my macros, because I find it a bit obsessive, but I do watch what I'm eating, so limit my carbs, exclude sugar and eat a moderate amount of protein. Most of my calories come from fat.

    Have you got your calorie allowance from the NHS BMI calculator? That will give you a better idea of what you should be eating. I don't know your age, height, or amount of exercise you do, but I would be guessing at an allowance of nearer 1600 cals.

    Have fun learning, it's an eye-opener :)

  • I don't think I'll count macros but I'd like to know what it's about so I can make a decision of whether to pay more attention to it.

    I keep saying about how I had to get my head sorted out--that wasn't mental illness necessarily, it was just trying to get all the voices on the topic to SHUT UP so I could think! I grew up with a WW mother, did SW myself, read books, explored raw foods, tried my own wrong things, worked for the RSPCA so had lots of vegetarian advice... oh everybody's got an opinion, and there's always loads of baggage on food and self-image.

    Now they have been silenced, and I have whittled it down over the years to eating almost no sugar, little bread, almost all whole foods. So I've been riding on what I believe to be acquired wisdom, but I'm interested in being able to say, like you, 'most of my calories come from...' I think I'm just looking for information to add to the picture. But maybe it would be interesting to actually weigh out my lettuce, my mushrooms, my courgette, to see how this lovely salad is contributing to a computer's opinion of my healthy diet!

    My 1450 is based on the NHS BMI - it's the lower end of the calorie range less 250. I won't bore you with my age and other stats. I only aim to lose just under a stone more.

    I hope you're having a super day (and aren't stuck at the computer all day!)

  • To properly calorie count, then everything should be weighed and measured, even veggies, although I understand your reluctance until now :)

    I'd like to leave you with something else to read, before you get stuck trying to maintain on 1,000 calories. Sorry to be such a nag, but I've seen the results in action and would hate you to be caught out too :)

  • Thank you for taking this time with me to make sure I understand. Maybe someone's observing the conversation who it can also help. And he last things I want are to starve, wreck my metabolism, fail.

    The article you're pointing me to changed everything for me when I started. It was liberating and it felt like someone had shined a light through all the shady bits of this process. I had almost certainly been trying to get by on waaaaaaaay less than I should - I'm guessing 800 or something. So I calculated 1540 calories, back 1.5 stone ago, and thought that was right, in context of the article.

    Now I feel like I'm missing something. So I've re-read the article, every word. And I've re-calculated my calorie intake with the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator. It says 'You are OVERWEIGHT. Recommended daily calorie intake should be 1692-2175.'

    When I first started, I saw the katherinetallmadge link at the bottom of the article you sent had said to take 250 off the bottom of the recommended intake.

    So am I understanding correctly that that's not good advice?

    I also now see there's an arrow to click on for more information... which reveals 'If you want to lose weight as a sustainable, safe rate, try to stay within this calorie range... stick to the lower end of this range...'

    So I thought I understood, but it turns out I didn't?

    Sigh, I was thinking only this morning that it's when I think I'm on top of something that I find out I'm not.

    Do I now understand that my aim should be 1692ish, rather than 1450?

  • That's it exactly, traisee! I'm delighted to have been able to show you the light :)

    Always eat as much as you can, while still losing weight. The less you feed your body, the less it gets used to having and will do everything in it's power to compensate. It has a long memory too, so will remember that it's been starved in the past. Increase gradually, until you get it right, then concentrate on what you're eating, because all calories aren't equal, Different foods have different effects on our bodies.

    You will get there, but don't let it take over your life. Keep it simple :)

  • I'm clicking 'like' and I'm grateful because I want to get this right but I'm really feeling dismayed because three months I've been doing this, and it's been working and I've actually been eating! And I've not stopped being thrilled with both of those things.

    But it turns out maybe I've *still* been doing more damage, and setting myself up for trouble later, and I've just got my head in my hands.

    And what happens if I eat 1692 and I put on four pounds?

    I will be fine. I will trust your and everyone's advice but I'm dismayed and need some time to get my head around this.

    I'm going to put the kettle on. But I'm leaving the biscuit tin closed, obviously.

  • Like I said, increase gradually, until you find your happy point and stick to eating the right things, which, quite rightly, isn't biscuits! :D

  • Hello Traisee - what a lot of emphasis on food you've been brought up with ...

    I've done SW, WW & RC, sugar free & now DF/GF/meat free!! So like you have a head full of sometimes conflicting info about what is & what isn't good to eat!!! I've also worked in the diabetes centre where I found the simplest but best advice ever, which was "what goes in has to be less than what goes out" ... meaning that in order to lose or maintain our weight we must eat less calories than we burn each day ... simple!! So yes, calorie counting & exercise tracking (I walk our dog) is a must x also like you, I just wanted to lose a stone & am 1/2 way there 😎

    This a great forum & hope this is helpful x

  • Yes it's absolutely helpful. 'More out than in' - the whole thing in four words. You can't get clearer than that.

    Congratulations on your success so far x

  • I've just read some of your earlier convos' ... macros look super complicated to me - I realise food is a science but ...!!

  • Also well done on getting into park run - I know lots of perps who love it 😍

  • Yeah I think I've already had a head-full for today actually...

  • Well done on a great loss this week and on finishing C25K - amazing achievement. I'd definitely recommend parkrun, it is a lovely community and has played a big part in keeping my fitness and motivation up! :)

  • I'm really looking forward to it. And I'm hoping it's full of strangers! - but that's unlikely given the village it's in, oh well.

  • A substantial loss this week traisee. Best of luck for next week too.

  • Love parkrun. Meant to on Sat but didn't happen. Love that you can do it anywhere and there's lovely community feel. Well done on that loss. Go for it with those goals!

  • Well done on the loss, and on finishing C25K!

  • A fantastic loss, well done!!

  • Well done, fab result to kick us off

  • Congratulations on a fabulous loss and good luck with your parkrun. Never heard of that before so I'll have to Google it I think. Hope your knee shapes up! :)

  • The knee is annoying because it's changed my plans, but it's only alarming because I came away from the allotment last night with a long scratch up my leg from a rusty nail! From what I can make out tetanus jabs are for life, but we need to keep an eye out for stiffness. The scratch is NOT on the knee. The knee is mechanical; the scratch is way down. But the child was alarmed and since I did a first aid course the day before I'm aware of everything that can go wrong!

    It will be fine.

  • I thought tetanus shots needed to be redone, but I guess it depends on what you've had:

    It might be worth looking into just to be sure. It's always a pain when things happen to change your plans, but sometimes that's just life. I know what you mean about first aid courses, they always put me in mind of all the bad things that could happen..... :P

  • Dang. And how can I get a big cross frowny face emoji? I'm ringing 111.

    Thanks for caring

  • Here's an angry face for you: 😠

    We don't stand a chance if we don't care for each other. That's why I stick around this forum. :)

    Good luck.

  • Just so you know, they're not sending an ambulance. I'm just to keep an eye on it. How do you get emojis?

  • Excellent news, it's never good if you're at the ambulance stage.

    I find emojis here:

    and then cut and past them.

  • Let me know if you do a parkrun. We can compare notes!

  • Great loss and congratulations on finishing C25K, have a great week ☺

  • Morning all you lovely people.

    I was 12 stone 6lb

    Today I am 12stone 5lb

    1lb off today!

    Total loss in 3 weeks 5lb.

    I am very pleased but notice the slip and slide into the weekend. I don't want it to be usual to not count but was planning to count even if I eat more than planned so that I can see what's what and where I am going but the busyness of the weekend overtakes. Nevertheless its a new week and i am going to print off the record sheet as I am motivated to write down the calorie totals on there but have so far just used the app.

    So a new approach for week 4 with paper and pen- I am daring to aim for a 2lb loss to make a sweet half stone by next Monday.

    Thanks Pineapple27 for hosting

  • Well done on a 1lb loss and on your loss so far - it's definitely worth counting even if things aren't going to plan so you can see where the points you struggle are and work on how to target them going forward :)

  • Hi Rach, well done for losing another 1lb :)

    It's a good idea to keep track of what's happening at the weekend, so that you don't undo all your hard work during the week. Good luck with the pen and paper :)

  • Well done Rach on a 1 lb weight loss and best of luck for next week with your goals.

  • Three weeks, five pounds! And one this week! Brilliant result. We're in about the same place actually.

    I've not printed anything off either - I'll use your experience as inspiration to try another new thing. Here's to next week!

  • Well done!

  • I agree about the need for counting - even if I am going over. Sometimes it's hard to work out where It's going a bit awry. Well done for continuing to lose.

  • Well done on your steady loss to date. Keep it up and keep it off ;-)

  • Congratulations on losing another pound this week! :)

    Weekends can be tricky as the routine goes out the window. Good luck with your new approach.

  • Congratulations on your loss. Always good to count, so that you can see where you might be getting unstuck at the weekends, which can be tricky. Have a great week ☺

  • Morning everyone :) the perpetual yo-yo continues: after a 1lb gain last week it's a 3lb loss for me this week.

    Starting weight (1 Jan): 15st 10lb

    Last week: 11st 11lb

    Today: 11st 8lb

    Next mini-goal is 11st 6lb as that will take me only a stone away from the top of my healthy weight range. It's a long journey but I'm getting there gradually...

  • Wow. Gradual! I think that loss is incredible and seems a very short time since January. Well done you!

  • That's a great loss, Abi and I have to agree with Rach, you've done brilliantly, in just a few months! :)

  • Brilliant loss this week. Well done

  • I would say over 4 stone in just over 9 months is stellar! I'd say you're going great guns and congratulations on losing 3lbs this last week. :D

  • Thanks RachDawson moreless VickyDLM - I think it's just a case of adjusting to it being a bit more up and down and taking longer now I'm getting closer to my goal weight, whereas at the beginning obviously the weight comes off more quickly. It's not a problem and I'm happy to be in this for the long haul but it's just a case of mindset!

  • This week it's a maintain for me at 11 st 9.25 lbs.

  • Well done for maintaining, I am told its harder than losing. But I am not there yet so haven't had the pleasure!

  • Except I'm not meant to be maintaining yet😏. Nevertheless I'm not bothered as I had a good week and I'm surprised it's not loss frankly. Another similar week and it will definitely be a loss.

  • A maintain is always better than a gain, derrygeel :)

  • well done

  • Congratulations on maintaining. As long as you're not putting on you're doing well. :)

  • Yippee last week 11st 9lbs today 11st 7lbs a loss of 2lbs I am away at my daughters next Monday so won't be weighing in again for 2 weeks We are wedding dress shopping and menu tasting at the venue for her wedding next year Then I'm invited out to my future son in laws parents for a meal so needless to say this could be last loss for a few weeks ! However I really do feel now that I am able to control my diet and enjoy days when I'm not able to count calories I hope you all have good weighins but as I know the support tips and advice you get on here keeps you going - Onwards and downwards !!

  • Have a lovely time away. Who knows with your awareness and focus over recent times you may find you can enjoy the high days and holidays and not put on!? It will be good to see you back here and hear how you got on with the fun!

  • Woohoo, Milliemay, wtg you! :)

    Have a lovely time with your daughter and her future in-laws. I'm sure that you've learnt enough to be mindful and to be careful with your food choices :)

  • Well done! Have a fantastic couple of weeks :-D

  • Fantastic loss this week. Enjoy your time away

  • Congratulations on a fantastic 2lbs loss! :)

    I would also says it's a great victory to be able to be so confident in the face of unknown calories. Sounds like you've got a lot of excitement coming up and I'm so glad that you'll be able to enjoy it. :D

  • Good morning,

    I'm a new (or rather I'm restarting after a many months off) and really wanting to stick at it this time. I've just jumped on the scales and it's sitting at 15stone 8lbs 😥. I would really like to lose 2lbs a week. I've started the C25k and completed week 2 run 1 this morning. I'm just needing to remain motivated!

    Wishing you all a good start to the week 😊

  • It's great to see you back here, Dragonfly! :)

    Well done for starting C25K, I'm sure you'll love it! I hope you'll join our Tortoise and Hare Club too :)

    You can do this and we can help! :)

  • Good luck Dragonfly04 take it slow and easy with manageable targets and the motivation will get stronger.

  • Welcome and well done for posting your starting weight as that can be very daunting. And congratulations on getting to week 2 of the C25k, I couldn't manage it. But then, I don't really do sweaty so I'll stick to the pool! ;)

    Good luck! :)

  • abigettinghealthy well done you ! I read your post - wonderful loss I've been on and off diets all my adult life (I'm 68), but I've never learnt food values This programme has taught me so much and I am now confident I can maintain after I've lost another stone to reach my goal of 10 and half stones. We are in this together Good luck

  • Thanks for hosting!! Have a great holiday!

    Good Monday to you all, hope the scales are kind to you.

    Start weight: 80.2kg

    Last week: 68.8kg

    Today: 67.5kg

    Total loss: 1.3kg!!!!! Super happy!!! Pom poms for me haha!!!

  • Waving pom poms with you! :-D

  • Woohoo, Gobbolino! That's definitely worthy of a pom pom wave, well done you! :)

  • shaking my poms poms woohoo

  • Congratulations, pom poms out! :D

  • Best of luck today all you Monday Mass Movers.

  • It's been a learning week for me. Starting weight 130.7. Last week 125.2.

    This week 126.6 so a gain. But I have learnt an important lesson that it's not just about calories in and calories out. Was full of cold so ended up with lots of bad carbs like pizza and noodles. Even though I was on target calorie wise I feel bloated and horrible.

    Feeling ill also meant my exercise fell by the wayside.

    So a good week from a learning perspective even if the scales aren't showing a positive!

    And I feel quite good 'owning' the gain rather than falling off the wagon.

  • Love your attitude, ideservethis. I hope you're feeling better from the cold, and have a good week x

  • I think it's good that you understand where the issue is, and you have such a positive attitude which is the secret to success in the long term I am sure.

  • Well done for gaining so LITTLE. We crave comfort foods when ill, so you did well not to overdo the carbs, and stay within range of your calories.

    Good luck for this week- with your attitude and determination I know you'll do well.

  • Well done ideservethis! It just goes to prove that all calories aren't equal. Different foods have different effects on our bodies and high GI carbs, are definitely not our friends!

    Well done you for taking this on the chin and moving forward with new knowledge and new confidence!

    Onwards and downwards! :)

  • This process is all about the learning. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Congratulations on, as you say, owning the week! :)

    Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well and I hope you've managed to see off your cold. I agree, it's kind of funny how important what we eat is as important as how much!

    Good luck!

  • Hi I started last week, so I know most of my weight loss this week is water, but just to lose is wonderful, as I've been so out of control for so long.

    Last week 13.7..............this week

    13.3! I'm thrilled with a 4 lb loss. It's been a tough week, and I've thought of nothing else but food all week, but it's worth it.

    This week I need to up my exercise, and stay on plan with the food, and am aiming for 2lb loss.

    I haven't replied to any posts this week, but have read through loads, and it's keeping me motivated.

    Good luck to everyone else today x

  • Great first week! Hope you have a good week 2 :-D

  • Amazing achievement 👌🤗

  • You are doing so well, definitely take the time to celebrate that loss.

  • Fantastic weight loss for your first week. Well done

  • Well done great loss fir 1st week

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, bellydancer and well done for getting off to such a great start! 4lbs is a terrific loss! :)

  • Congratulations on a fantastic week 1 result! :D

    It does slow down, but it's nice to have a big jolt to get you going and motivate you. Good luck with next week's goals. :)

  • Day 1 so no loss to report just a starting weight of 19stone 4 pounds

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, thero_cpd :)

    It's all downhill from here :)

  • Hello thero and welcome to the Monday weigh in. Well done for posting your starting weight, it can be difficult to get the point of doing so. Good luck with your first week! :)

  • Dear Pineapple

    Have a wonderful time in Spain. Do you like fish? The fish along the coast there is super

    Have an ice cold Jerez for me

  • Love fish and will definitely have some whilst we are here! Loving Malaga so far (our first visit here) and the hotel is lovely - friendly staff!

  • As I recollect if you can get to Marbella there are lovely shoe shops in the old town. We were there on a Sunday and frustratingly all the shops were shut.

  • I've tried really hard with cutting down carbs and recording all my calories in the MyFitnessPal app, staying within the NHS calorie range and have lost 3lbs 😀 pleased with that so now into the 15's. This week I'm 15st 13lbs 🙌

  • Well done, brilliant result

  • Congratulations on a fantastic loss of 3lbs and for getting into the 13s! :)

    Glad things are going your way and here's to being a great loser! ;)

  • Woohoo, vanillasky! WTG you! My pom poms are waving wildly!! :)

  • Clearly your new regime is working well so well done

  • Start: 12st 9.5, waist 42.5"

    Last week: 12st 0.5, waist 39.5"

    This week: 11st 11.5. waist 39.5"

    A loss of 3 pounds this week. I think it's two weeks coming off in one, as I'd stayed the same the week before.

    I'm getting closer and closer to being overweight rather than obese, my BMI is 30.3!

    Aim this week is to carry on as I am - committing to doing the Daily Diary, logging everything on MFP, doing 10 minutes exercise in the morning (following the tiny habits principle of healthy habit forming).

  • brilliant diamondblock you are doing well

  • Well done, congratulations on a fantastic 3lbs loss! :)

    It's funny how sometimes the body seems to wait to get rid of weight all at once. Sounds like you've got a good plan for going forward, good luck! :)

  • Woohoo, db!! Into the 11's!! My pom poms are going crackers!! :)

  • Haha thanks! Being 11 something is one of my reward triggers, so I have the lovely task of choosing something nice :-D

  • Fandabedozy!! You deserve it! :)

  • Well done! Loving the idea of getting a nice reward 👌

  • Fabulous loss well done and great that you are moving your BMI so much. My goal is to get to overweight too!

  • Bit of a slow week.

    I achieved my 15k running and as far as my calculations went I never went above my calorie allowance but loss has slowed down a lot. Could be I missed some calories but I think it's probably due to me not being as active on days I am not running.

    Starting weight last week 82.8kg

    Current weight 82.3kg

    Loss: 0.5kg

    Goal next week: not cut calories further but up the activity on all days.

  • Circadian Rhythm dictates that if we are active enough to elicit a training response, we need to allow more than 24.2 hours for recovery.

  • That is interesting so that means not running more than 3 x a week I guess?

  • Well, that sounds sensible to me, but if you were running say twenty minutes you could maybe run an hour later each day.

    Let your health guide you; if you become susceptible to colds/infections for example, that may still be too frequent.

  • Thanks. I am slow so doing a 5.3km route in 35 mins. But I will need your advice as at my size I know I can mess up my knees

  • Don't get me wrong, I think activity is vital to good health. However, as Dr. Aseem Malhotra says, you can't outrun a bad diet.

  • Strength training may be beneficial in building the muscles around your knees to add stability and protection to the joints.

  • Thanks I will try the NHS program

  • Well done and good luck with your goal

  • Congratulations on losing .5kg and running 15k! :)

    Good luck with your goals.

  • Half a kilo is 1.1lbs and a perfectly healthy loss, Annafrances. You don't need to worry about doing more :)

  • No weight loss this week but I am pleased a I thought I would gain. As away for three days ( in a pub that does amazing food and rude not to partake ! ) and also been ill with. Chest infection so no gym or walks this week.

  • Good to maintain and hope you enjoyed the break away.

  • Congratulations for maintaining, especially while away and not feeling well. I hope your chest is starting to clear!

  • Hi all. This is my first weigh in. And it’s not good news for me.

    Start weight: 16st 8lbs (last Monday)

    Today: 16st 9lbs.

    I have had two good weeks food and workout wise and still manage to gain a pound.

    I’m hoping the NHS 12 week plan will help me see what it is I’m doing wrong.

    Hope everyone else has a fantastic weigh day today

  • It does feel a bit confusing when that happens.some people have suggested also measuring yourself so you can see where you are losing inches and motivate you on slow weeks.

  • Thank you for the quick reply. Measured myself for the first time this morning and the result was horrible. Didn’t realise I had gotten as big as I have even though my weight is so high. Going to the doctors to see if I can get some help as been on a calorie watching diet all year and only lost 2lbs. But what doesn’t knock us down makes us stronger. I’m more motivated now then I was yesterday which is a nice feeling 😊

  • Always good to get medical advice anyway I am sure. Certainly a medical for work was what sparked me to do something. Good luck and I know lots on the site are in a similar position which helped me feel less alone.

  • Our-nats are you eating within the calorie range provided by the nhs bmi calculator?

  • For my bmi my calories range is 1748 to 2248. I’m aiming for around 1800 a day. I’m wondering if maybe I didn’t drink enough last week and that’s affected my weight. This week I’m aiming to stay within my calories and up my water intake. Fingers crossed next week I have some more positive news.

    Thank you so much for all the support. It’s really nice knowing there are people who are on the same journey as me

  • It sounds mad but you might not be eating enough calories and your body might be in starvation mode by keeping a hold of the fat reserves. For this week try increasing your calorie intake towards the higher range of 2248. This means if you don't lose weight you can then reduce calories intake by say 100 calories until you do lose weight. If you remain on your current 1800 you have no where to go. Try posting on Daily Diary - the people on there will be able to help you in how to use the calories wisely. Good luck.

  • Good idea DD7005. I will up my calories this week and see what happens. Thank you for the advice 😊

  • Try not to be too disappointed. This is a lifestyle change and it takes time to change a lifetime of habits.

  • Sorry you didn't get the results you wanted, but it sounds like you've got some good plans to go forward with below. I'm sure you'll manage to get it worked out and be on the downwards path! ;)

    Good luck! :)

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, Nats :)

    I'm sorry that you've had a 1lb gain, but that can happen. Are you eating the right amount? Too few calories can be just as detrimental to weight loss, as too many. Check your allowance on the NHS BMI calculator.

    Why not log onto the Daily Diary, so that we can see what you're eating and maybe help you to tweak your menus.

    As it's your first week here, we'll take 16st 9lbs as your start weight :)

    Sorry, just noticed all the replies you've already had, but it shows we're all thinking along the same lines! :)

  • Good morning all! This is my first weigh in so apologies if I'm not in the right place but I'm hoping I'm just supposed to reply to this thread. So, I weighed myself this morning for the first time in a long time and i believe that is the start of me facing my demons. I'm feeling motivated, determined and excited about what lies ahead.

    My weight today is 14 stone 7lbs. Ideally I would like to get down to about 11.7lbs which is what I weighed before kids and when I was at my happiest with myself.

    I started my day with porridge and chopped banana and am logging my calorie intake into my fitness pal.

    Good luck to all the other monday weighers! x

  • Good luck with your journey and I am sure you will find people on here friendly and helpful.

  • You're in totally the right place! :)

    Well done for posting your starting weight, that can be daunting. Don't forget to set some smaller goals for yourself as it can otherwise start to feel like too big of a task! It also gives you an excuse to plan in some non-food rewards to motivate you throughout your journey.

    Good Luck and welcome to Mondays! :)

  • Thank you VickyDLM, it was quite daunting but I feel better getting it out there and facing it head on. My smaller goals are to lose between 1-2lbs a week and I'll be buying a nice new item of clothing after each stone that I lose. :)

    Thank you for the support! Hope you have a good week x

  • Welcome to our Monday weigh-in, SNewell, you're in exactly the right place :)

    You can log your menus on the Daily Diary and get inspiration from other people's plans :)

    Wishing you a great week :)

  • Hi everyone, this is my first weigh in. Starting weight 94.9kg, today I weigh 94.7kg, loss of 0.2kg. Very disappointed as last week I was positive, focused and upbeat. I went away for the weekend to a family celebration and, knowing I would be eating and drinking more than usual, I built in a run on sat and a swim on Sunday. My long term goal is to lose 5 and a half stone and my mid term is to lose a stone by Christmas. Whilst the positive side of me is saying " you still lost and despite the weekend you didn't gain" but a part of me thinks the huge challenge that lies ahead is daunting. I'm finding it difficult to be motivated today....

  • well done on the loss haycart. a loss is a loss and you are moving in the right direction. try not to look at the bigger picture, take it in smaller steps with achievable smaller goals and be pleased that you are trying your best - that is all we can do. good luck for the coming week.

  • Thanks so much DD7005.

  • Good luck SNewell41, sounds like a good, healthy breakfast. It's my first weigh in as well so I look forward to seeing your progress each week and cheering you on.

  • Right back at you! Good luck on your first week. :)

  • Any loss is good as it means you're going in the right direction. So congratulations on losing .2kg this week, in spite of a weekend away! :)

    I also agree that you should set some smaller goals so it doesn't all looks quite so daunting. Good luck!

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, haycart. All losses are good losses! :)

  • Hi pineapple27

    Thanks for hosting and have a great holiday. Just finishing mine I fly home tmrw.

    Not a good week for me I have gained 1.8lbs. Not surprised after 2 weeks in portugal.

    Weight last week 11st 4 lbs

    Weight this week 11st 5.8lbs

    Will get back on track when I get home.

  • Well done in keeping the holiday weight gain to below 2lbs!! Hope you had a lovely time. Good luck for the coming week.

  • Hope you've had a fabulous time on your vacation, I've never been to Portugal but it sounds nice.

    I think you've done very well to limit your gain to such a small amount. I'm sure you'll have it gone in no time when you're back into your routine. :)

  • Hope you had a lovely time, and great job for keeping holiday gain to 1.8 pounds. Have a good week ☺

  • I would say that only gaining 1.8lbs on a two week holiday is a result! Well done you. x

  • Morning, Pineapple and thank you for hosting us this week! :)

    Things have gone much better this week and I'm please to report a loss of 2lbs from 13st6 to 13st4. :D

    I'd like to thank everybody for their support last week as the weekend and start of the week were really difficult for me. If I've managed to get anywhere it's because of the fantastic support on here, and not just for weight loss but that it really does help when somebody cares right when you need encouragement and reassurance. So thank you all! :)

  • Well done, fantastic result.

  • Well done 💞

  • Great job, brilliant result 🎉x

  • Woohoo, Vicky!! Brilliant news!! This community is guaranteed to work it's magic :)

    While I have your attention, I don't have your start weight, could you possibly let me know what it was please, as I hate having a gap on my spreadsheet! :D

  • Ah, sorry moreless.

    I was, when I originally started in early January 2016, 15 stone so I measure my start weight from there.

    I think it was the 15 that gave me the kick in the butt to start the 12-week plan. :)

  • Perfect, thank you! :)

  • Good Morning everyone hope the scales have been kind to you this week. Well having had a fun packed week with my Granddaughter at Butlins and celebrated her 2nd Birthday, its time to knuckle down. Last week I weighed 14 stone 3 pounds, this week I weigh 14 stone 6.75 pounds, a gain of 3.75 pounds! I had planned at best to maintain, however I knew that could be a tall order, although I am a little surprised as I walked miles and was on my feet a lot of the time😞 Hey ho I had a great time ☺ So I'm moving my 5 stone goal to the second week in October. Have a great week everyone ☺

  • I hope you had a great time with Mr Tumble and the Teletubbies! I bet it was magical for your granddaughter.

  • She had a fantastic time and was completely mesmerised. So lucky to have been able to share that time with her. 💖 Something I will never forget.

  • That's so lovely!

  • What a fab birthday for your granddaughter 💞 Sure you will be back on track soon 💞💞

  • Thanks Rosie173 x

  • Sounds like you had a fantastic time with your granddaughter and I'm sure you'll see the back of those pounds in no time. It is kind of annoying, but I'm sure you'll be able to put it right when you're back to your routine. :)

    More importantly you've built some great family memories for the future. :)

  • 😍

  • Glad you had a great time purplerosie with your granddaughter. Taking part in precious memories deserves a weight gain ;-) I wouldn't be surprised if the gain is mostly fluid retention so it will not be long in disappearing.

  • Thank you, I did have a fantastic time and made precious memories. So just this once the gain was worth it ☺ Back to it this week, next goal 5 stone ☺

  • TEAM MONDAY ROCKS wooohoooo!!!!

    Thanks for hosting from afar Pineapple, enjoy your holiday.

    Start Weight: 17st 2lb (27/05/2017)

    Last Week: 16st 6 ½ lb (18/09/2017)

    This Week: 16st 7lb (25/09/2017)

    Weeks gain: ½ lb (total weight loss 9lb)

    I am perfectly fine, actually, I am well chuffed, with a half-pound gain considering it is that time of the month and I would have put on anything up to half a stone before I improved my eating habits. Again, I have not been strict with the food on my plate this week. The importance for me now is to ensure I have regular meals which is going well. I am eager to start calorie counting again but my wee brain can’t deal with it at the moment. I know I can do it, after all, I managed it when I first started this forum. One of many reasons why I hate depression and anxiety with a passion – it can make the simplest of task seem like rocket science!

    Have a good week everyone

  • It sounds like you know yourself well, and what is manageable in the moment. Have a great week xx

  • DD7005, I think your aim to eat regular meals is definitely the right way forward and it's good to hear that's going well.

  • Congratulations on making progress on your healthy habits! :) And I would bet that that 1/2lb gain isn't even a real gain, but water retention or something equally annoying associated with TTOTM.

    It think you're doing amazingly well to keep up with regular meals when you're not in the right place. Once you're ready I'm sure you'll be even more amazing than you already are. Well done and good luck! :)

  • Well .5 lb increase making me 14.1.5

    Can't really complain, still suffering with this virus and may have missed a few meals this last week, just no appetite, inclination to eat....

    I need a chef here, to make meals and place in front of me and make sure I eat.... Will try again this week.......

    good luck all, have a great week


  • Sorry to hear you're still under the weather. I hope you feel better soon. Try to take care of yourself. I wouldn't mind a chef myself, for those days I just don't feel like cooking. :)

  • Sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly. I wish you a speedy recovery. I'm so in agreement with you about having a chef, especially for those times you are not feeling up to it or need a bit of encouragement to eat. Take care x

  • It's not too bad Rosie173 I suppose it could have been worse. Hope you feel better soon. Aww I am with you regarding a chef - I would LOVE my own personal chef.

  • Newbie, I weigh 11 stone 12.6 mini goal is to get to 11 stone for Christmas, long term goal is 9 stone 7. Wishing everyone a good day x

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, Honey :)

    Wishing you a fantastic first week :)

  • Welcome and well done for being able to post your starting weight. :)

  • Welcome Honey10 wishing you well on your healthy eating journey

  • Thanks, much appreciated x

  • last week weigh in 233.2

    this week weigh in 230.6

    weigh in a total loss of 2.6

  • Fantastic! Congratulations on a great loss! :)

  • brilliant weight loss Wadestreetwell done. hope you have a good week ahead

  • Woohoo, Wadestreet, you did it! You got your 7lb badge!! :)

  • Well done on the loss and the badge is even better!

  • This is the first week I have joined a when I started I was 11stone 8, last week I was 11 stone 6 and this week I am back up to 11stone 8. I am very frustrated I have kept to my calorie intake however I have maybe been eating too may carbs so will have to really watch this. Anyway it's a new week so will just have to keep going. Also i was not very well last week and did not exercise as much as I have been.

  • It can be really frustrating when that happens. Maybe have a look at the Daily Diary for some inspiration? I'm sorry to hear you were not well last week and I hope you've recovered.

    Good luck! :)

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, Little-t :)

    As this is your first official weigh-in, we'll take 11st 8lbs as your start weight today.

    I agree with Vicky, logging onto the Daily Diary could help a lot :)

    I hope that you're feeling much better and that you have a good week :)

  • hi Little-t38 I think in the beginning the NHS plan is all about finding a plan that is suited to you personally instead of these other "plans" that are "one size fits all". I have come to realise that the NHS plan is more about taking personal responsibility of your own healthy eating. It takes time to work out what is right and what is not. I am learning to have a little more patience and a lot less expectation when it comes to this weight loss malarkey. Good luck in the coming weeks as you find your feet.

  • Don't be too hard on yourself Little-t38, I took 2-3 weeks to start loosing weight a few months ago. I tend to think that it was my body needing longer than a week to adapt to a healthier lifestyle after so many months of self neglect.

    I suggest you stay motivated by following different threads in the forum, and planning meals for the week ahead.

    I didn't get started with calorie counting to start with but I followed an easy way to help with having balanced meals:

    Best wishes for the week ahead!

  • Thank you for your comments. Hopefully I will get on top of this as I feel like I have been trying to get this weight off forever I went from 12 Stone12 down to 11stone 5 and have been stuck between that and 11 stone 8 for about a year I just can't seem to lose any more. Inches have been lost but not weight.

  • Inches are good to and the health benefits of eating better! Sure you will get there.

  • Good morning, thanks for information, I am sure I am going to regret this because I go on holiday tomorrow and am bound to put on BUT I have to face up to it and admit to 13stone 3 pounds, I am 5feet 4 and 68 years old.

  • Hi Christmasfairy,

    It might be interesting if you could try being "sensible" without being too strict while you are away. I have been able to more or less doing in past holidays and it is quite rewarding. I also found that I appreciated more the food and drink when I wasn't overdoing it, and if felt quite empowering too.

    Have a lovely week :)

  • Welcome, Christmasfairy! :)

    And well done for posting your starting weight, it can be daunting at first. But we're all in the same boat.

    Hope you have a fantastic time on your vacation. Don't beat yourself up too much, you want to enjoy it! I definitely agree with Salud-forgood that you should just try to be sensible while you're away. It can be difficult when you don't have full control over what you're eating.

    Good luck and have a great time. :)

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, Christmasfairy :)

    There's no time like the present and having 'fessed up', you may be less likely to go overboard, while on holiday :)

    I hope you have a super time! :)

  • I am pleased to restart the 2nd week with a weight loss :)

    Last week I weighed 70.2 kg and this week I am 69.3 kg.

    That makes a loss of 900 grams.

    Really glad I have made a start and motivated to keep going.

    Next week I want to manage to have a healthier weekend too as I tend to get a little too complacent between Fri-Sun re food and drink, I tend to over eat whenever I have a glass of wine or too and would like to change that habit being able to have the one drink and stop there.

    Have a great week everyone!

  • Congratulations on a great loss! :)

    I too find weekends tricky as there's lots more food around at home than in the office. I also have a hard time on Mondays sometimes when I've had a loss. Somehow that just seems to slip me out of gear and I go a bit off the rails. Trying not to do that today! :)

    Hope your week goes well too! :)

  • Try to look at any losses as encoraging you to keep with the good work, and proof that the effort pays in 😊

  • I am exactly the same at weekends, especially with the wine! I am going to buy low alcohol wine as that has alot less calories!

    Hope your week goes well!

  • Let me know if you fnd any nice alternatives. I have found nice alcoholfree beers but it's more difficult to find nice wines low in calories...

  • I have found some really nice ones, B by Black Tower. They do white, rose and red and they are really nice!

  • Another brilliant loss, Salud! :)

    We're coming up to Stoptober, so you may like to have a go at that?

  • True, good idea that....👍

  • Hi all, I am a Newbie and this is my first weigh in. This morning I weighed 15st.

    I have a mini target to lose 7lbs for my birthday on 18 October! Not sure whether this is achievable but thought I would give it a go!

    I am also doing C25K and am starting week 4 tonight so hopefully the exercise will help!

    Have a good week everyone! xx

  • Welcome, Piglet12 and well done for posting your starting weight. It's daunting to put it out in a public space! You're where I was when I started, 15 stone. There's been some ups and downs since then, but I'm getting there with the help and support here. :)

  • Thanks for your reply! How much have you lost now then and how long has it taken? I want to lose 4 and a half stone, its very daunting when I think of it like that!!

  • I have been rather up and down. I started the NHS 12-week plan in January 2016. I got to 12st1 around mid-July, then went home for a 3 week visit and put on 11lbs! :P I managed to lose most of that before a trip to Paris with the Brownies/Guides, but sort of lost it from there. Probably a combination of lack of sun over the winter and homesickness. Anyway, I fell off the wagon big time and only found my way back in about May this year. By that point I'd gotten back up to 14st4lbs.

    It's been a bit rocky since May, but I'm now at 13st4, so I'm pleased with myself.

    A bit round about, but it was a bit convoluted! :)

  • Welcome to our Monday weigh-in, Piglet :)

    You have a good goal, so here's to a great week, to get you started :)

  • You'll be great Piglet12, always good to have a milestone to aim towards. I think slow and steady seem to be the recurring theme here.

    Today I'm 12.2 stone which is a maintain this week. Very pleased with myself though as I've upped the exercise and made some good food choices, even driving at a family meal out. I also haven't bought kids or other half any biscuits this week. Will see if this helps my willpower any.

    Have a great week😀

  • You last weighed in a fortnight ago Smal and you were 12st 4lbs then, which gives you an average loss of 1lb. That's a perfect weight loss :)

  • Restarting after hols.

    My weight this morning was 17st 6lbs.

    I am using this as a new start weight for my 12 week plan

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, Dalgain. For YellowRose55, we'll state that you've defected from the Saturday weigh-in ;)

    Would you like me to change your badge for a Week 1?

  • Yes please. That would be good.

  • All done :)

  • Good luck in your journey!

  • Start: 13st 2lb, waist 45.5"

    Starting today! So first weigh in.

    Need to crack this once and for all, as I'm a bridesmaid at the end of December.

    I love exercising and am really consistent but when it comes to food, this is where I fall down! I work in London so travel 2 hours to get to work and need to be organised and take food with me rather than grab and go at Waterloo.

    Food goal this week week:

    Plan and prepare in advance!

    Keep close to 1400 calories each day.

    Exercise will be the same as usual so

    Monday, PiYo and Spinning

    Tuesday, intervals at running club

    Wednesday, rest

    Thursday, 5 miles with running club

    Friday, Bodypump and Spinning

    Saturday, parkrun

  • Hi and welcome, samsmith :)

    Have you checked your personal calorie allowance, on the NHS BMI calculator? 1400 is a generic amount and seems too low for you, especially as you're doing so much exercise!

    I advise that you join our Daily Diary, to forward plan your menus and to get good ideas for meals.

    I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link

    You'll find all the information you need to navigate the forum in the header, so please take the time to read it carefully.

    Wishing you all the best :)

  • Thanks. I'll check out my calories to be safe then! Don't want it to be too low.

  • Good for you :)

  • This is my first weigh in on here. Started off at 13 st 3 on 4th Sept.

    Last week was 12st 12lb

    This week 12st 10lbs.

    2lbs lost. Happy with that. Feeling full of cold and a bit rubbish so won't be exercising for a couple of days.

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, Yorkshiremummy :)

    Well done for losing 2lbs, especially as you're not feeling 100% :)

    Look after yourself and have a good week :)

  • I am new, starting today. My weight is 95.4kg and I need to loose 32.5kg according to NHS BMI calculator. I aim to loose 1 kg by next Monday. Sorry, I am useless when it comes to stones and pounds....

  • Welcome to our Monday weigh-in, Isomaha :)

    Working in kgs is absolutely fine, Rose is a whiz at the conversions :)

    Wishing you a fab first week :)

  • Hi everyone I Weighed myself just now with clothing on.

    30st. 13.3/4lbs.

    Last Monday.

    30st. 12.1/4lbs

    Gain 1.1/2.lbs.

    It's been a challenge this week and I will get back on track for sure next week.

    Good luck to everyone who is on the group forum today.

    George 56

  • Hope this week goes well for you.

  • Thanks Annafrances for your kind message and I hope that you are doing well today.

    George 56

  • George, you were 31st 0.75lbs last week, which means that you've lost 1lb! :)

    All losses are good losses! :)

  • Hi Moreless I have just looked again and you are correct.

    Last week I was. 31.0.3/4lbs.

    Today's weight. 30.13.1/4.lbs.

    I'm just tired and muddled today.

    I have been sleeping for the best part of the day.

    Just getting stressed about tomorrow.

    Appointment in Aberdeen.

    So I will be fine when I am there, it's the day's before hand.

    Hope you're foot is healing well.

    That can be very sore.

    Will I have to repost on the Monday Weigh in group?

    Or have you done.

    Thanks again Moreless, don't know what I would do without the support from all on the group forum.

    I will respond more to others later on in the week.

    Kind regards George 🌹

  • You are on the Monday weigh-in thread, George :)

    Try not to stress about tomorrow, you'll be just fine. Get an early night, so that you're well-rested.

    Take care :)

  • Hi Pineapple 🍍 wish everyone well from me to all in the group.

    Feeling a bit tired.


  • Fairly disappointing first weigh in since starting

    Starting weight 22st2

    Today 22st1

    Loss of 1.2lb.

    Hardly seems worth the effort!

  • It is a good loss, well done for getting the ball rolling! I'm trying to look back over my week to see if there are things I can improve, I find it useful to log what I'm eating each day to help me do this. Have you tried doing that yet?

  • Yes, been keeping a food diary since the start - averaging around 1,800 calories per day (BMI calculator said I should be having 2474-3180 to maintain so well below that). Also doing much more exercise than before so 1lb loss is really demotivating. Body weight naturally fluctuates by more than 1lb throughout the day regardless so all seems a little pointless right now!

  • I've read a few posts in the forum that recommend staying within your calorie range rather than going below it as your body goes into starvation mode and clings onto every bit of fat it can. Perhaps you could try increasing your calories and see if this does anything over the next week?

  • I have to agree with xvanillaskyx, needwillpower. You'll do yourself no favours by eating too little. Have a look at this for more explanation

  • I'm new to this so still trying to work my way around!

    I'm 71.4kg and hoping to get down to 65kg.

    I'm trying to stick to 1400 calories a day but this is my first real day! So far so good! I'm hoping to go to the gym this evening.

    Hope I'm doing this correctly!

    Caroline x

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, Caroline :)

    Please check for a calorie allowance that suits you specifically, as 1400 is a generic number.

    You've posted perfectly! :)

    Have a great first week :)

  • Hello. I'm sorry I'm late checking in but I'm so pleased with today's weigh in.

    Last week I weighed 12st 12lb

    This morning I weighed 12st 11lb

    A loss of 1lb this week but 1st 7lb in total since I started this new lifestyle in July.

    Thanks for all your kind support 🌼

  • Well done!!!! You're doing brilliantly!

  • Well done 1.5 st in 2 months is fantastic 😀

  • Thank you Ricycle. It's been slow & steady but I'm feeling so much healthier. This forum is one of the best finds I've ever made 🌼 I hope it helps you too.

  • Woohoo, Muntjacky, WTG you! If you hover your mouse over your Team Monday Rocks badge, you'll see I've awarded you a nice shiny 1st 7lbs badge :)

  • Late weighing in. But nothing much to report.

    Last week 18st 11

    This week 18st 11

    Pleased to have maintained after a stressful week. All the changes happen in the next few weeks so hopefully can get back on track very soon


  • Hello MrsEmilyWoodMalloy. Thanks for your kind words. I think you are doing well maintaining when you are feeling so stressed. I hope everything works out for you in the next few weeks. This forum is a brilliant place for us when times are tough. Look after yourself 🌸

  • A maintain is better than a gain, Emily, especially when you've had a stressful week.

  • Evening all, it's been 2 weeks since I last checked in.

    2 weeks ago 11.11

    Today 11.9 1/2

    1 1/2 loss

    I know 1 1/2 is a fairly decent loss but I didn't check in last week because tbh I'm a bit disheartened with it all at the minute.

    Now i know we should only weigh ourselves once a week and I also know that weight fluctuates throughout the week.

    Last sunday my OH asked me how I was doing weight wise so I jumped on the my delight I'd lost 2.5 lbs yippee! I got on the following morning (my usual weigh in day) and it had all gone back on 😞 how can this be??

    I went of the rails somewhat a) because of my disappointment and

    b) a very stressful week at work. I did however do lots of walking.

    I have weighed myself a few times during the last week and I'm convinced that my body knows my official weigh day. I have been lighter throughout the week than I am today.

    I feel like giving up but i know I'll not be happy with myself if I do so I'm going to keep plodding on.

    Have a great week everyone! 😀

  • Yes Ricycle please keep plodding on! I promise the scales will work properly for you eventually 🌸

  • I do hope so Muntjacky 😀

  • Believe me when I say this happens to all of us, Ricycle and some people choose to weigh fortnightly, or monthly, because of it.

    If you could stop weighing yourself daily, you'd be happy with your losses, so why deliberately torture yourself, when it makes you feel so bad. Make a pact to put the scales away until next Tuesday and see how you get on then :)

  • Thank you Pineapple27 for hosting the weigh in today. :)

    This weigh in is now closed.

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