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Daily Diary Monday 24th September

Hello everyone!This is my first attempt at the daily diary so hope it's ok for you!

If you are joining us for the first time, a big welcome to you.

This is where we post our meal plan for the following day with if possible our calorie count for each meal and the total calorie range for the day.

I find it a great source of inspiration for myself.

Please can I ask you all to comment on at least one other persons post.

I won't be around much this evening.

The picture I have chosen is very relevant to my life these last few weeks both in my battle to lose weight and my working life. I'm sure many of you can relate to this as well,

I'm sorry for posting early but, I have family around today and we don't see each other very often so we are going to light up the BBQ in a minute.

My meal plan for tomorrow looks like this:

Breakfast - Porridge made with raspberries, mixed seeds & cream

385 calories

Lunch - I have made a butternut squash & turmeric soup today

Been reading about the health benefits of eating turmeric today so will give that a go.

Skyr yogurt 463 calories

Dinner - HB chicken & smoked ham pie. Made it last week and it was delicious. 536 calories

Total 1384 calories

Aiming for 1600. Range is 1500 - 2100

Will make up with some healthy snacks but, not sure what at the moment.

Exercise is a 45 minute gym session after work.

Please post any exercise plans you have.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Thank you for posting and hosting dazzle.

It looks great..


What a brilliant image. I agree with the sentiment as well.


Evening all, and thanks to Dazzle for hosting, loving the poster, it gave me just the kick I needed. I've been absent from here all week, and the consequences can be seen on the scales, to the point that I didn't weigh in today.

So, back on the wagon, good week coming up, lots of time to run and plan meals.

Tomorrow looks like this:

B - porridge with an apple puree I've just made from garden apples - 250 cals

L - Subway lunch out with husband - sub and crisps - 400 cals

D - curry with rice - 600 cals

Afternoon snack if required of around 100 cals

Total 1350.

Early morning run.


Lovely menu. I love a curry but husband not so keen so don't get to eat it so often.


We can do it Salcheq !


Great to have you back Salcheq looks like good planning to get you back on track.

Have a good day.


Ooh, meant to say Dazzle, what is tumeric good for? Might put it on the shopping list for tomorrow.


Tumeric contains curcumin which is a natural anti inflammatory (from the google search I have just done ;) )


I have been adding this to lots of my meals as it is meant to help cleanse your gut. I had carrot and turmeric soup today it was quite nice and managed to freeze three portions to save time in the kitchen.

Try this it is lovely, grate a cauliflower put in bowl with small amount of oil and a teaspoonish of turmeric with about 40g of pine nuts, mix then spread thinly over greaseproof paper in a baking tray and cook on about 160 with fan for 6 min give it a stir and re spread and cook for another 6 mins, season and have instead of rice, lovely. i sometimes add peppers and mushroom and small diced chicken to eat instead of a stirfry.



Sounds delicious! I've just discovered cauliflower rice and added some toasted cumin seeds. Very tasty.


yes I sometimes add cumin or hot chilli powder as well for flavour.


Hubby is not too keen on Hot spices but it sounds good to me. Must try some turmeric soon.


just add it with the cumin the spice colours the cauli yellow and blends very well with cumin.


Will definitely try it. Thank you for the tip.


Sounds delicious, I'm definitely going to try that, thanks for sharing

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Turmeric is great for blood pressure, anti-inflammatory and great for sinus issues.


Thanks for hosting dazzle

Breakfast - 2 naughty coffees, bacon roll = 349 cals

Lunch - Homemade chunky veg soup, banana and satsuma = 212 cals

dinner - Steak and chips with peas = 600 cals

Snacks - nuts to boost up the calories :) 178 cals

Total cals = 1339, so that means I have to find 161 cals to get up to 1500 calories for the day :) so may have some cheese as i love cheese :)

Drinks for the rest of the day will be hot water and then in the evening will be sparkling water :)

Tips - plan, as it really does help and post on here to help be accountable :)

exercise - to get my 8,000 steps in for the day :)


A crackin' menu Hidden. Enjoy!


Love the thought of a lovely steak dinner, yum!


Hi cracker10, the steak and chips sounds lovely and thanks for your tip. Planning really helps me too, seeing all the food written down makes me realise how much I can eat and helps me stick to it. Hope your day goes well

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Well done dazzle your first time hosting is Soooo inspiring. Love the poster! So pleased that you posted early, it means I can plan for tomorrow early and get an early night to boot! A bit tired today after a late night so having an early night tonight. Hope you've enjoyed your day with family. Lovely menu for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I plan;

B - Smoked salmon on a bed of wilted spinach with two scrambled eggs and avocado - 309 cals

L - Carrot and orange soup and a pear from the garden 473 cals

D - Same as today. The recipe was to feed four, HD. Crispy chicken with spinach, cabbage and a salad 533 cals

Drinks - black tea and a full fat coffee - 169 cals

Total of 1,550 cals. 27g of fat, 152g of carbs, 45g of protein.

Exercise - looking after 16 month old grandson!! Enough said!

Happy Monday everyone.

Onwards and Downwards.


Ooooo loving your breakfast ☺

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It's so filling and is one of my favourites.


Busy day tomorrow Morgancando

Amazing breakfast and well done for cooking something that can deal with two days for you - just really helps.


I have just downloaded HD book with the crispy chicken, the pasties, chicken pie and much more - some new recipes coming up!

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Hope you love it as much as I do.

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I love leftovers, it's almost like having a free meal! Also gives you a day off cooking. Which of the HD books is the crispy chicken in? (as it sounds good!)

Hi dazzle . Great pic. Thanks for hosting.

I'm back on in big time after a full celebratory blow out weekend.

Tomorrow's plan:

B. Overnight oats with berries

L. Halloumi salad

D. Chicken katsu with rice

Hoping to come in around 1600

Exercise. Gym session and yoga

Happy Monday folks x


Lovely menu, especially the halloumi salad :-D


Great to get straight back to it, well done.

fab menu, love halloumi.


I think it is great to post early dazzle, thank you so much for hosting, love your picture.

I plan to stick with brunch and dinner tomorrow, it seems to work well for me.

My plan for tomorrow is

Brunch: 100g cos lettuce, 100g Spek, avocado, 75g Somerset Supreme cheese. 857g

Dinner: 150g slow cooked chicken; 100g spinach, spring cabbage; Tuscany kale, tender stem broccoli; 100g raspberries, strawberries, 30mls double cream. 669 cals

Total: 1526 range of 1585-2037

Carbs 34g; Fat 110g; Protein 90g.

Good planning everyone.


Sounds good - I am back on the kale!

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Love all kale but black or Tuscany kale especially

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Don't think I've tried either of those.

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Think I might just copy your menus every day from now on @Ceals!


You would be very welcome-but you don't half put some tasty things on yourself!


Thank you. I'm just being lazy and thought it might be good to let you do all the work! Lol 😂 apart from the actual cooking of course.


I love the sound of your soup. Hope you're having a lovely family BBQ.

B - poached eggs on toast, 380

L - chorizo slices, oatcakes, crudites, almonds, apple, 570

D - baked sweet potato, tuna mayo and cheese, salad, 610

Snack after late shift, maybe a hot cross bun and butter, 250


Poached is definitely my favourite way of cooking eggs, although omelettes are catching up.


Hi everyone and thanks dazzle for hosting. Its been ages since I wrote anything on the daily dairy and I really should get back into it.

My plan for tomorrow is only half completed but so far I have

B - overnight oats with berries and one coffee - 358 calories

L - pasta with fresh veg and a herb yoghurt sauce, an apple - 258 calories

D - not yet decided

Snacks - cranberry juice and some barley sugar sweets (not more than 4 in a day) - around 170 calories

total allowance for the day: 1600

Total currently used: 786 (so have just shy of 900 for dinner and more fruit snacks if required)


Why barley sugar Beth_19 just really curious.

You have plenty left for a really nice dinner.


I use them when I have a tickly throat or something is irritating my breathing (asthma) to keep control, plus I like the taste. Its a trick I learned from a fellow asthmatic and it does help


Brilliant- I am always up for learning something new. I am not asthmatic but do know people who are so May get the chance to pass this wisdom on. Thank you.


Its good for when things are just starting off to help differentiate between an asthma attack and simple panic, but obviously if things have progressed further or don't settle then medication is needed


New knowledge always good-this forum is such a learning base.


it is, its great


Oooh like the sound of your pasta sauce


thanks, it can be used with curry powder or other herbs / spices too


I like to use an herby greek yogurt instead of salad dressing. :)


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Thanks for hosting dazzle enjoy the BBQ.

I have had a weekend of cooking. Christmas cake ready for monthly brandy feeds, curried chicken and lentils in the slow cooker, chunky soup for lunches next week from veggies that needed eating and porridge cooked ready for breakfast. I watched the tv and found out that oats need to be cooked so they release their benefits. I have been having cold overnight oats. I will now cook first and then have them cold with fruit, cinnamon and yog.

B - I am on a course tomorrow 2 1/2 hours from home. Am bringing my porridge on the train to have with a nice skinny cap - 350

L - I have no idea but hopefully something fairly healthy. Will allow 500

D - chicken, mash and brocolli - 400

S- milk, Apple, there may be biscuits ..... 350

Total - 1600 cals 1450-1850

Ex - some walking. Very excited as have bought a bike support which means I can use my bike as an ex bike indoors. I hope it works!

Tip - if you can't get to the gym or don't want to; have an indoor gym.

Have a good week everyone.


Hi wackywoo, nice menu. I tried overnight oats for the first time recently having seen them mentioned on here. They were lovely but it was a bit odd eating them cold. I love a weekend cooking, all your food sounds lovely

Interesting hearing about cooking oats for max benefits, thanks wakywoo . Hope the course goes well today. I'm thinking of getting an exercise bike for the winter months.

I've heard of toasting oats before using them in something like overnight oats. Would that count for the cooking or does it have to be boiling specifically? If the TV made that distinction! :)

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Hi dazzle, thanks for hosting, love your poster. I've come in on target today and tomorrow will be eating

B- cinnamon and raisin bagel with butter 267

L-- veg and lentil soup with slice of bread and butter 300

D- Chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli 218

snacks orange, apple, carrot,,rice cakes 160

tea and coffee 100

target of 1700 so I will add handful of nuts and piece of toast with peanut butter


Congrats rutheliza with being on target yesterday.

Great menu there, very tasty.

Good luck with cutting back. I'm sure it's worth it after all that enjoyment. It all still sounds delicious.

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Love this picture dazzle made me smile😃

I'm sure you'll have fun hosting😊

I will try and come back later😊


Hi dazzle and thank you for hosting today's DD.

I love butternut and harvested mine over the w/e so they're going to become a more prominent part of my eating. Loving your menu overall.

Yesterday was a fail. Someone brought around and left a hm velvet cake and a tub of ready made icing. I was annoyed with myself enough after yesterday morning's weigh in. What is wrong with me (rhetorical... no need to answer :) )

For me today...

B: One rowie with a fried egg plus roasted veg left over from yesterday's barbie

L: 40g mature cheddar cheese and beetroot salad

D: Left over bbq'd pork slice and burger with a couple of hm vegetable curries. 1/3 portion of gooseberry crumble.

Exercise is to move everything out of the workshop, in lieu of giving it a complete spring (autumn) clean.


I have to ask: What's a rowie? Can't say that's one I've heard of. :)

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Brought them down from Scotland. My OH lived in and around Aberdeen for over 25 years so she introduced them to me... easier if I link this in that I just found...


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Sort of like a type of roll then. Sounds tasty, just not so sure about the lard! :)

Really like the sound of your butternut squash and turmeric soup, Tiggerr, yummy.


I'd love to take the credit but that one's down to dazzle.

Have a good day.

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Thanks for hosting dazzle! Hope the family bbq was fun!!! Your menu for the day sounds great. I add turmeric to things for the same reason! And I love your orange man, could not be more apt for me today. I'm back from holiday, gained a few pounds and am ready to pick up again!

Aim for the week - 1350/day max leaving room for a heftier Saturday when we have a dinner party to go to!

B - salted chocolate crispy coconut curls by Ape (recommend very very highly, 100cals amazing) coffee and a raspberry bio yoghurt (250)

L - Golden tagine from the freezer - mixed veg, beans, preserved lemon and butternut squash. (200)

D - cashew stir fry (piles of ribboned veg and bean sprouts, half a nest of wholewheat noodles, and about 10 cashews, toasted pumpkin seeds, toasted sesame oil ginger and garlic (600)

Snack - 3 rice cakes with a tiny smear of marmite and a smashed up small avocado mixed with capers and slivers of pickled onions. Massive mug of tea. This is inspired by a drop dead gorgeous "Melbourne breakfast" I had at the weekend in a trendy cafe. Theirs was on sourdough with poached egg on top but I think it'll translate nicely as a snack. (250)

Exercise - maybe not today. I'll possibly get off the bus early and walk the last 30 mins. But I'm not sure.

Tip - no matter the damage of a slip up or wagon-tumble, the damage can be undone if you come back to the right food. Anything can be fixed.

Glad to be back guys. 😙


Glad to have you back, Beee :)

Wow!! I can't believe how quickly you've slipped right back into it! Wtg you! :)

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I need to get off to a good start or I will really lose my way! If I don't start strong I fear my old habits will return and I'll lose sight of my goals

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Well you've certainly made a great job of it! :)

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It's called How To love food and Lose weight. Hairy Dieters. Lovely recipes and all calorie counted.


Morning all on this wet, dull Monday! lets hope the week brightens up a bit for us all.

B - Porridge with almond milk, boiled egg & grapes

L - SW tomato & bean soup with wholegrain roll and yogurt

D - not 100% but think pasta with bacon and courgette.

Exercise, 1 hour PT, I hurt my knee from running over the weekend so need to rest this so think this will be upper body workout.

I found a tin of green lentils in my cupboard and not really sure how to use them, thinking of doing a chicken casserole in the slow cooker this week, could I use them in there and if so how, any ideas on what to use them for would be greatly appreciated. i would like to start using lentils and pulses a lot more just don't really know how to use them!


Lentils are great in lots of things, great in stews like you're thinking. Also great as a filling for vegetarian Wellington (mixed with pine nuts, pesto, and other veg and baked in a pastry.. Not sure if pastry is healthy enough for ya)

Would I put them in the slow cooker at the same time as the veg or at the end? I think if they are in the tin then they are technically cooked?

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They're cooked before they're canned so you can add them whenever you like. I like them near the end!!

Do you like Indian food? I can help you with a simple daal menu. You could probably drink it like a soup or eat with rice for an Indian flavour. Lentils are a staple in Indian vegetarian diet.

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Love Indian food, all the spices and flavours, not so keen on heat though. I would love a daal recipe, thank you

Love daal!

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Here's a link : maninas.wordpress.com/2009/...

But to keep it simple.. you do not need to add ginger n garlic n lots of masalas. All you would need are green chillies/red chilli powder, onion,tomatoes, Cummins, turmeric , oil n salt. The above link explains the process well if u r cooking Indian food for the first time.


Daily diary entry :)

B: Branflakes and almond milk- 225 cals

L: cracker bread x4 with butter, 1/2 tin ravioli, mange tout with low fat hummus- 409 cals

D chicken wit stir fry veg, brown egg fried rice- around 600 cals

S: peaches with almonds and cream- 262 cals

no doubt another snack of almonds and an apple later 200 cals

all together 1500 roughly, the NHS app told me to aim for 1597-2025.

exercise: I've ran 3.2 miles today burning 500 cals and then 20 mins weight and sit ups so around 600 cals burned.

I'm hoping to see some weigh shifting, I want to loose 6 lbs to get me back to what I was this time last year, then continue to get loose to get me in the health range for BMI.

Lala xxx


Hi Lala,

I'm surprised after our long conversation about upping your calories to 1900, you've gone back to aiming for 1500. Fortunately, you're actually at 1696, but that's still low.

You could have had a couple of eggs for your lunch and/or some cheese. A nice big salad with olive oil dressing, or homemade mayo/coleslaw :)


Hello im not sure if the cals are right tbh so ive just aimed for low as its probs . I over ate at the weekend so I thought i would keep it low today to balance it out hope that works lol x

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Calorie cycling is fine :)

Are you counting properly, or just hoping for the best? If calorie counting isn't your thing, then you need some other way of judging portion control, or you may easily under, or over eat :)

Hello, im using the MyFitnessPal but some things arent in so i have to use other sites to check and it takes ages, ive tried all sorts over the years and this seems to be the thing that works for me just takes alot of time x

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I find Google to be the most comprehensive and accurate. I'm concerned about MFP, because that relies on other people being accurate and the calorie values can differ wildly!


Exactly thats what i have found! It can be very inaccurate! Lol 😂 x

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Go for Google, or the nutracheck one on the NHS site, they're more reliable! :)

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Ialate as usual but thank you for hosting today dazzle.

Breakfast was a banana then I had a skinny latte.

Lunch 2 egg omelette and 2 slices of 50/50 bread with cashew nut butter on.

Dinner will be jacket potato with beans and cheese. And some salad will have apple and 2 easy peelers orange during day skimmed milk in coffee.

That is around 1500 calories. I want to try and stick to that amount. Has not been losing the last 2 weeks. Also I am looking at fasting 1or 2 days a week. I would like some advice on that and any comments gratefully received. As I have not been good this weekend with a painful back I only went locally today and did a bit of shopping and a bit of housework. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is eating today.


Hi Caroline, I did try having fasting days, but it just didn't work for me. I was so hungry, I ended up eating more on non-fast days.

I'll tag Minniewinny, as she's the expert here :)

Sorry to hear that your back has been painful, I can certainly empathise with that. I hope that it gets better quickly.


Hi Caroline62

I have tried and am currently having 2 days a week (not consecutive days) as fasting days, the recommended calories for fast days is varied depending where you look, but I tend to aim for 600, I can honestly say that I was surprised at how much you can eat for 600 calories and had no ill side effects. The result has been that when I do it, I do generally loose weight that week, 1 or 2 pounds whereas otherwise I am a slow loser!! 🐌🐌🐌

I tend to google 600 recipes or 5:2 recipes to get ideas from then adapt them to my liking. If you try it, let me know how you get on.

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

Thank you for getting in touch. Yes I thought I would try 1 or 2 days on around 600 calories a day. Then 1600 calories a day on the rest as I have been stuck the same the last few weeks and I thought this may get me going again. I will Google some menus. So all I can say is watch this space and let's see if it works . We will do it together.

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I set my goal at 6 pounds to loose in September by doing 5:2, and I am 5 pounds down already.. on target to reach my goal..

I hope it suits you and it works for you 😉

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Thank you I can only give it a go. Let’s say I will make a goal of 5lbs by the end of October. Then I will set another then.

Hello dazzle and friends..

I met up with friends I Harrow today and we are at Nando's

I had 4 chicken thighs with mango & lime marinade, spivey rice, chips and a slash of piripiri garlic sauce... A whooping 1269 calories!!

Having a bar of dark chilli chocolate - 137

Total for the day is 1406

Water is my daily drink..

Cheering us all on to success 🎉🎉🎉

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I enjoy Nando’s now and again

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One meal Minniewinny?

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Thanks so much for hosting the DD today, dazzle and thank you to all diarists, for sharing your delicious menus and supporting each other :)

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