Diet & Nutritionist (better intro)

I should have introduced myself better earlier. I am a qualified Diet & Nutritionist and eat very well 90 % of the time. Just thought I'd say I'm here for you guys if you need any advice. I'm on here for like minded buddies to chat to about new products/ideas and because I have a 'wine' stone to lose .. you see if it's see through there are no calories on my diet (><) ;)).... he he


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  • Oh thank you so much ..thats nice to know ..prepare to be bombarded lol x

  • From the most recent nutrition survey of 2014, as a nation we already eat very close to the PHE recommendations, and 60% are overweight.

  • Hi Shel146

    Its nice to have different approaches and ideas, because, that's what peer led groups offer, but I'd just like to make everyone aware that your ideas are not specifically approved, by HU, as being more effective, or acceptable than anyone else's and that nobody's opinion here, should take the place of a GP, or other health professional.

  • Absolutely agree! :) GP first before any tips taken on. I was simply just giving FYI tips

  • Hi im currently under a mental health Dietican and ive got bad anxiety bout eating haven eaten solid food for ober 9 weeks as im terrified of chocking. I chocked on a tablet 9 weeks ago and havnt eaten much since. Ive tryed weetabix mashed potato and yoguart and ive got them all stuck which has sent me into a panic attack. Im starving all the time but just so scared to eat. Im on Ensure 4 times a day. My Dietican is good but tells me ive just got to fight it so easy for her to make that statement when she can eat normally. Im so down all the time and feel so weak. Can u mayb suggest anything please. Im so miserable atm and normally im so happy and bubberly. Thanks.

  • How about some smoothies? Choose fruits which can be blended nicely such as mangos, bananas, raspberries. Yoghurt is good for binding these together.

    I am not a mental health nutritionist however just to offer general advice but I think maybe some relaxation techniques might help. My view is your clearly used to being anxious about this and need to try to relax. As long as no other medical reason your throat is more than accommodating to take normal natural foods :)

    Take small steps :)

  • Hi and welcome to the forum Ktbm I would like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out, or re-starting.

    If you just post a few words on the September Newbie Club thread to introduce yourself and respond to others there you will soon feel part of the club.

    Follow this link to the Newbie club:

    Please read all the information carefully, it is very useful and can be referred to whenever you want to check something.

    It just remains for me to wish you well on your journey :)

  • Thank you. It doesnt matter how soft the food is i get it stuck its so frustrating as ive eaten all my life. I feel so alone and lost in my thoughts everyday. Im so fed up. My fear of swallowing is so intense i just cant relax to try and eat. Its horrid.

  • hi, I am sorry you are going through this, I don't have a fear but at times I have difficulty swallowing and have to chew food slowly and carefully and drink and eat in small amounts. I know it is not the same but you are never alone here on the forum.

  • Thank you. Its getting abit out of control now its coming into the 10th week of no solid food.when it started back in July i went 18 days wuth no food at all i even passed out and fell down tje stairs and really hurt myself. Its also not helping my mental health either. Im in a vicious cycle and i dont kow how to get out of it. My fear is so intense. I just live on Ensures thier build up drinks. Your situation sounds horrid too. Sorry your going through an awful time too.

  • So sorry to read your post. You need more help from your mental health support worker rather than a dietician. Important thing to remember is when the mental block/phobia is sorted you will be back to enjoying your food as it does not appear from your post that there is any physical reason for you not to be able to eat solids.

  • No there is no reason apart from my fear which is caused by my Anxiety. I wish i could just wake up tomorrow and be able to eat again but i know its not that simple😔. Thank you for your kind words.

  • Thinking of you and I hope that you get the right help. Phobias as I well know are so hard to cope with.

  • Welcome to the forum shel146, a dietician is just what we need. I just wanted your advice on protein. I am calorie counting and making a food diary of all what I eat, drink and exercise. I have converted to meat free products as they are lower in calories. However, I have seen mixed reports on these as some say they are healthy because they are high on protein but others say they are bad as they are processed foods. I have also heard that lighter versions of food products are not as healthy as they advertise as to reduce one thing (fat) you will have to increase in another (sugar). Is it better just to eat the full fat versions?

    I would be very grateful for opinions on this.

  • I have had a similar 'almost, switch a few weeks ago and reverted to natural produce after looking into the exact same info. If include them as an alternative but stay with nice lean meats as a main :)

  • Oh sorry yes light versions are full of sugar and additives. I'd stick to low sugar ones where you can :)

  • The problem is not just with sugar. Removing fat from dairy, as with (semi) skimmed milk, reduced-fat cheese, etc. causes them to elicit a much higher release of insulin, and high insulin levels exacerbate other hormones in the blood, plus lead to insulin resistance.

    You can see from the link that baked beans for instance, although low Gi, also spike insulin levels.

  • Yes plus insulin in the fat storing hormone

  • You may also be interested in this position statement from X-Pert Health, who train the ICS educators for the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP)

  • I found this a very interesting read Concerned Especially as I am attending this course with Mr B (slim and active, just genetically predisposed) at the moment. 🙂

  • This might bore you, cos it's about me. My Mam had type 2, and my sister was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, so I am also presumably predisposed. About 10 years ago I had a routine water test, and had sugar in my urine. Now I'd always watched what I was eating, and ate low Gi for years before that, so it did come as a shock. I'm still not convinced the bottle was clean :-) . I experimented with low carb, and it wasn't suitable for me; I got weird vision that was pixelated, like an abstract artist. I became weak, impairing my running and weight training, and I got water infections a couple of times, so I went Palaeo.

    Then I came across the Weston A Price Foundation that led to discovering Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, then Fat Head the movie, which all led me to question what I thought I knew. And basically, I think we can all be predisposed to chronic illness or weight gain by what we eat.

  • Recently there was yet another study in the news that disclosed that eating at least 35% fat improved life expectancy, and a low-fat diet was detrimental.

    Now I'm biased, as most people are, so I see that as confirmation that I'm on the right track.

    Interestingly, defendants of current HE guidelines said that this was in keeping with what they were advising; 50% carbs, 35% fat, 15% protein. Those were the macro-nutrient ratios of the Eatwell Plate, but the Eatwell Guide now only has 1% of the visual guide as spreads and oils. I'm all for minimising the processed foods, but authorities have warned us for years about not eliminating a food group? How close can you get? And the 35% fat has always been portrayed as the upper limit, whereas this study is saying it is the limit of increasing risk i.e. the lower fat intake goes from there the more detriment it has to health.

    Unfortunately, it is a human trait to form an opinion then look for evidence to support it. Institutionally, that has been going on for tens of years, and because there is a massive infrastructure behind the status quo, with the food industry and pharmaceutical industries making immense amounts of money, mainstream is still in denial IMHO. It's too serious to be funny.

  • Not bored at all Concerned This looks really interesting but I need to read through it all thoroughly, and I am having a busy day.

    I will be back later for a read and comment. Thank you for taking the time. 🙂

  • My doctor has suggested referring me to a dietitian as I'm at a complete loss despite everyone being ever so helpful on here and full of such good advice, I feel really ungrateful continuously replying "I've done that, I've tried that too" to everyone that tries to help me.

    The one amazing out come of being on this site as even when I'm at my lowest and crying someone always makes me feel better. I've not stepped foot outside the house today as I feel as though I look pregnant and feel so uncomfortable in my clothes 😢 bloating has taken over my life lately.

    Would you say being referred to a dietitian would help me, conquer what triggers off this disgusting body air that suffocates me on a daily basis - I feel like if you stuck a pin in me I would deflate all round the room 😄 xx

  • Hi bandicoot1987

    If your GP has offered a referral to a dietician, I would go with their advice.

    Dietitians are highly respected professionals, who have undertaken rigorous training and qualifications so are well trained to help.

    Apart from that, I am sorry you are feeling so despondent. I hope you feel you can keep talking here too, as all try to support each other.

  • Oh my you lot are a mine of information.. thanks 🥑

  • Hi all.

    Odd question...i've been trying to eat healthily and exercise, (which so far seems to be working), but i go through periods of working 12.5 hour shifts and not having much time to prepare food/feeling to exhausted and over-hungry by the time i get home, to make sensible choices.

    Has anyone tried weekly meal prepping?

    Does it work?

    If so, how do youe store it all?

    Can it be done with salad (without it going brown and manky)?

    Thanks for any advice you guys might be able to give me x

  • I've seen various meal preps on utube, but I've not tried it. They freeze the end of week meals and eat the fresher more perishable meals at the beginning of the week.

    If you try it, do write a post as I am sure many will be interested to know your results.

  • Forgive my ignorance but what exactly is a qualified nutritionist? If I understand it correctly, to be called a Dietitian you need at least a BSc in a science subject, and Dietitians are regulated by law, but anyone can call themselves a Nutritionist, can't they? I thought there was a difference, but am willing to be corrected on this in case I've got it wrong.

  • SAC dip is my qualification

  • Did you do this course online? If so with whom?

  • Glad to have you on board😀 and I know all about the wine stone!!

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