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Big Hello Waves

Hello everyone I am entering my 2nd week on the site and I must say I feel I have had more support here in 2 weeks then I ever had in a slimming class. Wonderful!!

So a little bit about me...

I'm 34 with about 85 lbs to loose. I have a little 3.5yr old and I am on a mission to get some weight off and have a healthier lifestyle before we try for another baby.

Somedays I go for quick easy unhealthy options, especially when I'm tired and time is running away. I'm planning more and have a fridge stocked of healthy options.

My little one eats really well, I have no excuse.

My weight steadily crept on in 2014. My Dad had a heart attack 2 weeks before I had my daughter. After loosing Mum 4 years previous and family living over in the US. I was there to pick up the pieces. We spent the next 6 months travelling 90 miles with a baby in tow to the hospital he had been transfered to. Takeaways crept up as we just needed anything to function. My little one and Dad was priority and I pushed myseld further down the line.

Dads heart transplant came through 4 weeks before I was due to get married. Dad came out of hospital 7 days before the wedding and walked me down the ailse.

It worked out perfectly!

The following 2 years my eating habits got worse...and fast brisk walks turned into slow dragging feet toddler walks. Hahaha

So.... I'm here... ready than ever... my world is centered around family and I wpuldnt change that but now I need a slight readdress to the balance and look after my health.

My calories are 1670 a day and so far I'm coming in at that or 100 under.

Congrats, if you are still reading....

Lookforward to chatting more soon.


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You have had quite a time of it Smartie831, I can empathise, I have elderly parents to look after and other family commitments as well. Like you my family come first, always will and I am way down on the list. I have tried to change this this year due to a health scare and becoming a Nannie to a 3 month old and a 2 week old , both grandsons.

I wish I had stuck at it when I was younger, it is so much harder when you get older. So you go girl, the healthier you are the more you will be able to do for your family and the more you will be able to join in as they get older.

I am guessing that you have checked your calories on the BMI calculator. It should give you two numbers a higher and lower. My advice would be to stick somewhere in the middle. Don't be tempted to keep coming in each day lower than the lowest number, it won't be sustainable and as you loose weight you will have to lower the calories.

Wishing you success :)


Thanks for your reply. It says 1674 - 2152 so I should up them a ljttle?

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Ooo I would deffo up those calories - I ate at the lower end and didn't lose weight - ate nearer middle high end and lost :)

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey :)


Yes, I think you should eat a few more so you don't get stuck.


Hi Smartie831 I am so glad that you are finding that you are getting support from here - this is our main aim :)

So sorry to hear about losing your mum and your dad's heart attack - I can relate to how you were feeling with a new baby and travelling to hospital etc as similar happened to me - I have a 28 month old and was pregnant with my second when my dad was in hospital and I so know what you mean about you put yourself last and ended up eating anything just to function :)

Now is time to take stock and look after your health and look forward to a new you before you start to get a new baby belly :)

I am wishing you all the best on your journey :) and enjoy the family time as it is sooo precious :) but look after yourself too :)


Thanks so much!! Lifes thrown a few curve balls that ive been dodging... now im picking up the ball and chucking it back. Hehe

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Sounds like a plan :) throw those balls back :)


Good morning all - I have just finished reading your post Smartie 831 Gosh you have gone through a lot in your life over the past years Its good you can now take time to concentrate on you Its so important not only for you but those close to you that you feel good You will get so much encouragement and support here and as I know over the past 7 weeks since I joined even when things don't go too well just come here and there's always an answer to your problem Good luck with everything and keep posting Have a lovely weekend

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Have you set small goals, don't worry about the whole 85lb at once!! Well done so far


Nice to hear that you feel so supported in this forum.

The best thing I ever did was to find this site .

So many great people and so much advice and it's free .

Take care



Sorry to hear you have had so much to deal with but pleased you are now going to take care of yourself you deserve it :) you are right about the support you get from the forum it's amazing , good luck :)


This site is brilliant and has kept me going for almost a year and i agree its better than any slimming club ! The weekly weighin's are great and will keep you accountable so i definately recommend one if your not already in one. Our families will always come 1st but sometimes you have to give yourself a bit of attention too so even if its just 1 or 2 times a week to go swimming or a fitness class.. just having that 1hr to yourself will make all the difference and make you feel better about yourself too. Take measurements and pictures now from all angles to look back on as they show more about your progress than just what the scales say and is so motivating when you compare before & after pics 😁. good luck and looking forward to hearing about your progress x


Best wishes you've every good reason to be motivated. Keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on.

Looking forward to celebrating each success with you😀

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Thank you for all your kind replies xxx


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