1,749 kcal today, about 400 kcal over the limit!

Got a whole chicken, carrots, mushroom, lemon grass and other herbs for my soup, struggle to find time make it today but will make it tomorrow afternoon. The 400 kcal over the limit is mainly due to the jasmine rice I had. My weakness is not in sweets or chocolate, but jasmine rice and sausages. I knew it would be over the limit coz I wanted to have something I enjoy but not had for a while, stir fry with jasmine rice, 300g cooked is about 400 kcal roughly...so it's not unplanned. No regrets though, I'd rather deal with my craving now than completely fall off the wagon


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5 Replies

  • Sounds lovely happyhealthyjane, enjoy :)

  • I agree to have what you crave for but in moderation :) I do like my sausages but boy are they high in calories :) I try and limit sausages to once a week (usually at the weekend for a big cooked breakfast ;) )

    You are doing well as you know what pushed you over the and so tomorrow you can try to hit your target and not go over :)

    Wishing you all the best on your journey :)

  • 1451 kcal today, pleased to report. By now, I've learnt to stay more or less on track, I have to have one meal consisting only soup, or only fruit, or only salad (when it's warm outside), little or no carbohydrate.

  • The secret of staying slim, (especially after you have reached your target weight) is to allow the odd treat, recognise it as such, and then back on the straight and narrow....you sound like you are still in the driving seat, all under control!

  • Good thinking Jane .


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