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How to stay young


I have just finished watching this program on BBC1 and found it very informative and motivating, focussing on the link between having a healthy lifestyle and ageing.

After watching it I wonder what my body age might be? I have not heard of this meassurement before...

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Hi heard a glimpse of it as I turned the TV off last night - but didn't take much notice

I wonder if other forum members watched it?

I have never heard of a body age before either :)

JiminyCricket2020 July

Interesting concept

teasel903 stone

Brilliant show, very interesting and informative. Hope they do another to catch up on how participants are fairing further down the line.


I caught a bit of this the other day, quite scary really. I'm sure when we first bought the Wii that you could work out your body age on that. Not so complex of course. The more exercise you did on it the lower your body age became.

Would be good to see how the participants get on.

HiddenAdministrator in reply to lucigret

I might just have to get the Wii set up again ready for the dark winter months :)

lucigretAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Yes, me to Cracker, I haven't used it for years :)

gman1961Working at it

It's to do with how old your body is not your birth age,they can be years apart for various reasons such as lifestyles and illness.


lucigretAdministrator in reply to gman1961

Wasn't really thinking when I wrote that Gary, of course the Wii is based on your birth age, it couldn't really work out your body age could it lol.

gman1961Working at it in reply to lucigret

Wish I knew mine ,thanks .


lucigretAdministrator in reply to gman1961

Think I'm glad I don't know mine, would be scary. I suppose it would make us try harder though.

I watched this programme, wish I could do the tests. One of the ladies featured was suffering with stress and she was taught a method for relaxing called 'mindfulness'. I was told about this method after suffering a heart attack earlier this year and I have to say it does help you relax.

HiddenAdministrator in reply to Jenever

Sorry to hear about your heart attack Jenever x x

Jenever in reply to Hidden

Thanks Cracker, I'm fine now but it certainly pulled me up by the bootstraps and made me re-evaluate life and what's important.

CockneyblueRestart August 2020

I watch this too, it is quite scary to see what happens to your body. This programme shows just how being overweight or unfit, can affect your whole body. It makes me way to move more. Even people who are relatively slim had massive fat percentages. Amazing!!

I watched it, interesting! Shows you you're never too old too change!


It has some merit; lifestyle does impact on how quickly we age, but they use surrogate markers like cholesterol that are totally unreliable. I can imagine that I'd be marked down for the amount of fat I eat, whereas I have zero calcification because healthy eating guidelines are not the aspirational standard they could be.

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