Feeling Bleurgh

So I reached my goal (hoorah) which I posted a few weeks ago, I'm still doing the plan in the same way, losing about a lb a week now with no gains and exercising as usual but this week I just feel bleurgh. When I started two stone ten pounds ago I hated my body because it was blobby and fat but I thought getting to goal I'd feel and look amazing and I just don't. I'm in nice smaller clothes, I feel healthy/fit and everything is great life wise but I just still hate my body! Lost my bust which makes me feel sooo not sexy now and although I know I look better physically than I used to I just seem to have hit this huge anticlimax! I think I expected to lose weight and end up looking like Pamela Anderson and the reality is quite disappointing! So word of the week is Bleurgh - because that's what I feel. :(


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19 Replies

  • Sorry that is how you feel Determined but I am sure you wouldn't really want to put the weight back on again. maybe you have to allow yourself time to get used to your new body.

    Take care.

  • Would it do any good to build the muscles underneath your bust to give shape?

    Could you afford to regain a little fat as long as it isn't just on the waist? Avoiding foods that overstimulate insulin, as well as fructose or alcohol, would deter re-gaining visceral fat.

  • I think it such a misconception, when we think we don't like our bodies because we're overweight. It can turn in quite a slippery slope as we tell ourselves : "I will like myself when I lose 10 kilo/ have longer hair/ have bigger boobs/abs ect. .." At least in my experience this isn't the way things go, so I think I can feel what you mean. I was never satisfied with myself growing up and was always blaming it on circumstances like weight or something else. When i lost my weight i "found out" my face wasn't pretty enough and that was shocked as i realized this is an obstacle i cannot just shake off.

    When i started feeling good about myself, no matter the scales, that was the moment i could start loosing weight. I dont wanna be a smart ass as i am not even on half of the way, but i still feel good about myself now.

    The good news is, you already lost all that weight, (and what a dedication that shows!) and you can now focus your energy into getting gentle and familiar with the new shape of you :) I believe it can be equaly hard (if not harder) and gratifying as losing weight.

  • I am sorry to hear you feel like this Determined44.

    You have done fantastic to lose the weight you have and should be so proud. I too lost alot of my bust when i lost my weight. That is the first area i always lose it from, when i lose weight, and it can be frustrating.

    You will eventually get used to your new body as ceals has said. It will just take a bit of time.

  • Thanks Blackbeauty99, I was this weight 6 years ago when I met my partner and after gradually creeping up and up have always wanted to get back to this size which I know is an achievement in itself but my body just doesn't look the same as it did 6 years ago and i'm a bit gutted! I've just turned 35 but rather than pert sexy sporty boobs like I had last time and a flatish tummy everything just looks deflated and saggy. Those 6 years have not been kind haha! ;)

  • I've lost my bust too! - (I've lost 2st7). In the grand scheme of things, I would rather that than have the weight back, but I had got used to having boobs!

    My final goal reward is going to be a proper bra fitting and really good new bras, which I've never done before. Have you thought about that - make the most of what you have!

    I also think that posture makes a massive difference so I'm trying to be more conscious of that too - when I was overweight I certainly didn't 'walk tall'

    Good luck x

  • I find my posture is so much better now and I don't seem to be round shouldered which is a plus so it has made a difference, yes ordering new bras this week actually! :)

  • Enjoy them!! Don't need a big bust to be sexy.

  • I understand what you mean

    Determined44 but you have done so well, do you feel fitter and healthier? This will shine through 😊

    Have you joined the maintainers Club yet? elliebath shared an interesting article about body image recently 😊

    Best wishes


  • I read that article and I could certainly accept what it was saying, though I had lost weight, wearing clothes I hadn't worn for years and people have commented on it, I still could not accept it had changed anything because I did not want to believe what my eyes were telling me. I wished I had measured more of my body parts rather than just my waist (I have gone from 74.5cm to 71.5cm). I still would like a flatter stomach though doubt that will be achievable and its just accepting the new shape and maybe boosting my exercise to tone up my body more. Maybe buy clothes/bras which emphasise your bust- have you a partner to ask what they think about the new you?

  • Yes and he's always telling me how great I look and how proud he is of me sticking with it which is lovely of him so it's all in my head but was just saying to Anna61 (my post to her is above I think....) I'm just disappointed my body doesn't look like it did last time I was this weight. The biggest thing people keep saying to me is how small my boobs are now - not helpful! ;)

  • I understand how you feel,but remember that as the years go on , whether fat or slim, we're never going to look the same as we once did. Even women who are a healthy weight invariably have a change in shape between 20 and 40,and yet again in 40s-60s .

    I am now 2.5stone lighter , my Bmi is 22 and I am wearing two dress sizes smaller. That is fab for shopping, but I also have "empty boobs" ,and a saggy neck ... but as I also now have failing eye sight I can at least avoid looking at those bits too closely !! ☺

  • Thanks Anna61, yes I feel fitter and healthier - just bleurgh haha! In the past I was 15st 3lbs (so bigger than I had ever been) I lost loads of weight and got down to exactly 11 stone and my body looked tight and fabulous and I was happy (6 years ago). At 11stone I met my other half and have gradually put some on taking me to 14 stone 3lbs (so less than I was when last big) and now I'm down to 11st 7 lbs and my body is completely different this time around - that's what I was quite shocked at, that despite being about the same weight and dress size it all looks rubbish. I think toning up will help but like I said it's just the shock of not springing back to my original shape that makes me feel bleurgh - I know I just have to love what I have and move on and i'll get there but quite frankly i'm quite pissed off with myself for putting on so much in the first place so I have nobody to blame but myself if things don't look the same as my 29 year old body! ;)

  • Ahhh yes, Father Time can be a cruel master 😕 But after a year of maintainance I'm a dress size smaller so things can still change 😊 I'm sure you look fabulous and are well loved. It's a cliche but looking and feeling healthy does show on your face 😊😊😊

  • Thanks Anna61, yes just need to get used to what I have, there's no fat to "blame" it on now! heehee! ;)

  • Don't feel bleurgh, I have just decided to buy better fitting clothes ,evertime I looked in the mirror I saw what I describe as " the fat controller "from Thomas the tank engine .I was buying baggy shirts and jackets,now I'm having a clear out .Hope you soon feel good about yourself.


  • That's a very good idea. Baggy stuff doesn't help you feel good about yourself

  • Yep need a complete wardrobe change now .



  • I'm the exact opposite, I have lost most of my weight, lost my boobs as well, still have some but there down from 39 to about 34/35 yippee, every time I looked in a mirror I saw a frumpy woman, now with smaller boobs waist and hips I think I look so much better, clothes looked more trailered and I don't miss them one bit, plenty of muscle toning and a well fitted bra will make all the difference, I also believe that once you change your posture you want notice it so much.

    Dolly Patton gets away with big boobs because for some reason she has an incredibly small rib cage!!! and a tiny waist, not possible for most of us.

    Change the things you can change and Love the things you cant

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