Worry guy

Hey after 82 days of cardio ,my current weight is right now is 68 kg from 77.33 kg.

I just eat a big cheese chicken burger today because I was getting tired , I eat cheat meal after 1 week this time feels big regret right now, kindly someone tell how much I need to workout tomorrow to burn those calorie which I take right now from cardio or how much I have run on treadmill to burn those calorie, second is my belly fat is still their, its change slightly but not that I was expected because 68 kg and have belly fat still making me mad a lot, kindly answer my queries


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  • Only you know what was in your burger.. You decided to enjoy a "cheat" as you call it, so enjoy the memory and just move forward in your same routine without looking back!

    Enjoy your evening Saad619

  • But its getting me regret like I done a culprit

  • Don't worry about it.. It's done, it was a choice you made, so move on. One day at a time.

  • But someone tell me how much I need to workout cardio to bunr it

  • I don't want more belly fat

  • If the amount of exercise it takes to burn those calories exceeds your body's ability to recover then there would be no point. Stressing your body would cause a rise in stress hormones including cortisol that then stimulate a rise in blood sugars, having a knock on effect to the hormone insulin, which then primes the body to store fat at which times it can't burn fat. So even if you get the balance in the short term, it will pre-dispose you to regain fat in the long-term.

  • Yeah really hate belly fat

  • You've done very well so far. Is it sustainable, and are you eating healthily? If the chicken burger is real chicken and the cheese is real, then the burger bun and any sauces are the only detriment to your hormones. So, as Minniewinny says, move on.

  • Thanks to appreciate my hard work please pray that I can lost belly fat

  • Keeping to 40g of only low Gi carbs glycemicindex.com each meal, avoiding low-fat dairy or baked beans optimisingnutrition.com/201... will deter fat that accumulates around the middle. Have just small amounts of protein, and get most calories from natural fat.

    Make sure you fully recover from your exercise; three mile runners are healthier than marathon runners. Exercise shouldn't be used to try and undo a bad way of eating.

    Good luck!

  • Belly fat

  • Yes. Many people think that where your fat is deposited is predetermined by hormones, but what we eat affects our hormones.

  • I need to see my abs please

  • Yup, I understand. See above.

  • Although you are loosing the fat with the cardio you need to shape and get firm with strength and toning exercises. Do you have a tummy exercise routine for 2/3 days per week?

    Concerning the burger... it's no use to worry yourself sick. We are living! Tomorrow you just eat healthy again and nothing is going to happen. Well done on getting so far. It sounds like you are doing very well.

  • Thanks for appreciate my hard work and sorry to say I m doing only cardio which actually helping me but I m not doing belly exercise so far in 80 days and I will perform strength training when I see I m able to loss belly fat

  • On NHS choices there is a strength and flexibilty program, it starts from couch level fitness. It really helps to ease you into toning exercises.

  • Need to burn belly fat

  • Quite right. You only want to firm the abdominal muscles, not overdevelop them. Losing fat will reveal the toned muscles underneath.

  • What is done is done now Saad619, i would just draw a line under this and start afresh tomorrow.

    Don't beat yourself up because you ate a burger, i really don't think it will ruin it for the week if you are eating healthy the rest of the week. I don't have 1 cheat day in the week anymore, as when i did, i ate way too much on that day and then ruined it for the rest of the week.

    Good luck

  • What about belly fat

  • Like i said i don't have a cheat day in the week anymore. If you can i would stop having a cheat day and then you will not feel so guilty.

    I totally agree with Ribaka regarding stomach exercises and would get on NHS choices, for the strength and flexibility programme. The exercises will help your stomach.

  • "Can testosterone help lose belly fat?"

    increasing testosterone levels for weight loss is a good idea. Testosterone can still help you shed of the layers of fat faster with the following ways: Higher levels of testosterone make it easier for your body to burn adipose tissue (fat), instead of muscle mass..

    Ive been told this works, but have not tried it myself.. but it's easy to look up and does make sense.. but i'm sure its about balance.

  • If someone do physical intimacy then how he can loss fat because its decrease testosterone levels

  • its not about any intimacy, it about testosterones effect especially on belly fat.. and other benefits of maintaining testosterone.. combating fatigue, weight, depression etc.. look it up on youtube.. I'm only a believer not an academic

  • Worry not! It's in the past and you can't change it. I bet you enjoyed it, so it was still positive! Start again today and look forwards. Back on track - well done!! We don't always lose inches where we want to! But with exercises aimed at your core it will help! Good luck.

  • Saad put it behind you... you enjoyed it. Life needs it's pleasures too. Sounds like you're almost on target. Did you check out what's a normal healthy BMI for your height?

  • How

  • Look up NHS BMI calculator. Enter your height and weight. A BMI of 18 to 25 is a normal healthy BMI. Over 25 is overweight. 😇

  • I think so too, pay to have lipo suction and stop asking same questions over and over, also for that weight you are probably about 5 foot 7 or less, any taller and you want build muscles mass just get thinner with a fat belly

  • U just a mean horrible what u say to me

  • It wasn't meant to be horrid, you give your weight which is 68kg that's low for a grown man, how old are you and how tall

  • My age is 28 and my height is 5 feet 9 inch

  • Then your weight is OK, try pull ups, lay on the floor, put your feet under settee and hands behind head and pull up, start with 10 and work up over a week or two to 25/30 twice a day, this will tone your stomach muscle's and firm them up, losing weight want nescassarily make your stomach flat

  • U lucky people, l just can,t loose weight

  • Hello tomvic, I see you are a Newbie and look like you are struggling. Have you calculated your calorie allowance on the BMI checker? It can take a while to get into the swing of things. Some of us are painfully slow losers. If you need help don't be afraid to do your own post and ask any questions you want to. We will all come running with advice to help you along your way - you can do it, don't give up :)

  • Thanks

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