Making a Salad exciting!

I'm not a huge salad lover (I don't really know anyone who is!) however, recently I have found a couple of healthy ingredients to make them that bit more exciting and varied:

- grapes (delicious for adding a sweetness to salads without the calories)

- runny boiled eggs (good amount of protein and if they are runny it takes away the need for calorie filled salad dressings)

Anyone else have any good salad ideas?


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16 Replies

  • I do like salad, just often get lazy about the chopping! :)

    I like to use a yogurt "dressing" as it gives me the creamy salad dressing feel without all the excess calories. I mix various herbs and lemon zest (you can get frozen zest in the grocery stores now) into plain greek yogurt, thinned with milk if you want it a bit more runny. And you can use dried herbs if you're feeling lazy or don't have fresh on hand. Once they've sat in the yogurt awhile they do soften up.

  • I love salads but you are right to try to ring the changes, it is not all about lettuce.

    I do generally use a healthy oil as a dressing as they are so important for the fat soluble nutrients we need.

    Keep on experimenting and keep on sharing!

  • I have started using the burger sauce I get from Morrisons as my dressing as well as a bit of prawn coleslaw I have found there as well and the burger sauce has a slight lovely onion flavour that is not really strong like fresh onion is as I find them too strong. The burger sauce and prawn coleslaw both looks almost similar colour to prawn cocktail sauce.

  • Waitrose do a mix of Quinoa and Bulgar Wheat, I cook this off and add it to my salads once cold, nice flavor and texture. Roasted red peppers completely switch up a salad too. I find when food is full of lovely bright different colours it is some much more appealing.

  • I like salad, but recently I've been finding unfortunate things in my lettuce that has put me off.

    The main thing I use to make it tasty is the dressing - I make it with whole grain mustard, a bit of extra virgin olive oil, and either balsamic vinegar or cider vinegar. Very tasty.

  • Peas and sunflower seeds!! So yummy!

  • homemade coleslaw, omega seeds, beetroot chopped up and mixed through, some grated cheese and small pieces of bacon, I also like cold peas and sweetcorn.

    I have to say, I love a salad any time of year:)

  • Beans!! Kidney/black eyed/soya . . . Any or all 😊 Yum yum

  • Hello Gabriella 101 Im not a great lover of lettuce so I make a coleslaw of red cabbage onion grated apple and carrot without the dressing and add cucumber and tomato Your grape idea sounds good too and grated cheese or hard boiled egg could be added I also add smoked mackerel or smoked salmon pieces or chicken or tuna Now Im getting carried away ! Hope this gives you some ideas

  • I love salad but I do like to have something hot with it, either jacket potato, meat, fish anything so long as it's hot.

  • I like adding walnuts and beetroot.. also I cut one slice of soft goats cheese very small and mix it in for little delights of creaminess as I munch.

  • like the sound of the goats cheese :)

  • Grilled chilli haloumi or chilli olives. I like this thread - so many great ideas!

  • homemade potato salad as well as egg, cheese, fish etc

  • I had a salad yesterday from Tesco it came with a little pack of their French dressing I added some nuts and it was delicious.

  • Thank you for all the fantastic replies! Nice to hear some people live salads and it's no wonder with all the great ingredient ideas. Looking forward to trying some of these :)

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