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Just joined....large bmi and worried

I've just joined on here. I was off with work related stress and depression from june last year and have been eating chocolate, comfort snacking etc since then and have put an extra 4 stone. I'm absolutely gutted too. Online says my BMI is over 41. What can a gp actually do as I'm unemployed now and so cannot justify spending money on slimming world etc. I don't really like veg and don't each much fruit either. I'm 36 and I am rather stuck.

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Hi, sorry to hear of bad time you had with stress and depression. It's a shame you don't like veg as it keeps your mouth busy and fills your plate. Without it you have to have much smaller quantities of food that you might feel hungry. Are there some veg you like? What about if it is blended in soup? You will need to change what you are eating long term to lose the weight and keep it off so you will need to try things you might not like but won't know until you try. I wish you luck, keep posting!


Just in a rut!


So sorry to hear your problems - its amazing how stress pushes some of us straight towards the chocolate box or biscuit tin! However - help is at hand!! this group is filled with people who have lost weight and maintained it - and it's free!!! Set small targets and celebrate success. Recognise the 'problem' - you have done that already - and get as much help and advice as you can. maybe your GP can refer you to an NHS weight loss group? Good luck! I am sure you can do it.

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Hi upnorth18 I don't know what area that you live in but there was something I saw on the television the other day about GP's being able to refer people to Slimming World and/or the gym for weight loss advice. I am sure it would be worth phoning your GP to find out what is available in your area.


You are at the right place. And it's free. It only takes time and commitment. Have you downloaded the NHS 12 week plan? It helped many of us. It's our slimming world diet. Haha.

Introduce yourself in the Newbie club healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

There can read how our forum works. Take small steps and start changing little by little like we all do. Best wishes.


Boy, do I understand stress and depression!! We are in this together and we will do what we can to help you. Welcome to the community!


Hi and welcome upnorth18 sorry to hear about your health and work issues :0

The charge here is to give support to others ;) Look forward to seeing you around the forum, where you will get loads of support from fellow forum members, as I have seen you have had some great replies already :)

I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, where you can meet other new members, who are also just starting out. . Here's the link


If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice

I've also given you a week 1 badge.

Wishing you all the best


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Hello up north

What goes up comes down and weight put on will come off.

You have done the right thing joining this forum for support which you will get a plenty.

The advice on here is free and the diet sheets easy to follow

My tips for success:

Increase your activity by walking fast for 10000 steps a day. It's free and helps reduce weight and enhance mood.

Download for Active 10 to help with activity and My fitness Pak to count calories. Both are free.

Stop buying chocolate and sugary things which just make you want to eat more. You will find vegetables can be delicious when you eat less sugar as sugar distorts your taste buds

Go to the library and borrow any diet book and recipe books by Dr Michael Moseley ... full of excellent information

So make this the day you start to turn things round and be kind to yourself by caring for your body. It's the only one you have so take care of it

With all good wishes



I started by binge watching healthy films on Netflix and online. Knives over forks etc. I even watched a great one by American rappers After enough of them I started to go off my junk binge food and naturally got healthy. The hairy dieters group on Facebook is brilliant. Recipes are free online.

I bought a rebounder but they are dear for the silent bungee ropes ones. Maybe save up slowly as it is easy to go for a 15 slow jog on it while watching telly. Build up a little every day x


Hi there - take a look at the couch to 5k plan on this site. Its a great mood booster and may help take your mind off the chocs. There is an active forum for each week and its a really gentle programme. The first run is the most challenging mentally (just getting your shoes on and getting out there) but once you do you will feel so proud!


Do I just keep replying on this thread or start new ones? I have a docs appointment on Friday....Need a lower dose of meds if it exists due to awful withdrawal....and I hate my body because it's horrible and I just want to cut my stomach off....not that I will! I have tried slimming world but it's the money. They don't refer there anymore here. And I think a referral to local sport centre is still a reduced price. Not an excuse, but I've got 2 kids, go out two evenings a week in using swimming and I go away in our caravan a lot. Today I've done 12000 steps but then I eat crap! I have no desire to want to eat healthily. I didn't try veg until I was in my 20s and now can only eat it chopped very finally or in a stew. I am my own nightmare! So what can the doc actually do to help? X


Maybe you could find healthier versions of what you do like to eat, and I don't mean reduced-fat rubbish. Chocolate for instance is usually low Gi. If you avoid the additives you don't understand, and keep your carbohydrate to 40g that meal including the chocolate, you'll need to think about getting sufficient vitamins at other meals (vitamin pills are unlikely to retain the micro-nutrients they claim).

If you like milk shake, you can blend whole milk, berries and spinach to get fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Stews, casseroles and soups are great for veg. Have a little protein, and get most of your calories from natural fat; eggs, nuts, cheese, double cream, mascarpone, coconut, avocado, olive (oil), oily fish, animal fats, lard, butter, beef dripping, duck fat, goose fat, crackling.

Good health might not be convenient, but ill-health is much more inconvenient.

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Milkshakes I love.....I have a very sweet tooth and I need to change. Maybe desire wasn't the right word....but it's like I need a kick up the butt but from someone I can actually see in person who I can go back to etc. Does that make sense? I use sweetener on my shredded wheat for breakfast. Sweeteners in coffee etc.


Shredded wheat has an adverse effect on blood sugars and hormones, as does caffeine See optimisingnutrition.com/201...

and glycemicindex.com/about.php

I can understand this media is not ideal. As you gain information and knowledge, it pays to become accountable to yourself because you know what you like. When other people give you ideas you can easily not 'buy in' to it, and if something doesn't work you can keep going back for more ideas to try, losing trust and commitment each time. Coming up with your own ideas is a key to enjoyment, and therefore being able to sustain changes.


I need caffeine....even just 1 coffee a day!

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Tea for me, but yes, I need it too!! I have sweeteners like you though I'm going to try weaning myself very slowly off them because it would be good to have less of a sweet tooth.

Don't feel you have to change everything at once! You'll just set yourself up for failure. Coffee and sweeteners might not be ideal - but eating junk food and no veg is the thing to change! Just try that first, try new tastes, don't be scared. There's are 100s of different veg all with distinct flavours. How about trying 1 new thing a day? Curry is good for 'hiding' veg as is pasta sauce!


Would a dietitian be useful?


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