Xmas Party

None of my clothes fit any more. I am going to Xmas party on 15 Dec and I have a fab dress but it doesn't fit. I need to drop 2 dress sizes. I can eat healthily Mon to Thu but go crazy Fri night and Sat. I eat out drink wine and undo all my good work and put the weight back on. I can't seem to get out of this habit.

Desperate πŸ˜”


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  • Good morning @Deryl 😊

    I know what you mean about weekends, and you are not alone! What helps me is not cutting back too drastically through the week, I have worked hard to lose the 'diet' mentality, and this then means I am not as tempered to 'break' the diet over the weekend. I do save a few calories for a drink, and have a bacon sandwich for breakfast etc but I still plan the meals and write everything down which is really helpful.

    Please go and have a look at the Newbie Club here healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

    It contains all the information you need for navigating the forum, the 12 week plan, the forum Events such as the Groupm weigh ins and Daily Diary where we plan our food.

    Good luck in your journey


  • Hi Deryl , that sounds like me! My friday and saturdays ( and late evenings too if I am honest) are a "fun" filled frenzy of over eating and drinking ... which always leaves me feeling so low and defeated ... but I too can't seem to stop!!! I don't know what to do ... maybe a retreat ... ha ha ... a friday evening and saturday retreat , where there are no snack or bottles of anything and I come back on Sunday when the danger has passed ! ... I WISH !! I think the only way I am going to change this is to PLAN , and distract myself ... maybe that would work for you ... can you go and visit a friend or go out somewhere ... where there are no temptations.... ? My goal.. I am going to set myself is a 7 day plan ... and I am going to make myself accountable and report back next week ... maybe promising to report back will keep you on track ? whatever works for you , good luck and keep going .. 2 dress sizes ... YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Dear Daryl

    You know why you don't lose weight and only by changing your behaviour will anything change. There are lads of calories in alcohol . Why not stick to one glass of wine or spritzer and have fizzy water and ice and lemon for the rest of the evening? You don't need alcohol to have fun.

    Then on Sunday have a fast day when you just have 500 calories in the day for your evening meal. Get up late and have green tea and lemon, take a long walk and you" lol find you won't feel hungry until later .

  • I shall try this weekend as I am out at friends for dinner on Sat night usually a late one but I'll go for walk on Sunday and cut my cals.

  • Sounds like you mean business with this weight loss lark

  • Someone on this forum once told me that if you keep doing the same old same old, you will get the same old result! It brought me up sharply and made me realise it was no good just complaining about it, I had to do something. And most of the time I can do it, because to quote someone a bit more famous this time (Kate Moss, I think) nothing tastes as good as slim feels! 😊

  • I struggle on weekends too and I'm trying to break myself out of the habit. My problem is that if I'm going out to eat I think 'ah well, this day is already ruined, I might as well just write it off and eat what I want.' The problem, of course, it that turns a slightly naughty meal into a whole day of binging. I don't have any great answers for how to avoid it I'm afraid rather than just making sure you stay on the ball - which I'm determined to do this weekend.

    Go for your meal, but try to choose one of the healthier options (be wary of the salad options, they pile so much dressing etc on that they often aren't that healthy) and be careful for the rest of the weekend - try no to fall into the trap that I do of writing off the whole day. I'd also say make sure that you do still socialise and enjoy yourself, I don't think it's possible to stick to a diet if it means completely sacrificing your social life and becoming miserable. For drinking, maybe limit yourself to one glass of wine, or switch to a lower calorie option? When I was at my smallest I used to drink vodka and diet coke, which seems to have less calories than other options - admittedly not as enjoyable though.

    Or you could do like PCRW suggested and do a fast day on Sunday to help balance out the fun days. I'm currently trying out the 5:2 diet, and though I haven't weighed because I'm giving it a few weeks (I hate weighing every week, even if I've lost a lb I get depressed) my jeans have either stretched or I've shrunk. Fingers crossed for the latter! :)

  • Oh Pseud0nym , don't fall into the trap of thinking your day is ruined! Someone once told me this analogy, and it helped stop me falling into that very trap.....

    Imagine you have dropped your mobile phone on the floor and you have slightly scratched the screen. You wouldn't throw it on the floor and jump up and down on it, thinking "Oh well, I've spoilt it anyway, so I might as well ruin it completely!"

    Try and think of your meal out in the same way. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ It does help to apply a little psychology. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Yup, every time I do it I know it's stupid. I'm determined not to do it again this weekend!

  • Good for you! We are your conscience, you know! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡

  • Really great advice Trimmerteacher !

  • Thank you very much for your advice. It is a case over mind over matter and not to give up if I eat something I shouldn't. As someone said ' if you have a bad morning have a great afternoon.'

  • Oh no the dread "C" word again lol πŸ˜‰

  • Having just had a carb frenzied weekend I know exactly what you mean! You've had some good advice here and I'm sure you can do it :) At least you only have 2 dress sizes to lose - I have "several" more - don't think that'll happen for Christmas.. But I'm going to try. Good luck :)

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