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slow and steady

If my scales and weighing routine are reliable then I have lost 4.5 lb in 3 weeks! very happy with this, it seems slow and steady weight loss is the way for me, my waist measurement doesn't seem to be budging much at all. What does everyone do at the end of week 12 (thinking ahead!) do you revert back to week 1 and continue from there? Bought myself a face mask today as my non-food reward! Trying to retrain my brain to not use food as a treat. Phrases such as 'it's not a waste if it goes on your waist' have really helped also.

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Hi Heather

My fathers phrase was ' she who indulged bulges '

And my mother always told me not to eat the children's leftovers

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Good for you, Heather and believe me a 1.5lb weight loss, is great and not slow at all :)

I've awarded you a weight loss badge. If you hover your mouse over your Week 4 badge, you'll see it :)

Keep up the great work! :)

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Well done. keep up the good work. :-)

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