A Big Thank You!

I was browsing through posts recently (as I do), and came across a suggestion to make soup for the weekend, which reminded me I had planned to make some when autumn arrived. So I made some with greens, water and a little hot chilli for seasoning yesterday, and still had some for breakfast today.

A lovely way of getting some nutritional carbs. Thank you for the reminder, whoever it was.


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7 Replies

  • I am making soup today, ready for the week ahead - love my soups for work lunches, so filling and low calories :)

  • I've had porridge (whole milk) and half a tub of mascarpone too, so I'm a bit full now.

  • Hi, did you use a soup maker? I bought one at the start of my new lifestyle lads October and it was a god send. It was so easy to make lunches for work. I was sick of it by March and moved on to salads for lunch but I am going back to it this week.

  • No, I just boiled in water, then retained the right amount of water for two blender beakers, along with all of the veg and spice, then just blended them.

  • I don't own a blender so soup maker works well for me. Saves having separate pans to wash.

  • I just had my home made soup for lunch, delicious!

  • I make soup regardless of the time of year, I love homemade soup would never eat tins, packets or cartons. The only veg I don't like are carrots but I put them in my soup and then just blend it, when it is cooked, using a hand blender so I don't see or really taste the carrots. I then freeze it in portions so it is ready whenever I want it. I never ever not have soup in my freezer. Most of the soup I make is spicy using sweet potatoes or lentils with garlic, ginger and red chillies but I also make broccoli, cauliflower, courgette etc and add a wee bit stilton when heating it up. It is a great way to use up left over vegetables, quick and easy and full of all the nutrients that we need. I couldn't survive without it.

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